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It all began with a light-hearted and high-spirited April Fools prank against Twilight. Luna gets involved, some bad things happen and now Rainbow is left as a quivering, muttering, catatonic mess in the hospital.How to save her? Manipulate her dreams of course! What happens in these dreams is anyone's guess. But things may get weird in the second installment of the collaborative FanFiction series.


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Compliments to everyone involved!
That was a great read ^^,

That was enjoyable!

Great concept and a very enjoyable story. Luna's archaic English, however, was gratingly bad. Sorry. Here's a reference guide that I find helpful.

Seriously, though, thumbs up.

Comment posted by Speckle21 deleted Apr 15th, 2013

Simply amazing.

This was a great story; however, I still feel like the formatting could be touched up a bit. I also feel like this was...short. I would've liked for the dreams to last a little longer. Still, despite its length and formatting, it was still a good and enjoyable read

Cute concept and a gread read but you mentioned Twilight is immortal.
That is thankfully not true.


This was written before that fact was confirmed. Nonetheless we'll just chock it up to artistic license :). Alternatively, maybe RD doesn't actually know that and Twilight is just saying she's immortal to help comfort RD, a blatant lie but a necessary one under the circumstances.

The story could have you used some much needed detailing in the description and pacing that pertained to each individual segment. The overall story was very solid, and I liked the way it continued cinematically. :twilightsmile: The comical bits were spot on and helped relieve some of the tension well.

Interesting, but none of Rainbow's dream scenes (barring the last one) really struck me as being particularly lonely or miserable. That might just be me though. Other tha that, excellent work!

I especially liked the way Tank referred to RD as a pet. I laughed so much.

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