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Holy Shit, This Is Magic · 9:01pm Jun 18th, 2013

Yeah, I've been working on writing a collaboration fic with two fantastic writers: DisHarmonize and gordobraveheart. This awesome comedy based fic will be called 'Holy Shit, This is Magic'. This fic will be posted on my account, and links to gordobraveheart and DisHarmonize's pages are everywhere. Hope you all take a gander at it and it sates you until Pentagram comes out. Also it will be posted soon and should appear later or sometime tonight.

~Cirrus Brony

Their pages here:

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Sent on Discord I think. Haven't been on Steam ina bit tbh

You have me on steam, name is Nechromatica. I'm 10/10 on discord.

My man! what's you add? You got Discord as well?

It's been a long time hasn't it mate? Honestly I'm not on here much anymore. Hit me up via steam!

Howdy, long time no speak.

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