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At the height of the EndWar, a Ghost team has orders to track down a madman who has kidnapped some of the United States' top scientists. However, when it turns out that the madman has used them to build a portal to escape from the world's ongoing onslaught, he runs through, forcing the Ghost team to follow through and take him down. In the aftermath of events, the Ghosts realize that they have no way to return home, and find themselves in a middle of a conflict that calls upon their talents to protect Equestria.

Crossover Material: Ghost Recon/MLP
Rated Teen for Graphic Violence and Language

Earth events take place in an alternate reality EndWar/Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.
Future Soldier technology is only drawn from initial previews of the game (exoskeletons, crosscoms, MR8s, rocket pods, active camouflage).

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Ghost Recon in Equestria... I'm all in!:pinkiehappy: Now I just need time to read it :raritydespair:

600754 this comment is exactly my thought

looks meh right now, tracking, hoping

600754 600768 :ajsmug:

600778 I generally like to maintain a constant word-per-chapter basis. For this one, it looks to be about 4-6k words per chapter later on.

And with that, I am off to sleep because it's 4:30 AM here.

i am....intrigued by this i'll watch :rainbowderp:

Are they gonna meet the mane 6?

ghost recon one of my fav tom clancy games i'm in on this

They do, it's gonna be bad news. The Ghost Recon boys use stealth to perform off-the-books stuff. If they get commisioned to do any missions, the missions will be along those lines, especially since they don't want to cause public panic.
Also, my money's on griffons invading.

This is like the opening story to a video game. The story itself hasn't started but it's giving you a foundation to build off of. I would read more now but I have to get to class. :ajbemused:

Intresting opening, like it a lot. Interesting crossover as well. Continuing to read, probably finish it later.

Entry point: Canterlot Castle. Haven't seen that in a while. Good choice.

...i can easily see that happening sadly

After listening to Freebird by Lynard Skynard while reading the last 6 paragraphs, a single manly tear was shed. Bravo

OH this i liked!

ESPECIALLY the dialog between Luna and the Ghosts, that was awesome as hell.
Otherwise a really interesting concept :D

Oh damn. Excellent.

And that was one of the best 1-2 paragraph explanation of the U.S. I've ever read.

Am I the only one to expect one of the Ghosts sing "Hush now, quiet now" while slitting someones throat?

like a boss! good chapter


I'm thinking more like;
Now I'm here, now your not.

Holy shit, now i can say I've seen it all, THIS IS BAD ASS :rainbowdetermined2:

sweet mother of god this is fucking amazing....need more soon.

this is relevant to my interests :pinkiecrazy:

Ok, I see "ghost" and think of ghost mode from crossfire. Not that that really matters at the moment.
Looks good so far

totally got a boner when he went on a killing spree..... what... dont judge me.:ajbemused:

Damn, I hadn't expected this to get popular so quickly. :pinkiegasp:

602333 And now if you ever end up in Equestria, you can accurately describe the United States! :pinkiehappy:

603935 :rainbowdetermined2:

600854 :pinkiehappy:

601302 The nature of their occupation makes explaining things to the Mane 6 a little bit tough... :rainbowderp:

601666 :rainbowdetermined2:

601718 Indeed. It's all off-the-books, even in Equestria. As for the second point, you are very astute. :trollestia:

602235 602248 602314 602386 602943 604205 :ajsmug:

604590 When I think of Ghost, I either think of Ghost Recon, or the Ghosts from Starcraft. :derpytongue2:

605278 I'd like to think that the killing spree unleashed the adrenaline junkie in me, as well. :unsuresweetie:

just saying for bow ideas.


u should totally give that guy an explosive bow from the new turoc, for future battles. Jast saiya-jin:pinkiehappy:

605486 That's very interesting. At first, I thought it was the retro Turok, then the graphics sort of kicked in. :twilightblush: Crazy bow skills there.

Well, the Equestrians don't exactly have the greatest access to gunpowder and all that, though.


don't think the explosives use gun powder though.... not sure wat it is though.... they also have like a poisoned bow and what not if i remember correctly.

Wasn't there fireworks in one episode?

Anyway, I'm a little disappointed. I came to see the Ghosts. Real Ghosts, not Ghosts with medieval weaponry. This kind of ruins it for me, as one of the reasons I'm here is because they have high technology, and hoped they wouldn't resort to damn bows.

Its very good written though, and excusing the "NoWeaponry" thing, I have had a blast reading it so far.

605567 That is true about the fireworks, I'll have to look into that.

On top of that, they do have the advantage with high technology, just in different ways other than guns (which has already been overplayed in most HiE military fics), like an advanced targeting systems through the crosscom, IFF identification in the field to keep track of enemy targets, and their cloaking abilities. It's merely the result of balancing the choice of wasting ammunition versus an alternative that could be just as effective.

But don't fret, I don't plan for their guns to stay in the drawers picking up dust. And Mendoza will have a chance to make some explosions, too.

Oooh I was hoping he would have time to use it, seeing that he is so eager to ;D

And that brings the question of what is big and scary enough to make him use it.

Well we will have to wait and see :rainbowkiss:

Do I see a stargate reference?

Ok, I have to say, you've done a great job in blending Ghost Recon with MLP. Black Ops going to wreck all.:rainbowkiss:
Can't wait to see the next chapter.

Have you considered giving them something like rifle musket. It's much simpler then the assault rifle came with and is a step up from bows.

Now that I accualy read the story, these "ghost" outfits are almost exactly like the ones in crossfire.
Kinda' ironic :rainbowderp:

OK, I got to stop here. I really do. There are simply too many deviations from the canon of the series. It seems like you're trying to make the World War III of the TC universe (and that's what it's called, not EndWar, that was the name of the game) seem extremely fraked up when . . . it really doesn't need to be. The world of EndWar is a world where's there's drought, famine, terrorism, disease, and conventional warfare on a truly massive scale -- it does not need nuclear war introduced to it. In fact, half the reason it's so fraked up is because nuclear weapons were taken off the table; without Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) the immensely strong human survival instinct won't kick in to stop a war. Not to mention that it is extremely unlikely that anybody even could bring down the whole missile shield when the world's superpowers can only bring down small sections at a time.

Also, the time-line's completely fraked as well. World War III began in April of 2020, the year this story takes place, so it would have been impossible for it to have been going on for two years when the conflict . . . *checks first chapter* . . . won't start for another month! :derpyderp1: Holy smokes! I was going to point out that the storyline of H.A.W.X. (which takes place in 2021) shows that a perfectly fine Los Angeles survives a attempted nuclear attack, but that's a tad more important point. This story is literally impossible as a fanfic.

Raymond stealthily walked up behind him, uncloaking in the shadow that eclipsed most of the camp. The canyon, although a good place to hide, proved to be very useful to Raymond as it covered any part of the camp that was without torches in near pitch-black darkness. He tapped him on the shoulder, uttering a single word that struck terror into the dog's eyes.

"Boo." The combat knife slid in cleanly at the base of the dog's head where his throat connected, going straight up into his brain and killing him instantly. The spear dropped to the ground with a dull clack as the body hid the ground with a hard thud. Good.

>all of my yes

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