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Heroes and Allies - LewisClarke

A great force threatens to destory Equestria and worlds beyond... Can two very diffrent peoples band together to stop it?

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Chapter Five: Stained Glass Windows Of The Palace

Chapter Five: Stained Glass Windows Of The Palace

"So I guess this is actually happening," the pilot groaned as he popped his back into position with an audible crack. "You don't feel pain like that in a dream."

After a landing like that, all things considered, a sore back was a small price to pay. Rainbow Dash landed next to the nose of the fighter and tapped on the glass. "Are you alive!?" she yelled. "Are you dead in there?"

"Yes, I am quite dead, actually," the pilot painfully joked. It wasn't that bad of a crash, was it? he thought to himself.

He popped open the canopy and was about to leave, when he noticed a book wedged into a small space in the cockpit. The cover had the words "Worst Case Scenario" written on the cover. He put the book into one of his pockets, and jumped out of the cockpit. The plane appeared to still be intact, the landing gear and underside of the fuselage would clearly need some tender love and care, but it the plane wasn't totaled.

"You pilot people must be built like earth ponies," Dash worryingly stated.

"I don't know about that, but I do know that this plane's gonna need some work before it flies again. If, it ever flies again," Lenard said with a sigh. "it's not too bad though. By the way, we're called humans. Piloting is a job."

"Oh. Should we just leave this thing here?" Dash asked.

"I don't suppose we've got a choice. It's stuck here for now, Maybe you pony people can help me with it later," he sighed.

"Why don't we go see my friends, maybe they can help."

"Lead the way," the pilot replied.

During what was quite a long walk, the pilot and the pegasus enthralled each other with tales from their homelands. Lenard regaled Rainbow Dash with his recollections of aerial dogfights, his quirky adventures in high school and college, and how he came to be in Equestria in the first place. Dash told tales of the Elements of Harmony. Telling of their adventures regarding Nightmare Moon's bid for power, Discord's chaotic return, and the Changeling invasion.

They both seemed to have a hard time understanding each other's stories, but seemed entertained at least. Eventually, they reached the outskirts of Ponyville, where Lime Tree and the rest of the town were waiting for them.

As soon as the villagers spotted the battered pilot, they rushed him in one big group. Some showed relief of his being alive, and others celebrated just how awesome his aerial display was. All seemed to want a speech of some kind, so they pushed the pilot in front of a podium and waited expectantly. The pilot shot Lime Tree and Rainbow Dash a worried look.

"Uh, well, I guess I can say a few things. Hi there, uh, pony people. My name is Lenard Greene. My people are known as Humans. We come from a planet with the same name as yours, Earth, so I'm not sure if this is another planet or another dimension or something."

The ponies in the crowd seemed a bit confused.

"Anyway, I'm a captain in something called the Air Force, from a country called The United States of America, or USA for short."

Lime tree and Macintosh shot each other a look of pure revelation.

"There are plenty of other cool nations on Earth, err, our Earth too, but-"

"Wait!" Lime Tree shouted from the crowd. "Did you say USA? We found something that's got that on it! It looked like some kind of wreck."

"Really? Where is it?" the pilot asked.

"Ah reckon we can take y'all to it, if ya want. It's back at Sweet Apple Acres." Macintosh stated.


The sun began to set on the horizon as the whole of Ponyville traveled to Sweet Apple Acres.

The pilot and an entire village full of ponies all followed Macintosh to his farm, where they found the mysterious object embedded in the ground.

"Well I'll be!" The pilot exclaimed. "It's a probe! You guys found a probe!"

"Uh, what's a probe?" was the collective response from the crowd of ponies.

"Oh, they're devices we sent through these portal things to study whatever was beyond them, which apparently, is this place. These devices take pictures, video, and scans of the area they're in, and send it back to us."

"What's a video, and what's a scan?" asked the crowd in unison once again. It would have been creepy, if it wasn't so adorable.

Mayor Mare emerged from the crowd. She trotted over to crash site to get a better look at the probe.

"So these things are like spy devices?" She asked with a concerned look on her face.

"More like mechanical explorers, that travel places too dangerous for anyone to go. Before they entered your world, we didn't know if it was even survivable," the pilot responded.

"You said "they," so are there more of them?" the mayor wondered.

The pilot nodded and spoke, "Yeah, this one seems to be... Wait... that's not possible... These look like parts of the very first probe, but it was destroyed before it even got through! I guess the explosion blew some of the pieces in anyway.

"So they aren't dangerous, are they?" The mayor asked, cocking one of her eyebrows.

"No, especially not this one, it's just scrap now. Maybe you guys can put it in a museum or something," the pilot explained. "It'd make a great display."

The mayor smiled, then gave a reassuring chuckle. "Very well then, continue."

The pilot started his speech back up again, explaining the aircraft and the probes, and asked if any of his friends had been spotted. Just as he was about to wrap up the speech, several white pegasai rushed in, all wearing gold and bronze armor. They surrounded the pilot and stared him down with glares that could topple mountains.

"Lenard Greene, you are under arrest for crimes against Equestria," one of them barked.

"Wait! For what!? And how do you know my name?" The pilot frantically questioned. "Don't I get diplomatic immunity or something?! I didn't do anything!"

"I am Captain Stonewall, and I'll answer your questions in order," the captain of the guard responded. "For attacking Canterlot, we can hear, no, and I don't care. There are your answers, now come with us."

Lenard was clearly shocked, but realized that cooperation was probably his best option. Two more guards flew in with a carriage. The guards slapped on some hoof-cuffs over his hands, which immediately fell off. Annoyed, the guards settled for just pushing him into the carriage, and locking the cell in place.

"Hey! He didn't do anything! You can't just arrest him!" a disgruntled blue pegasus whined.

"We can, and we have. You best leave us to our duty if you wish to stay free yourself," the guard warned. "As for the human, you will stand trial before the royalty. Frankly, I see no reason for any of this, but I will do my duty. Understand?"

The pilot displayed a look of understanding. Both the guard and the pilot had found themselves in situations such as this before, forced to carry out orders they really didn't want to. As they set off, Rainbow Dash, dashed up to the carriage to get a word in.

"Don't worry! I know the princess! I'll help you!" she yelled after them.

"Wait!" the guard shouted. "You're one of the Elements! You're coming with us too! The other Elements wish to see you."


The Sun finally dipped below the horizon in the skies above Canterlot.

"Rainbow! Where have you been?" Twilight began. "We've got a national crisis on our hooves!"

Rainbow Dash shrugged. "You guys didn't seem to need me, so I went home. Besides, I wouldn't have met the human if I didn't. And this isn't a crisis! He just wanted to look around, and he hasn't done anything to hurt anypony," Dash retorted.

"The princess is worried, so I'm worried too," Twilight responded.

"Worried about what?"

"These so called "probes" (she actually made quotation mark gestures with her hooves) They could be weapons! One of them set fire to Canterlot after all!" Twilight argued. "I'm not sure we can trust him. None of his "technology" makes any sense!" the unicorn exclaimed.

Rarity shushed them. "Quiet Twilight! I'm trying to hear what's going on in there!"

"Are you sure we should be eavesdropping?" a small voice from a butter colored pegasus asked.

"Quiet Fluttershy!" Rarity snapped, followed by an "eep!" from that same butter colored pegasus. "I think he's been wearing the same clothes since he arrived! That simply will not do!" Rarity realized.

"Bigger problems, Rarity!" Twilight snapped back. "This "Human" could be the scout for an invasion!"

"Ah reckon ya'll been readin' too many of them "sci-fi" books, Twi. Ah think he's tellin' the truth. He doesn't seem like a liar ta' me, or an invader," Applejack explained.

Suddenly, there was pink.

"Maybe he's a really, really, really good liar, AJ! Or a dragon, what if he's a dragon! Wouldn't he have tried to breathe fire by now- ptffff!"

Applejack promptly shoved a hoof over Pinky's mouth. The small group put their ears on the throne room door. The guards, rather than stop them, did the same.

"Lenard Greene. That is your name, correct?" Celestia questioned on the other side of the door.

"A most.. odd name," Luna added.

"Y- yes, it's my name, but what is this all about?" Lenard questioned.

"I am Princess Celestia of The Sovereign Kingdom Equestria, this is my sister, Princess Luna. We are the rulers and caretakers of this land you now find yourself. Now, It has come to my attention that devices of your kind's origin have entered our borders, and struck the capital city. "

Princess Luna spoke up. "We are sorry for thy imprisonment, but we mustn't tarry in such situations. Tis unfortunate that thou must stand before us like this."

"Luna, we must make sure he is innocent before we can be sorry for anything."

Princess Luna nodded. "I Understand. What say you, human?"

Lenard was visibly sweating. "I assure you, if one of our probes is to blame for the attack you speak of, it was a complete accident. Has anyone been hurt?" the bewildered pilot asked.

"The ponies are a bit shaken, but unharmed," Celesta answered with an emotionless face.

"You saith that thy objects are called "probes." If not weapons, what be thy purpose in this world?" Luna asked.

"When strange energy readings were detected back home, my friends and I were sent to investigate them. When we showed them our findings, they figured that they were portals of some kind, and called them "anomalies." Because we didn't know what was inside them, we sent in probes, which record data and send it back to us. When we realized that there was another world on the other side, and that it was safe to travel to, the scientists decided to send people through them to explore further. My friends and I volunteered. We entered in airplanes, flying machines commonly used for travel and defense. The last thing I remember was entering the anomaly then waking up on a cloud. I still don't know where my friends or their aircraft are, and the probes must have lost control after they sent the data back. I'm truly sorry for that."

"Interesting, though I must admit I don't fully understand the nature of this incident, you seem to be telling the truth, and you do not at all seem guilty. Guards, release him." Celestia smiled, and waived the pilot over. "Glad that's out of the way."

"Pray tell kind sir, would you be willing to demonstrate this "airplane" for us. Such technology is unheard of in our domain, and we were unable to attend thy aerial demonstration before," Luna explained.

"I heard the Wonderbolts might have some competition," Celestia added.

Relieved that he wasn't going to be exiled, beaten, tortured or executed, Lenard smiled and stretched his now free arms and legs.

"I would be glad to give you guys a show, when my plane is repaired. and fueled," the pilot explained.

"Your vessel is damaged?" Luna asked.

"There was a bit of an accident," Lenard replied sheepishly.

The two sisters gave each other a worried glance.

"Art thou well?" Luna asked.

"I'm alright, my back hurts though." he answered.

"Call in the royal masseuses!" Celestia exclaimed.

From seemingly nowhere, a team of mares and stallions burst into the throne room from a door off to the sides of the thrones themselves. They swept the surprised pilot off of his feet, and threw him onto a small bed.

Despite having hooves, these ponies were surprisingly good at giving massages. After a few minutes, the pilot felt completely rejuvenated. He stood up, feeling better than he had in days. The team of emergency masseuses disappeared as quickly as they'd appeared.

"Wow. Uh, thanks. I needed that, but what should I do about my plane?" Lenard asked.

"A team of our best scientists will be there to assist you in the morning. They probably won't be much help, but they are fast learners and may be able to assist you. You may leave now, if you wish," Celestia spoke.

"Before thy exit, would you be willing to instruct me in the art of contractions?" Luna asked.

"Huh?" was the pilot's answer.

"I have endeavored to-, I mean I'm trying to learn to speak more modern language. Would thou be willing to teach me to speak as thou speaketh? Luna asked.

"Why would you want to change the way you speak? I think it's pretty cool. My people once spoke like that. It suits you. It's getting a bit late though, is there anywhere I can stay in this city?" Lenard wondered.

"As an emissary from your Earth, you are welcome to stay here in the palace guestroom suite, with a full staff of servants," Celestia explained.

"WHAT?!" came a voice from behind the throne room door. The guards opened the door, and six mares, two stallion guards, and a baby dragon fell into the throne room.

"Spike, when did you get here?" Twilight wondered.

"I, uh, I stowed away in the carriage, then wrote that letter outside. I just wanted to see what was going on, really! I locked up the Library and everything!" the young dragon explained.

"I guess you can stay then," the purple mare stated flatly.

The princesses both had confused looks on their faces. The mares and guards regained their composure. They each gave a sheepish grin, and then returned to their post.

"Blasted rookies," one of the other guards hissed.

The six mares filled into the throne room, each with a nervous look on their face.

"Twilight, seeing as you heard that entire conversation, you and your friends can help Lenard in his studies of our world, and his apparent mission," Celestia ordered.

"Yes princess. Should we all go back to Ponyville now?" Twilight asked.

Celestia stood to bid her students and the battered human pilot goodbye. "If he wants, but he is our guest, so treat him nicely. And Mr. Greene, the guestroom if available whenever you are in Canterlot. May you find your friends safe and sound."

"Thank you Princess Celestia, Thank you Princess Luna." He gave a short and awkward bow, then left with the Elements.

Lenard walked out with his new friends.

"So I've heard a lot about you guys. Rainbow Dash told me all about your adventures."

"Yeah, we heard some things about you too, Mr. Greene. If the Princesses trust you, then you're alright with us," spoke Twilight. "We can talk more in the morning, though. For now, *yawn* I'm going to sleep all the way back home."

"Sounds good, and you can just call me Lenard."


After the flight back to Ponyville, Lenard Greene stepped out of the carriage and bade all of his new friends goodbye. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood, all except for Rainbow Dash.

"Why the long face?" Lenard jokingly asked.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Dash responded, clearly annoyed.

"It's just an expression back home, it means, what's wrong?"

"Nothing. Why? does it look like I gotta problem?"

"Yeah, actually, you do. Is it about your house?"

"Nah, it's no big deal, I'll just rebuild it later. It's just clouds anyway."

"So why do you look so annoyed then?"

"It's you and your jet thing! I'm supposed to be the fastest flyer! Then you just show up, do a sonic Rainboom twice, and everyone loves you and forgets about me!" Rainbow Dash was quite angry now. "It's my move, and you stole it!"

"Look, I have no idea why you're so mad. Back home, we've been breaking the sound barrier for more than sixty years! How was I supposed to know you had your name on it here? Okay look, I'm sorry for stealing your thunder," He snickered "-but just because someone is better than you at something, doesn't mean you should get angry at that person. You're probably still the fastest pegasus, right? And it's not like I could even hope to beat you without the jet."

Dash's mood seemed to improve, "Yeah, I guess you're right." She gave a halfhearted smile. "Although that sounded a lot like something Twilight would put into a letter to the princess. Did she put you up to this?"

"Uh, maybe. She's a good friend, you know that?" The pilot thought for a moment. "You know what? How would you like a ride in another one of these things after the cavalry comes to pick me up? I guess that's If they come to pick me up."

"You serious?"

"Well I'd have to get a hold of an 'E' model. Hmm. I suppose that may be a while, but maybe It'd teach you a thing or two about serious speed."

"That sounds awesome! I'm sure your buddies wouldn't just leave you here, right? Well, I'll see ya later Cap, the cloud contractor is waiting back at what's left of my place to help me build an even cooler house!"

She took off into the night without even thinking to finish the conversation.

Lenard cocked one of his eyebrows, and walked back to the inn.

He walked into his room, shut the door, and pulled out the small book he'd found in his plane earlier. After reading the first few pages, he realized that the book was a survival guide based on the information the probes had returned. It even included an anomaly schedule. Lenard gasped.

"The next anomaly is tomorrow!"


"Princess, Auntie! Did you really let him go!?"

Prince Blueblood seemed a bit annoyed over the events of the last few days, and the human was a perfect target for blame. His mane and coat were still heavily damaged, and the Prince's mood followed suit.

"He is innocent. He had nothing to hide. I could sense that much," Celestia spoke sternly.

"If his story is true, does that mean that there is an entire race of ponies- err people, just like him? and can we trust them?" the prince questioned.

"Not sure, but we will have to get to know them before we make any decisions," Celestia answered.

"I find his culture to be most intriguing. I would very much like to travel to his world," Luna added.

"According to him, humans and ponies are very similar in some ways quite different in others," Celestia explained.

Luna thought to herself a moment, "Let us hope that thy human acquaintances shall be friendly, and do not make the same mistake we did."

"I hope your right," The Prince responded "I will take my leave of you now, princesses. Good night to you."

"Good night, prince." the two alicorns spoke almost in unison.

After Blueblood disappeared into the upper spires of the palace, Celestia turned to a window, a puzzled look on her face. "Sister, do you sense it?" she asked.

"I do feel something, though I haven't a single guess as to what it could be," Luna answered. "Do you think it has something to do with the human?"

"I'm not sure. I'm not even sure it's something we should be worried about. More humans might arrive soon, and I can't wait to see what becomes of it. Perhaps we will travel to their world like you suggested. For now, I will get some rest. This has been a most interesting weekend."

Celestia began the ascent to her chambers.


A tired griffon messenger dashed into the great mead hall of The Griffon League.

"Praetor! Praetor!"

"Yes scribe, what do you need?"

"Praetor Phalanx, the other leaders are disusing the plans regarding the weapon! Emperor Bane of the Pandragon Empire requested your presence personally! He says there is much to discuss! Apparently, the Terrus Dragons refused to be drawn into our ranks, and will remain neutral. But the Pandragon Empire will join us!" the scribe responded.

The hall erupted into cheers.

"See, my dear Gilda? Nopony will have to die! They won't fight against an army of this size! We can bring justice without bloodshed!" the triumphant leader bellowed.

"This is just too awesome!" Gilda smiled, pecked him on the cheek, then cheered with the rest of the soldiers and patrons in the hall.

"Long live the Alliance! Long live the Alliance! Long live the Alliance!"

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