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Do you remember a time before chaos became chaos?
Do you remember a time when chaos was kind and gentle?
Do you remember a time when chaos was hated by others, but loved by one?
Do you remember a time when one tried to end chaos?
Do you remember chaos?
Because chaos remembers you.

Chapters (1)

Born of cold and winter air.
A beautiful filly, with an amazing talent to create an icy element through the magic of her own hooves. Both beauty and fear can be conjured by this rare talent. But a devastating and traumatic incident causes the beauty of her magic, to be destroyed.

Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know.
An elegant and strong mare, whose defenses are weakening. Her motives are to protect the ones that she loves, but her curse forces her otherwise. Her fears are stronger and controlling her more and more.

Isn't normal for a pegasi to control the elements of ice and snow?

Chapters (10)

A blizzard of hell, upon the night of Hearth's Warming Eve. Sent purely by accident to the small town of Ponyville. Although it would mean a snow heaven for the little ponies of the quaint town for the next morning, it wasn't exactly heaven through the night.

A lone mare, whose trust is scarce, stuck within the howling winds. Her wings frozen. Her legs numb. Slowly falling into a freezing slumber.
Until a friend came in her time of need, and warmed both of their hearts with the spirit of Hearth's Warming.

Chapters (1)

[This story is officially cancelled. Sorry.]

After two long years of being together, a certain Wonderbolt believes now is the right time to break the question to his lover. However, she's been avoiding him. He knows nothing of any of her missions, so he knows she's up to something...but what.

Unfortunately for him, this is only a minor problem compared to what is about to come. And this will test both ponies of their love for each other and their land.

Sequel to Staying Loyal To The Creed

Chapters (39)

Princess Luna is stuck. Princess Luna is cold. Princess Luna is alone.
Princess Luna has no escape. Princess Luna has no warmth. Princess Luna has no love.
Princess Luna has no escape.

Princess Luna is no more.

A short story essay for English. So why not ponies?

Chapters (1)

The Lords of the Pegasi have turned against their land brethren. Raging war against the unicorns and earth ponies. The Royal Sisters have no power over the pegasi due to a treaty and their old laws. With the Equestrian Air Force constantly attacking non-pegasi ponies, Equestria is split into a blood staining war. However, a small hoof-ful of pegasi are tested their loyalty to their friends and their leaders. And they are against the clock to save Equestria, including a certain assassin.

Sequel of Loyalty Of The Creed

Other characters included, Celestia, Luna, Cadence, The Wonderbolts, a bunch of new ponies, the Cutiemark Crusaders and a very very jealous Captain of The Wonderbolts.

Chapters (45)

The chaos with the Elements of Harmony have been restored. The girls' cutiemarks have been returned and Twilight Sparkle is now an alicorn princess. Everything and everyone was happy. After the celebrations, life returned to normal for everypony...

Except for one pony.

Chapters (6)

Our Life Is Made By The Death Of Others. Nothing Is True. Everything Is Permitted.

Twilight has been a princess for quite some time now, and has been staying in Canterlot. But what she doesn't know is that something, someone, wants her gone. Dead. But an unexpecting pony is her only way of survival. And that unexpected pony is the leader of a secret organization.

Sequel right here: Staying Loyal To The Creed

Other ponies are in it as well, like Thunderlane, The CMC's, Lightning Dust, Luna

Chapters (20)

Twilight, or now Princess Twilight, is staying in Canterlot for her first few days as a Equestria's newest princess, before returning back to Ponyville. As she is walking around, remembering her days there as a filly, she comes across a box. A box that should have been hidden. And it reveals a big secret. A secret that was meant to be hidden.

The artwork is my own. I drew while I was in the car, coming back from the dentist. :-)

It's only rated Teen as it mentions abuse and rape.

Chapters (6)

After mother and daughter were reunited, life was at peace.

However, a special somepony enters there lives. They both believe that all the bad is in the past.

But this is only the beginning.

Chapters (8)
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