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Hay yeah why did they disappear like that!?:fluttercry: I really loved those story books:heart::heart: and have read them 4 times before they were gone and wanted to read more!:fluttershysad: what happened and why not just keep them so that everyone can still read and enjoy them!? Why?:fluttercry:

Thank goodness for fimfetch. https://fimfetch.net/story/99661/loyalty-of-the-creed is the first story.

If I may ask what happened to Loyalty to the creed and Staying Loyal to the Creed? I loved those stories was going to reread them but they disappeared.



I just popped back on the site after being offline for a long time. You were the first person I looked at when I came back. I saw your blog post about Loyalty to Love, and I actually connect there. I had written one full length story, attempted a prequel to it that kind of stopped being updated, and began a whole new saga and I just kind of...gave up. I wish I had the motivation to go back and finish writing them but it just feels like it's been too long :ajsleepy:

Anywho, just thought I'd check in and say hi :rainbowwild:

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) A wild Doge appeared.

1475712 Thanks! It's in the works right now. ^_^

I really can't wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy:

Thank you for adding my tale to your favorite's list!:raritywink:

Okay, thank you for the advice:twilightsmile:
*hugs back*:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

1461539 Its okay. Take you time. I think the suggestion I could think of is to look back on your Loyalty of the Creed stories on Rainbow Dash and review on that. Hopefully, it'll help. If not, then I have failed. :ajsleepy:

Again, take your time. You can't rush progress. I'm willing to be patient and wait for as long as it takes. *hug*

I'm sorry:fluttercry: I'm honestly trying to write the story as best as I can. I really am.

Well, Rainbow Dash is no longer my favorite. (Rarity, Celestia and Discord are) so 'Rainbow-Bot' seemed irrelevant.
Also, the fact that Rainbow is not my favorite character anymore is the reason why I am now struggling to write Loyalty to Love. It's now harder for me to explain and describe her as I don't put my whole mind into it.:twilightsheepish:

1461129 I guess Rainbow-bot had no use to anymore? I'm cool with the name change, I'm just wondering why.

I've been meaning to change it for ages really

  • Viewing 366 - 385 of 385
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