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Twilight gets help from her friends in learning how to fly. But rather than create a bunch of boring lessons, the newly-reformed Discord, who still enjoys being with his new pony friends, decides to handle teaching in a much more fun, chaos-filled way.

What you are reading is the world’s first (maybe) collaboratively written MLP Fan Fiction. It’s sort of like that campfire game where you tell a story one sentence at a time and the next person supplies the next sentence. This was written by many members of the /r/myliitlepony subreddit in Google Docs. As you can expect from something that was written by several people at the same time, it certainly isn’t the best Fan Fiction ever written (frankly, I’m surprised it even ended and didn’t just ramble on into infinity). Anyway, if you want to read these strange results of what was really more of a social experiment than an actual writing session, then you are in for a wild ride of Discord, hallucinations, Topiary shipping, Zecora, party cannons and all sorts of wild things awkwardly mish-mashed together. Enjoy!

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I'm giving it a thumbs up because I helped write it. Also, to the moderators of the site, get more cute Fluttershy emotes::yay::fluttercry::flutterrage::fluttershbad::fluttershyouch::fluttershysad: doesn't cut it.

Oh, hey! Look at that. I kinda helped write this story too. :twilightsheepish:

I didn't know that they added a Twilicorn icon in the character identifiers, though! That's pretty cool.

I must insist that I am not your brother, as I was born to another mother


This was actually quite awesome. All of the ponies felt pretty much in-character and Discord was really funny. Is there any chance of you guys getting together to write a new chapter/episode for this? Maybe you could focus on Twilight dealing with her friends and the townsponies now that she's a princess. She probably wouldn't enjoy having everypony bow to her all the time or asking her to settle every little dispute or sucking up to her all the time.

I changed the description a little bit because I got some complaints from other contributors saying that I should actually explain what happens in the story as opposed to just talk about it collaborative-ness. I supposed it's a legitimate complaint but I left in the stuff I wrote because I think it's important that we point this out to readers so that they know what to expect.

Aaaaaaaaand... Cover art! http://i.imgur.com/4ab6ZlR.png

I know it's a few hours too late, but I didn't think fimfiction would've published it that quick. If anything's missing, sorry, I'm tired.


I think you broke my brain ow :facehoof:

This is from Reddit, I can jump on that bandwagon. You of all people may understand my woes at seeing some frat "bro" looking at 9gag. I know killing is wrong, but sometimes things must be done for the greater good.

This is a great example of the collaborative writing process. I had originally written "she pulled out her trademark party cannon," later someone changed it to have the TM next to it instead.

Discord in this was utterly perfect.

Totally awesome story! And I'm totally expecting something like this to happen when season 4 starts :twilightsheepish:

that was soooo cool
now, if only there was a discord emoticon
lol, would have been funny if Pinkie had fallen off the unfinished slide, and then there was an epilogue when she made her way back to civilization :pinkiehappy:

This was actually really good. Well done, you guys.

After reading Ponymurdered there is only one way this can go and that's hilarious.

This was about as funny as you would expect a collaborative story featuring Discord to be. By that I mean it was hilarious. :rainbowlaugh: It was exciting to read and you never really knew what to expect. That part at the end where Discord duct tapes Twilight's mouth and starts gushing about himself in her voice was priceless. :twilightsheepish:

I want to point out a kinda funny sentence in the story:

Discord glanced over at Fluttershy’s disapproving eyeballs.

Eyeballs... :rainbowkiss:

Also, these two lines in particular, both spoken by Discord, caught my attention (especially when I intentionally took them out of context shortly after reading the whole sentences):

"Oh, I like your taste in orchard design, Applejack. Very refined,” Discord whispered in the indignant mare’s ear. “I might even think you have a thing for me..."

"Applejack, sweetie..."

Was there an Applecord shipper contributing as well? If so, tell them that the shipteasing was not very subtle and that I loved it. :heart: :ajsmug:

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