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Princess Celestia asked Twilight to do a census of her new home. Through this process she discovers certain anomalies that she finds strange as a unicorn. There seems to be something missing when it comes to the pegasi, and after much prodding, prying, some spying and begging, she finally gets them to open up. What she discovers is not only shocking (to her, at least), but revealing on pegasi subculture.

Will what she learns change the way she looks at her friends? Will her friendship with them be ruined?


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Nice premise (I too have often suspected the pegasi of practicing the Lycurgan institutions)

I look forward to reading the rest of this story.

P.S. If I end up writing anything on my theories, I'll run it past you to check it doesn't step on your literary toes.

Oh is this one of those pegasi are raised by the community, never knowing their biological parents stories?

Please fix your description, Tap. I don't wanna downvote this.

2256058 What's a Lycurgan institution? :rainbowhuh:

The Lycurgan institutions were the system by which the Polis of Sparta was administered - the famous one being the agoge, or communal raising of children.

Wiki Entry:
Lycurgus of Sparta

2257628 Thank you for the explanation! :pinkiehappy:

2256058 That was what I had in mind, but apparently this concept has been done to death already. Still, I'm going to try my own hand at it.
2256310 Yes, boss.

2258513 In all honesty I have never yet come across this concept.



that she is finds strange

2259973 There were 2 typos? omfg.

Gee, it looks like clouds aren't the only thing manufactured in Cloudsdale....

Love so far! Hurry with the updates please!! :pinkiehappy:

This could be good! Keep this up I like it.

Celestia would know this, so why would she have this as required info on pegasi?

Trollestia, nuff said.

Redwing crimsonmoon roles on a cloud laughing his flank off. "We pegasus live as amiltary unit all serve a mandatory stint and are all raised as a flok. Hell its been that way for over 5000 years im over 4000 thanks to my gift and i still don,t have a feathering clue who my mum and pops was." chuckled the póut pegasus as he lay on his back

2265015 She might not know. Plot twist.

She's not omnipotent ya know.

I choose you, Ditzy Doo! :derpytongue2:

This is my favourate Kind of Spartan :rainbowkiss:


Ok found a better video

(it's the TV ad :rainbowkiss:)


Derpy was probably exiled just like Scootaloo. If I were Twilight and I was going to pick a pegasus...

Cloudchaser is one — She has the temperament that she might give the info — that chip on her shoulder might come in handy.
Spitfire is another, her position, connections, and character make her a good choice.
One of the pegasi in the royal guard that Twilight knows personally — I have to believe she was close to at least a couple of pegasus guards.

Lol they need a pegasus that cant ovid the question or wount..... lol (if you cant think of a cannon one to use my Oc is open to use as gest just give me a note and ill rp his answers lol he also loves to erk the leadership of the tribes and nation by being blunt and saying what they dont want to here or said)


she's not omnipotent, but she has lived for well over a thousand years, and surely done plenty of censuses.

I think Pegasi were more Roman than Spartan

2266377 :facehoof:

What are you? Psychic?

So who else was thrown off of Cloudsdale?

I remember that I felt colt and hot and hungry.

I think you were meaning cold, unless it was meant to be a pun.

2288184 Oops. Thanks for spotting that.

Oh, dear.....I see where you're going with this.......

Wow. This is a really good story. I can see where it is going but I still can't wait to get there. I hope Twilight can handle what she's about to find out. I'm also curious. Did Rainbow Dash leave because they made her or because she disagreed with them.

Twilight looked around, but none of the pegasi above her were even glancing in her direction. She had caught a few of them discreetly looking her way when she called up to them, but most ignored the unicorn's calls. They knew exactly what she was going to ask of them, and they were obviously avoiding her just as Rainbow had been. She

"Just forget it, Twilight," Spike said after Twilight called up to them a few more times, pleading with them to come down and talk to her.

... ?

Cloudsdale and the governing Pegasi of it can go choke on the dick of an ursa major.

2288687 omfg. Another typo?

/smacks self mercilessly

Did she had the kind of time

I think you meant "Did she have the time"

2295191 Yes. Yes I did.

/me facepalm

You said canterlot instead of cloudsdale.

Canterlot =|= Cloudsdale

"other this or other nations" on the sign. I think the first "other" needs to be removed

You've got a mention of hands in here.

2314131 2314249 D'oh! Sorry about that.
2315228 Oof, I thought I was beyond making mistakes like that.
2314907 Sometimes you miss these.

I have no excuses! Thanks for pointing out my errors. I'll try to make sure there are a lot less next time.

This is really lovely. I know not much happens but it's nice to see Derpy and Dinky together.

y'know what would be a twist? If Rainbow Dash had been cast down....

so what are the other arguments for what the Apothetae was used for?

Ah, yes. This is madness.....THIS! IS! CLOUDSDALE!!!!

2345631 Burial pit, a place to put the ash of fallen warriors is one suggestion. There are a few others, but that's the most prevalent one.

ok its time to go up to cloudsdale find the Gerousia and kick there ass's until they dont move anymore!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::pinkiecrazy:

I'm somehow hoping that Twilight goes full rage mode on her mentor the next time she sees her. And starts asking some very uncomfortable, very pointed questions.

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