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There is a flood on the horizon. Equestria's enemies have united, and the coming tide will not only change the course of history on one world, but two, and bring about a monumental meeting that will bring brothers and sisters from those two worlds together.

At long last, the downtrodden will rise.

The battle begins.

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Your author's note has convinced me to follow this. Please update soon.

what intrigues you so, i wonder. and i hope to update soon.

I too, tire of all those stories that are all humans=evil (except of course for the main character, he's the one human who cares somehow)

Seriously, I know we're not perfect, but they make it seem like we burn down forests as a casual passtime and stab each other in the face instead of saying "hello"

They need to go outside more.

It's nice to see a fic that doesn't do that. Hopefully this will portray us a bit more realistically.

I don't know who you are, but if I ever meet you, I'm giving you 5 bucks just for saying that.

Thank you, you just made my day.

Well, this story's got my attention at the very least. :twilightsmile:

While I find this to be a rather riveting read so far, I can't really bring myself to give you nothing but praise. So I might as well get this out of the way so I can tell you everything I like about this story.

To be honest, your grammar needs a bit of work. While it's not precisely bad, it could definitely use a bit of spit and polish at certain points so as to make sure it doesn't disuade grammar nazi's from reading it. I'm sure you could pick off most of the obvious errors by just waiting ten minutes after writing and re-reading the chapter once. Other than that, I haven't really found any glaring holes in your grammatical or story structure.

On the more positive end, I'm interested in seeing the direction this story takes. While it's still a bit early to tell, the forming picture on inter-dimensional relations between Earth and the kingdom of Equestria is just too good of an aspect to pass up! I also perfectly agree with your assertion that humans shouldn't be viewed as the evil kingdom to Equestria's shining civilization, although I'll admit that if there was a way for our two dimensions to intermingle I'd probably do everything in my power to prevent it. Unless it's absolutely necessary (as is probably going to be portrayed here) the general populace of Equestria shouldn't be exposed to the human culture in my humble opinion. Despite their portrayed shortcomings in this story, they're still way too innocent for half the stuff we clutter our culture with.

Fun times, and looking forward to your next update!

Thanks for the praise, and criticisms, I've noticed some of the things you've noticed.
However I write this because I wanted to contend the notion that ponies are any better, morally, than we are.
so as I said in the author's not in chap. 1, the two races could meed as equals.

Thanks for reading and giving an honest review!

War but no dark?
...I'm skeptical... :unsuresweetie:

Been trapped into enough stories this way... where it tries to pass itself off as a romance/comedy/whatever and then 4 chapters in somebody gets their head blown off... You're sure you won't do that?

*reads Author's Notes*
Hooooo Boy... I'm going to have to do two long essays in one night, aren't I?


What is realism? What is realistic? Is it what we see? Is it what we make? Is it what is? Is it what could be?
The answer is yes.

Do you want to know why Friendship is Magic is so much better than G1 or G3? It's probably because it's largely realistic.
I'm not trying to claim that magical powers or talking ponies or a sun orbiting a planet is realistic... but the characters and interactions most certainly are. Friendship is Magic is a truly remarkable show, because it has managed to accomplish something that no other show has accomplished before. It has created a paradise world... a truly idyllic paradise world... that is good for everyone and does not have that "ONE BIG FLAW," Like the Cybermen's lack of emotion or that one world from "Cable and Deadpool" where everybody was a like-minded monk with almost the exact same thoughts, or any of the movies that show "paradise" but really only show a lack of freedom.

It shows a world that has three dimensional characters... characters with their own identities and opinions that have their own ambitions, desires, life goals... and so on and so forth. It shows us PEOPLE. true enough it shows us ponies, but these ponies are people. And yet they live in peace. They have a chieved a true peace simply because they have eliminated one major aspect from their lives: Hate. And when hate tries to rear its ugly head they all band together and say "no. we will not succumb to that."

That's the thing. The show displays a world that is idyllic. A world of paradise. A world that WE could live in if we all just eliminated one little concept from our lives. As such, the fact that it is attainable... the fact that we could live there if we all worked together and tried... the fact that we know that it's PEOPLE living there and not zombies or cardboard cut outs like in the previous generations... does that not make it realistic? The fact that it could exist? The fact that it's so much closer than we think but we're not capable or willing to make the step there? It's what is so simultaneously beautiful and tragic about the show... It's so realistic. It could exist. We just don't let it.

War does not exist in Equestria because hate does not exist in Equestria. By bringing war into Equestria you do not make it more "Realistic." You simply make it come down to our level.

(P.S. - Now I'm not saying that a war in Equestria can't make for a compelling story, but you're not making it more 'realistic' or 'believable' as a result is what I'm saying. I also want to point out that realism is not a necessary component for a good story. Hell, look at Scott Pilgrim. Just... don't get caught up in trying to make it 'realistic' and just try to write something that's good, okay? the realism and believability is already there.)

> War does not exist in Equestria because hate does not exist in Equestria
I would recommend actually watching the show. All the premises for the conflict exist in Equestria.


I'm not sure exactly what you mean by that... Aside from a few select individuals that are generally pushed away and left alone when they try to stir up trouble, most interactions I remember in the show were met with a friendly hoof most commonly and were met with sarcasm at worst.

Trixie was a magician with a boastful streak... nothing really hateful there. Gilda could perhaps be hateful but when she tried to stir up trouble the feelings weren't reciprocated and she was just told to leave. The Diamond Dogs came the closest to any large conflict as their group seemed somewhat sizey, but they weren't hateful or evil, just incompetent and lazy. The Red Dragon just made a "bad decision." The Green Dragon had his home invaded and while he admittedly went WAY too far, I can understand his angry reaction. Blueblood wasn't hateful as much as he was an incompetent fool. Photo Finish was just self-absorbed, unobservant, and a little bit cold. Diamond Tiara is a bully but that could be seen more as immaturity than a lot of things. Even DISCORD didn't seem hateful as just mischievous to the point of being somewhat dangerous. The only examples of hate I might have seen were Gilda, which was quickly shot down, and Nightmare Moon, which was also quickly sorted out.

I have yet to find anything else that could possibly qualify as hate... especially hate enough to start a whole war... in the actual series.

There is jealousy, there is hatred, there is racial predisposition etc. All the components for the conflict are there.

And you know, you don't need much to start a war.

Finished reading second chapter and I must say I like it.
Accept my praise for including a woman into the story from the start. A lot of authors overlook the fact that human species have two genders.

The violence in this story is like that of pg-13 (back in the day) movie. no explosions of heads, no massively bloody scenes, and no disgustingly detailed dismemberment. however there will be weapons, both Human and Pony, if you ever played star wars battle front 2, think of that kind of tame violence.

Although I am glad you guys are seriously reading my story, I think we should get counter philosophical for a second. Despite the fact that the show was originally for 12 year old girls, lets think in-universe shall we?

Equestria has both the power of the sun and moon on its side, and two of the most powerful beings on the planet. If the United States had nukes at the beginning of WWII and every one knew that we would use them, do you think the war would have gone on very long? probably not. However if someone was to even the playing field, then "the great leaders" would suddenly find themselves not being able to just wish away hate and violence, and ponies would be forced to actually protect themselves.

Claiming that hate doesn't exist in Equestria, is a bit naive, no offense. We don't know every single person or pony on the planet, or know their deepest thoughts. That being said, you don't have to hate to find yourself in war, some else just has to attack you. And we certainly don't know about any other species, or alliance (wink wink) that may harbor quite a lot of hate. for the racial aspect of Equestria. we know that alicorns rule the day and night, and that might disturb non pony species, almost as if say, the united states controlled the day and night. with the ultimate power at their disposal, i can easily see how certain non pony species would be overlooked.

The bottom line, is that assuming that Equestria is a perfect utopia, based on the show we've seen thus far is a silly notion, and like any society, the ponies must eventually learn, That some things are worth fighting for.

But lets look at the Human race, for a second. We have a lot more nations, and a lot more people, but rewind time, and you'll see something similar to pony society. Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses ruled over the people. Some were benevolent, like Celestia and Luna. Others were tyrants. Whose to say that Celestia didn't have a tyrant phase long ago, and Luna nearly conquered the land just trying to get people to look at her night. the entire point of me writing this story is so that people would see Equestria for what it is. A society that would be a lot like ours without magic, its literally the only thing holding their society together. and that just not realistic. once Celestia and Luna's power is lost, the ponies well learn to actually fend for themselves as we have for millennia,

Oh boy! looks like i wrote an essay right here! sorry for that, but I just wanted to explain. I love ponies. their great! but this is the real world and if ponies existed in the real world i believe this is how things would go. thanks for some riveting conversation. continue reading future update if you all really want to see what happens.


Let me put it this way, Celestia has guards.

Which means that the concept of somepony attacking Celestia isn't seen as completely absurd.

And we know that they aren't there just in case of monsters, for two reason.

First, we see no guards around Ponyville, which is of course right next to the Everfree.

Second, in Bird in the Hoof, the guards block Fluttershy from joining the party.

So that means that they really are defending against other ponies (otherwise they would have no reason to block Fluttershy)

Not only that, but they have armor. Which would be useless if they feel that there was a chance that they would need protection.

Combine that with the fact that Appleloosa has a Sheriff, (meaning that the concept of having to enforce laws (or even having laws at all, which would be unnecessary if everyone played nice) isn't seen as ridiculous.) that means that Equestria isn't a place where everyone just frolics together through the fields. That is to say, they aren't an ideal society.

Its just that due to the nature of the show, that element isn't given any focus.

Boy do I regret starting THAT discussion...

Anyway... you say like a PG-13 movie back in the day... that still sounds like there's going to be a fair amount of ponies dying... you're SURE that this doesn't need a dark tag?

You have my word, i will not show excessive violence in this fic, I rated it like video games are these days, any violence usually means teen, there are exceptions though. Don't worry y'all, it won't be to graphic.


...Alright. Weird as it is to see a war story with no death... I'll hold you to that.
Then again... I guess there was a quick battle between the Buffalo and Appleoosans that was fought with pie so... I guess in the context of pony it works.

I didn't say no death, i said no overly graphic violence.

Spike♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

I like where you are going with this story!

"When this baby hits 88 mph, you're going to see some serious shit..." -Doc, Back to the Future

i can wait for the next chapter i love most human in equastria fanfics (matters about how well writen it is and how explicit it is) and i have to say that this is one of my favorites so far keep up the great work your story is easy to keep up with and wonderful and i love your realistic side to the social behaviour of ponies and how war and death is not a uncommon thing it feels like a good break from all the goody goody fan fics where humans seem like barbarians because they have wars in the eyes of the ponies so i love this fic keep the chapters a comming :pinkiehappy:

i cant wait for the next chapter damn spelling error :ajbemused:

You are absolutely right. I couldn't agree more. Try to look at this as the Equestria we all know and love, uncensored by the directors. with the more realistic elements brought to light.

I like where you are going with this story!

Wish i could help but my art still is similar to :derpytongue2:

Decent but you can't help but notice something is up. well that and i'm really ocd about what i draw so i'd be stuck drawing for a few days straight and still not have something up to my own standards (artist vision... damn near drove me to cupcakes last project i tried...:pinkiecrazy:)

woots new chapter:pinkiehappy: as always awesome job i cant wait for the next one also lols at stud stamps
P.S I've been meaning to ask why you have not got a cover picture for this fic? maybe you can get some fan to make one for you I'm sure someone would do it as a donation

nevermind my P.S note after typing that i saw the Authors note, read it again and promptly smacked myself in the face for :derpyderp2:

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

You spelled "Excited" wrong :pinkiegasp:

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

another chapter so fast :yay: yay

Sorry to say it, but this chapter felt like internal monologue, not literature. Your initial aim doesn't really fit in with speedy, chose one and concentrate on it.

. 24990
Guess you can't please everyone. I had too many ideas to not write this chapter immediately. And I'm happy with the result. Onward! To Battle!

hmm... if you had any ideas for a symbol for the story that isn't too complicated i could probably make it.

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