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Heroes and Allies - LewisClarke

A great force threatens to destory Equestria and worlds beyond... Can two very diffrent peoples band together to stop it?

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Personnel: A Look Into The Backgrounds Of Our Operatives


I don't have a new chap for you guys at the moment, so I though I would put some of the future "factoids" together into a crew dossier for the more hard core fans of the story. It's not a new chapter, but it'll give you something to read at least. No spoilers or anything. They're just some background files I found in Dr. Harrison's desk. Enjoy!


P.S. Please don't kill me. Black Sun, Red Moon -Part IV- is on it's way.

Record holder’s note: Dear potential reader,

The following entries are not current, and have yet to be updated. All information herein is to be considered potentially void. Forthcoming information may change this data at another time.

Anomalous Energy Event Team Personnel and Psychological Profile #11: Captain Lenard Greene

To those that knew him before his more recent exploits, the seeds of heroism in Lenard Greene were not especially obvious. Having failed in a bout with college life, and a dismal high school life before it, no one really expected him to achieve anything beyond mediocrity. However, after taking an ASVAB exam on a whim, another door opened for the young man. After deciding to enlist in the Air Force, Greene tested well in physical resistance, specifically to air sickness and g-forces. This was perhaps his saving grace from having a similar experience as his educational career, as was his natural skill, which was intensely hated among his peers. Many aspiring pilots in his group found themselves losing their lunches while the plucky young pilot survived the “trials” with flying colors.

After his squadron was deployed to Laos during the South-East Asian Insurrection just three years ago, Greene found himself in actual air combat against imported Ex-Soviet fighters, and scored his first confirmed air-to-air kill, only the second of the brief engagement. However, after an unfortunate lapse in judgment that would haunt him for years, Greene returned to the states to fly patrols for the newly created Anomalous Energy Event Team, under the direction of Dr. Marcus Harrison. As one of the few pilots with actual combat experience, many felt that Greene’s involvement with AEE was a gross waste of his talents.

Intelligent, easygoing, and generally considerate of others, Greene is a valuable asset to any team, and a very skilled pilot. Having volunteered to lead the upcoming transanomaly flight, the first manned flight trough and anomalous energy event, Greene was promoted the rank of Captain, and now awaits the mission that could change his career, and his life, forever.

Affairs of Darkness Department Clandestine Sect. Character Evaluation File #767: Arch-Sergeant Sky Blade. (ERP)

A veteran of the Equestrian Military and Royal Guard, Sergeant Sky Blade was just 17 when he first saw combat during the Hoofston attacks by the secret cult of ponies disloyal to the throne, know as The Banded. Having seen the more violent underbelly of Equestrian Society that most never see, the then inexperienced soldier survived guerrilla attacks and sieges with only his own wits to depend on. After a particular engagement, in which he and four surviving members of his squad held back an entire hit team of Banded operatives from taking Hoofston Capital building.

Just a few days later, he and each of his squad mates received "The Star of Equus," a medal of the highest honor in the Equestrian Military, in a ceremony presided over by Princess Celestia herself. In light of his service, he was offered the position of Royal Guard, a rare occurrence for an earth pony. In fact, his induction into the guard was a major step for the pro-earth pony movement. He gladly accepted and has been stationed in the royal city of Canterlot ever since, protecting the land in countless engagements and creating a more earth pony friendly mindset for the nation at large.

Sky Blade has proven to be selfless and brave, even in the most dire situations, and more than just a capable solider. He carries the rank of Arch-Sergeant, an Equestrian rank with no specific correlation with human rank, and can be put in command of a variance of strike forces and operations teams at any notice.

Anomalous Energy Event Team Personnel and Psychological Profile #12: 1st Lieutenant Gerrianna Reed.

Having a privileged upbringing from the very start, Gerrianna Reed, or “Gerri” as she typically goes by, could have pursued many more prestigious careers then military service. That being said, her family was not entirely supportive of her choice, and Reed was more or less forced to leave her home much earlier than would have been expected. Because of this, Gerri became fiercely independent, and uses this as her motivation to serve the Air Force and her country faithfully.

Once considered for the world famous Thunderbirds demonstration team, Reed’s talents as a pilot are not to be disputed. As an extra step in the typically overachieving young woman’s career, Reed trained to fly both fixed-wing aircraft and most helicopter configurations, and has proven to be proficient in both roles. Though she never saw actual combat during the Insurrection, she did fly reconnaissance sweeps before the fighting began.

Strong willed, and very sure of herself and her decisions, Lieutenant Reed is an ideal leader and well learned pilot in a variety of roles.

Affairs of Darkness Department Clandestine Sect. Character Evaluation File #12497 Corporal Star Sabre (PGS)

Few things matter to Corporal Star Sabre more than being a solider. After seeing his home town of Hoofston disintegrate under the attacks of The Banded, Star Sabre wanted nothing more but to wreak havoc on those that all but destroyed his home. As a young colt, he met the gallant Private Sky Blade, who with a rag-tag group of other soldiers, saved the city from total annihilation. Aspiring to be just like his childhood hero, Star Sabre enlisted into the Equestrian military as soon as he came of age, though by then fighting was long over.

Though he could not fight for the crown, Star Sabre trained endless for the day when he would. A trained marks-stallion and a soldier of unyielding loyalty, Star Sabre wants nothing more than to prove himself worthy of his mentor and childhood here, the now Sergeant Sky Blade, and would later earn a place on the royal guard for his commitment.

Anomalous Energy Event Team Personnel and Psychological Profile #13: 2nd Lieutenant Michael Kaiser.

Anyone that has ever met Lieutenant Kaiser has come back in a good mood. Considered to be very outgoing and humorous, (sometimes to the dismay of others around him,) it is believed that Kaiser carries physiological trauma of some kind that he actively suppresses with humor as a coping mechanism. Though the nature of this trauma is unknown, it may be linked to Kaiser’s very first deployment to South-East Asia during the Insurrection, in which he was shot down by enemy fighters while defending a task force of American marines. Kaiser was rescued by that very same task force two days later, but has refused to tell anyone of what happened, even to this very day. Determined not to let those events, whatever they were, break his spirit, Kaiser has adopted a very joking personality that usually serves to act as comedic relief for those he serves with.

Despite being shot down that day, Kaiser is still considered to be a fine pilot. Much like his then soon to be squadron-mate Lieutenant Reed, Kaiser is trained in both fixed wing and rotor bases aircraft, including the V-22 Osprey, in which he has shown much affection for. After returning home from the combat overseas, Kaiser was signed on with the fledgling AEE Team flight patrols to hunt down the elusive “Anomalous Energy Events” that had begun to appear around the south-east coast of the United States. He’d hoped this would be a more peaceful position.

Affairs of Darkness Department Clandestine Sect. Character Evaluation File #274925 Private Crescent Skies (UNC)

Young, green, and a bit naive, Private Crescent Skies joined the Equestrian armed forces for no reason other than to do something with his time. Though he legitimately cares for his position, he has quite a long way to go before he can truly prove himself to be an asset to this army. That being said, the young private has shown enough physical prowess and magic potential to gain the attention of the AOD Clandestine Sect. as a possible candidate for special enlistment, though whether that will happen remains to be seen.

Anomalous Energy Event Team Personnel and Psychological Profile #49 Sergeant Steven Mace.

Steven Mace’s upbringing in the rural southern region of the United States, specifically the suburbs around Anniston Alabama, has left him with a strong set of morals and ethics, as well as an almost nonexistent and unofficial ”code of honor” which he seems to apply to everything from combat to everyday life. Though, quiet, reserved, and even a bit shy at times, Mace is no rookie, having served in both the war in the Middle-East, as well as a lengthy tour of duty through the war-torn military states of South-East Asia during the Insurrection, during which he was severely wounded.

Though he would be the last to boast, he has survived some of the worst war zones and environmental conditions the world has to offer, from the exasperatingly arid desserts of Iraq and Afghanistan, to the vermin infested jungles of Laos, Vietnam, and North Korea.

At 6’ 9” and 230 pounds, Sergeant Mace is a very imposing figure, and has a habit of unintentionally intimidating others around him. Though mentally tough and battle hardened, not even the grueling crucible of marine corps training could completely erase Mace’s naturally caring nature, though no one would dare say that to his face. Having long proven his value as a soldier and an inspiration to his fellows, it is no wonder that Mace is slotted to travel into the Anomalous Realm onboard NASA’s Transanomaly Shuttle Capsule (TSC), should Captain Greene and Intrepid-Sparrow Flight need any assistance.

Affairs of Darkness Department Clandestine Sect. Character Evaluation File #257830 Major Classified (Pony Type, you guessed it, classified.)

As a high ranking agent in the legendary black ops team known as "Affairs of Darkness" (AOD,) most of Major Classified's background, service history, and current assignments, are- well, classified. Be that as it may, the major, or "Classy" as his teammates have been known to call him, is a highly trained tactician, solider, spy, and any other type of operative that anypony could possibly want. The only publicly known operation he was a part of was a mission to thwart an assassination attempt on Prince Blueblood, the royal nephew of Princess Celestia. The assassination attempt, which was rumored to be a Banded operation, was also believed to be part of a larger campaign meant to destroy the entire royal family from within. Because of this, the shadowy agent is one of the few individuals that the prince considers a friend, and it is possible that Blueblood uses his influence to aid him with insider information from the very top of the Equestrian Hierarchy.

Though his current location is- well, you get the idea, we do know that he is out there somewhere, defending the kingdom from threats most will never even know about.

Anomalous Energy Event Team Personnel and Psychological Profile #2 Commander Mason Stuart

As a co-founder of the Anomalous Energy Event Team alongside Dr. Marcus Harrison, Commander Stuart has known of the strange “Anomalous Energy Events” or simply “anomalies,” longer than the vast majority of the military and civilian population, and was one of the first to study them. Because of the strange tendency for the first anomalies to appear in bizarre or restricted locales around the world, the commander was given a position as chief science officer aboard the USS North Dakota, a brand new and extremely advanced model of the cutting edge Virginia Class of submarines.

The sub was refitted with the best sensor suites and scientific equipment available, and sent off on a clandestine mission to observe and study anomalies wherever they might form, including the coasts of countries considered enemies or non-allies of the United States. After multiple failed attempts to fully scan an anomaly, Stuart would go on to conclude that they could not be studied fully from the ground or sea, and was the first to suggest the famous “Anomaly Patrols” that would later be the first to fully study the singularities that had evaded him so long. After that first data came in, the AEE began to design prototype devices that could potentially manipulate the energies emitted by anomalies, and is currently overseeing the construction of a massive array of sensors and emitters known as the “ACSD” array. The true purpose of this undertaking is still classified.

A true scientist at the heart, Commander Stuart is often seen as overzealous about his work, but is known to be dependable and very hard working, even to the point of exhausting himself.

Affairs of Darkness Department Clandestine Sect. Character Evaluation File #6 Prince Blueblood. (UNC. Possible ACN)

As the nephew of Princess Celestia, and possible heir to the throne, Prince Blueblood has the authority to command Equestrian Troops and has received basic officer training. Though he comes off as a bit conceited and pushy at times, he has been known to show legitimate skill in the art of formulating plans, and can be a skilled tactician if given the chance. Raised in the sheltered world of the Canterlot high society, Blueblood has been almost completely spared of the horrors of crime, poverty, and disease, and as a result of this, he has developed the sense of entitlement of a king, and is not afraid to show it.

As a royal, there is always a considerable amount of ponies, (as well as those of other races,) that wish to do him harm, as attacking Princess Celestia or her newly arrived sister Princess Luna would most certainly be suicide. Of course, Blueblood's status as prince has not only attracted the attention of assassins and ransomers, but of the civilian population as well, and the young prince has become something of a romantic fantasy for almost every mare and filly across the land. However, years of paparazzi attacks and multiple attempts on his life have left the royal stallion with a cold attitude toward anypony he doesn't know implicitly, and he has been known to revert into a protective emotional shell of arrogance when nervous, even around those he cares about.

Author's Note:


Hope you enjoyed this quick peak into the Heroes and Allies background! Before you ask, yes, there will be more of these, including entries from the Liberation Alliance. That new chapter is on it's way!

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