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Heroes and Allies - LewisClarke

A great force threatens to destory Equestria and worlds beyond... Can two very diffrent peoples band together to stop it?

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Chapter Fifteen: Black Sun, Red Moon -Part I- A Long Time Ago.

Chapter Fifteen: Black Sun -Red Moon- Part I. A Long Time Ago....

"You won't find this story in any of your text books, or anywhere for that matter, for it begins so very long ago."

"Before Nightmare Moon vied for power..."

"Before Discord managed to take it..."

"Before everything you know, there were two great dynasties."

"The Order of the Rising Sun, and The Clan of Moonlight, each empowered by the sun and moon themselves, and lead by powerful alicorn clans. For centuries these two clans unleashed terrible weapons of unthinkable magical destruction, and fought in unending wars to claim total power over the Earth for themselves, scaring the world in many battles. In one such war, the Rising Sun attempted to super heat the sun in order to destroy the Moonlight clan forever, nearly destroying the planet. In another, the Moonlight Clan managed to use their powers to move the moon closer to the Earth, leading to years of climatic chaos. There are several stories we could tell from those times, some legends, some terrifyingly real. The bottom line is that many perished in these senseless wars, but those who forged them refused to let that stop them. For those of our feudal history, it seemed that peace was an impossibility."

"That is, until the King and Queen of the Rising Sun and the Emperor and Empress of Moonlight agreed to meet in single combat. The victors' armies would win the spoils of the great wars, and the defeated would be destroyed and driven away. These terms were agreed upon by both sides, but in the end, they were all slain, leaving their powerful empires in the hands of their offspring."

"From the Rising Sun, arose Soltaire. The first born son of the king and queen, and Regent of the Daylight. He was a strong and boisterous stallion whose brilliant glow was only out done by the sun he protected."

"The only surviving child of Moonlight became the newly crowned Empress Noctau, Guardian of the Night. She was a quiet and mysterious mare who watched over the moon in knowing silence."

"It is said that the loss of their parents led them to lose interest in the centuries old wars, so the two made their kingdoms at the opposite ends of the Earth, so that they would have dominion over their respective celestial bodies, and so a pseudo peace could be achieved. As such, it was always a blistering day on one side of the world, and a freezing night on the other. For the various inhabitants of the land, the only life giving area of the world was the zone in the middle of the day and night sides, the Twilight Terminator. Everypony made their homes there. It was the only land left where non-alicorn life could be sustained."

"However, the various creatures of the world cried out to them. Begging for them to end the misery of a barely sustainable world. In the past, such cries might have been ignored, but the alicorns had a soft spot in thier hearts for ponykind, and the ponies managed to catch their ears."

"As such, the King and Empress agreed to meet on neutral ground in the very first diplomatic summit in our world's history. Much later, in a stunning twist, the two later revealed that they were in love, and were to be married. It is said that on the day for their wedding, the sun and moon passed in front of each other, briefly appearing to become one."

"The ponies called this the Eclipsing, or later, the Great Eclipse. So they named this new adjoined nation, "The Unified Kingdom of Eclipstria."

"For centuries, King Soltaire and Empress-Queen Noctau were the supreme authority of the land. No pony opposed their rule, typically out of respect. But when that wasn't enough...."

"-They could be quite... forceful. Despite this, the two rulers were generally well liked, but more and more ponies began to question if they should even be ruled by a king and queen. A quiet, subtle feeling of dissent was said to be building in the ponies of the land. Even so, everypony grew quite excited when it was discovered the queen had become pregnant, as this would be the first child of a new order, a living treaty between the two great alicorn dynasties."

"Several months later, in the private chambers of the new Everfree Palace, their first born, a baby filly arrived. She bore a strong resemblance to her father, in light of this they named her-"

"-Celestia, Princess of the Sun. And of course, little time passed before they would name their second born-"

"-Luna, Princess of the Moon. For the first years of our lives, we played with the other alicorn young, oblivious to the social unrest around us."

*****"Wait, wait, wait!"*****

The other passengers in the Super Stallion helicopter all turned their attention to the purple unicorn interrupter, who held a hoof to her head.

"Yes Twilight?" Celestia asked.

"This is too much! Why does no pony know of any of this? There are others like you? Where are they? This is just- just- too much!"

The two royal alicorns lowered their gazes.

Celestia raised her head. "There is a vast history that even the most knowledgeable are completely unaware of."

"Allow us the time to finish our tale, and we shall answer all thine questions." Luna answered.

Captain Lenard Greene turned his head to the cockpit. "Mike, how far are we from the array site?"

"Tree House and Zero Base are still quite a ways out. We're having to fly on the deck, and to completely circumvent several enemy fortifications we're having to take the long way around to get there." Lieutenant Kaiser answered. "I'd say maybe thirty minutes. An hour, tops."

Lenard nodded. "Very well. Keep us in the loop if anything comes up."

"You got it chief." Mike answered.

Lenard turned back to the Princesses. "Sorry you two, please continue. You were just telling us about you child- foalhood."

Celestia bore a distant expression.

"Yes, our foalhood..."

"As I said, Luna and I spent most of the early years of our lives blissfully unaware of the horrors our family represented. We were never told of these stories. We couldn't have realized what was brewing. We didn't know that there were creatures plotting our downfall..."


A fancily dressed pegasus scribe passed through a pair of massive doors, and entered a throne room seemingly studded with glory. The right side of this majestic court bore a look of regal fire, the left, a elegant icy design. To the young stallion, the room seemed to be both sweltering hot, and bone chillingly cold at the same time.

"How dost they emanate such a puzzling sensation?" The scribe thought.

He stopped and bowed as he approached the thrones, tipping his fancy feathered cap.

"Your majesties, I bring news of the state of our kingdom."

An alabaster and crimson alicorn stallion stepped from his throne, his fiery mane burning in an unseen wind. To his right stepped the dainty hooves of an azure and silver alicorn mare, whose styled ebony mane bore several majestic constellations of stars.

"Excellent!" The King exclaimed in a loud regal voice. "I have been meaning to see how the commoners are faring."

"As have I." The Empress spoke in an almost tangibly strong accent, betraying her obvious connection to budding nation of Prance. There is talk of, how you say, "unrest." amongst them. What is the nature of their cries?"

"It is these non-ponies amongst us my lord and lady! They have crossed our sovereign borders and made camp in our lands! The citizens do not trust them, and neither do I."

The king brought a hoof to his neatly shaven beard. "I fail to see reason for these sentiments. Have they wronged us in any way?"

"They insult us, and they have no respect for you, the Queen, or your rule!" the scribe answered.

The King raised an eyebrow. "How so?"

"There are eyewitness accounts of them slandering the royal house! I have brought two such witnesses."

"The Queen clapped her fore-hooves twice. "Bring in these witnesses." she commanded.

A mare and stallion were directed into the room. The stallion, an earth pony, wore rags and sackcloth loosely tied around his waist and was clearly limping. His cutie mar- stud stamp, was a wedged apple slice. The mare, a pegasus, was slightly better dressed, but still projected a sense of insecurity. Her cutie mark was a wafting cloud in a gently breeze.

The scribe pointed a hoof at the two, "These peasants were bullied not to long ago by two of these brutish ram creatures. Tell them what happened."

The pair were clearly terrified to be in the presence of their rulers. The stallion was visibly shaking.

"Well?" the king suggested. "What art thy names?"

"A-Apple Core mil'lord," The stallion timidly stammered.

"Cotton Drift," The pegasus mare nervously stated. "I witnessed the altercation."

"Ah yes." The king answered. "Please, inform us of your account."

"Y- yes." the stallion mumbled. "We were in the markets in Ponyshire and-"

The Queen cut him off. "Ponyshire? I am unaware of this place."

"Y- yes, it is a small village not too far from this place. It is a new town, that's why you haven't heard of it. It sprung up around this huge orchard of apples and- "

"Please," The Empress-Queen stopped him. "Tell us about your encounter with these outlanders."

"He was quite mean lookin'! And I caught him fooling around with-"

"What he means to say," The accompanying mare interrupted him, "Is that he had quite a bout with them."


A rust red stallion brushed aside the straw barrier that separated his daughter's "bedroom" from the rest of the shack.

"Father, what do you want!?" the baby blue young mare questioned.

Apple Core wasn't having any of this. "AppleFlower! You know you're supposed to clean the harvest cart! We gotta take some of the harvest into town tomorrow!"

"Why can't AppleCanter do it?!"

"He did it last time." Apple Core deadpanned.


"She's in town, ya know, SELLING APPLES?!"

"Alright! Alright! Ah'll do it." she finally gave in.

Outside of the shack, a small wooden cart sat, tied to a tree. The young mare brought out a bucket of soapy water and set it rather precariously on the top of the wagon.

"Always got me working on something." she mumbled under her breath.

She looked around for a rag to clean the muddy cart. In the process, the clumsy mare bumped it, making the bucket move ever so close to the edge of the cart, just as two approaching rams trotted down the nearby path.


"Yes Vance?"

"Are you sure we should be coming here? The ponies do not seem to appreciate our presence."

"I told you. We buy food, pack it into our bags and leave. Simplicity itself."

"Yes but-"

A bucket of soapy water dropped onto a quite attractive young mare. Her shiny, auburn mane dripped with the sensuous liquid, and her coat matted to the sides of her body, leaving nothing to the imagination.


"Uh, yes Van'?"

"Can food wait?"

"I would say it can.

The two rams sharply altered their course and took cover behind a large nearby tree.

"Just great." AppleFlower muttered to herself, clearly irritated by the mess she'd created. "At least I didn't spill all of-"

She noticed two crouching male forms hiding behind one of the farms many apple trees. The younger looking one was wide eyed and seemed very interested in her predicament. AppleFlower bit her lower lip. This buck clearly found this situation...


She picked the bucket of water up with her hooves and suggestively poured the rest of it over her body.

"Hircus's mighty horns!" the older of the two rams exclaimed. She was clearly aroused by this as well.

The other, a younger ram, hit his head on one of the tree's heavy branches.

"Quiet! She'll hear us!" the younger ram spoke in a hushed tone.

The soaked filly gave a seductive wink.

The older ram gave a chuckle. "Clearly, she already does. You go, I'm too old for this nonsense."

"Go? Go where?"

The senior ram pushed the younger one out from behind the tree.

"I'll be getting those supplies now." The older ram gave a jesting wink and left in the direction of town, leaving the two alone.

"Uh so, um, my name is Vance?" the ram choked out, while scratching the back of his head.

"AppleFlower, *caught, cough* Did ya, um, like what you saw?" The now surprisingly bashful filly wondered.

The ram gave a goofy grin. "Most definitely! You are really quite stunning!"

The filly blushed, and gave the ram a look over. "You're not to bad yourself. You a farmer? That's quite a collection of muscles."

The ram thought for a moment. "Farmer, soldier, worker, they are one in the same where I come from."

The air drying mare cocked her head to one side. "Oh, well, um, That's quite impressive and, maybe we could, you know, maybe-"

The ram leaped up to her and pressed his lips against hers. After a few seconds of conjoined bliss, the two pulled back and blushed furiously. "Sorry. You seemed... eager, so I though we might dispense with the pleasantries." The filly blushed an even deeper shade of crimson and lunged back at him. After a few more moments of passionate lip locking, the filly pointed to an old shed behind them. The ram quickly got the idea.


Apple Core wasn't a complicated stallion. A hard day's work, a hay sandwich, some cider, and the affection of Ambrosia Apple, his wife, was all he ever really wanted. However, a recent shortage of bread was ruining this routine. Ambrosia was out, so the ever resourceful stallion would have to try his hooves at bread making himself.

"No problem. Just crush the grain an-"

The stallion heard a peculiar noise as he passed the old barn.

"Is that... snoring?"

The sound went away.

"Must be my wild imaginin's."

The stallion trotted away to a small wooden grain storage, haphazardly built by his own hooves.

"Wait, ah need the keys." He trotted back toward the house and swore he heard that weird noise again as he passed the old barn.

He returned to the grain shack and opened the door. Inside, two small piles of grain sat in the middle.

"Hmm, times are a bit tougher than I thought. Well I'll just grab some- Wait, ah need a bag to carry the grain in, duh!" he chuckled to himself. "Now where did we keep the sack cloth? Oh yeah, I remember."

Apple Core Apple opened the old barn door and received the shock of his life.

There, inside, were two smashed apple barrels. "Such a waste." He mumbled.

He turned his head and noticed two strange things: One, all the sackcloth had been pushed together in a pile in corner of the barn, and two, on top of that pile lie a strange looking horned stallion wrapped around his daughter. The two were peacefully sleeping together like two spoons lying on their side in a cupboard. Both were unconsciously grinning, and covered with sweat.

In his shock, it took a few moments for the reality of the situation to fully sink into Apple Core's mind. The stallion calmly trotted over to a rack and pulled down a wooden bow and arrow. He casually tied it to his foreleg and cracked his neck back and forth, an expressionless look about his face. The stallion lackadaisically dusted off the bow, cleared his throat, and screamed,


Both of the sleeping lovers nearly flew into the rafters at the sound of Apple Core's booming voice.

"Whoa, uh. Guess I should have seen this coming." Vance though out loud, not even slightly amused by this completely cliche moment.

"Hi there, daddy..." Was all AppleFlower could manage to say.


"It is a reasonable assumption that much violence occurred afterward, right?" The Empress-Queen asked.

"Quite so." The bystander mare answered. "I was on my way home when I found them fighting to gain control of Mister Apple Core's bow. I convinced them to stop before one of them was killed, but what is of real interest is what the ram said afterward..."


Much earlier, or later, depending on how you want to see it...

Apple Core and Vance, though physically battered, now fought tooth and nail with words. The mare passerby, who now had control of the bow, desperately tried to end the confrontation, as the royal guard were now on their way.

"You- You think you won?!" Vance stammered.

"Y-yeah!" Apple Core answered. "And you and your pathetic kind best stay away from here! Or the same thing will happen to all y'all! Ah'll see to it that the king kicks you out personally!"

"The king? The King! Look at you! You live in a shack, wear sacks for clothes, and grow apples on a run down farm to feed your family! Do you think your government really cares about you? Why do you put up with this prejudice!?"

"What do ya mean?!" the apple farmer questioned.

"I have been all through this land and the only ponies I see working are like you. The winged ones live in the clouds, and the horned ones all live in castles!"

"You mean the Corns and the Peggies? Pegasai work in the clouds, and we Earthies got a connection with the ground and stuff but-"

"But they all seem to be faring better than you. What I heard from our scouts was true! "Your land, Eclipstria has built its success on the backs of slaves!"

"We are not slaves! And if you get anywhere near my daughter again ah'll break off both of those curly horns and make a tiny tuba out of em'!"

"Yes, your daughter, think about her! You know in that shed we did more than just.... you know. We talked! She is the most beautiful and loving creature I have ever seen, and she sees your precious aristocracy for the swine they are!"

"Don't you even dare speak about her that way! You dare insult us, my country, the King and Queen, on my property?!"

"Your property? Ha! AppleFlower said this land was loaned to you to produce food for the rich! And that once they are done with you, they will toss you out! These rulers, do you know what their kind have done? Why do you serve them?"

Apple Core could not contain his rage. "Get out! NOW!"

"Alright, I shall leave. But hear me. I will return with an approaching freedom! You will all see!"

An older ram approached the group, flanked by two Eclipstrian royal guards.

"Ignore his silly ramblings. I think I know what has transpired here. Allow me to take this one back to our camp. Do not worry, he will be dealt with accordingly."

AppleFlower darted out from behind her a bush. "Please, ah don't want him to be hurt or anything! He's a real sweet guy and ah think I love hi-"

"I told you to stay home, you will not be seeing him again!" Apple Core roared.

The young mare turned away, tears streaking down her face.

"I will return for you my love! Do not fret!" the similarly aged ram called out to her.

AppleFlower, still crying, put a hoof to her lips and blew a kiss. "Ah'll be waiting!"

"Enough of this! I just ate!" one royal guard uttered. He pointed to the rams. "You two will return to your homes immediately. If we find you here again you shall be incarcerated. We will escort you back."

The older ram nodded. "As you wish."

As they departed, one of the guards gave a sharp, disproving glare at the two apple farmers. Specifically a look of total disgust directed toward the still sobbing AppleFlower. Vance took advantage of this to momentarily break away from the guard, and suddenly darted back to plant another heartfelt kiss on the love struck filly's lips. The guards dragged him of of her and away.

"I will make this better, I promise you!"


"I fear his words were much more than conjecture, my lord." Cotton Drift spoke to the royals.

"Ah agree." A limping Apple Core added. "He was lettin' on about somethin'."

The king and queen exchanged nervous looks. "Apple Core, you and Miss Drift may leave."

The two bowed and were led out by two royal guards.

Queen Noctau turned to her husband. "You do not think there is a connection, do you?"

King Soltaire bowed his head. "Yes. He was far too specific. That ram creature spoke of an "approaching freedom." The only other time I have heard those words spoken..."

The Queen's eyes went wide. "You can't mean-"

"It was the battle cry of the greatest affront to our kingdom. Those accursed dissident rebels..."

"The Banded." The King spoke in a grim tone.

"My husband, if The Banded have allied with these outlanders, then they could actually constitute a threat, and the rumors of a domestic attack of terror may be a reality!"

"I know my dear, that is why we must stop this before it begins."

"Stop what, father?"

Soltaire snapped his head to the sound of this new voice.

"Celly, I have told you not to surprise me like that!"

The little pink maned, alabaster filly puffed out her lower lip.

"Oh come here you!" the King's grim expression melted away as he swept the giggling filly into his forearms. "How was your picnic?"

"Lulu was mean to me!"

"No I was not!" a midnight blue filly slunk in to defend herself. "You were annoying me!"

Celly turned her head up and harrumphed. "All-she-wanted-to-do-was-look-at-bugs-and-I-told-her-to stop-playing-with-those-stupid-things-and-play-tag-with-me, and she-got-a-bug-and-she-said-she-was-going-to-put-it-in-my-mane-and-she-chased-me-around-with-it-and-she-put-it-in-my-mane-and-it-was-icky-and-gross!"

"Uh, I see," The bewildered King spoke. "Did you have fun though?"

The two fillies looked at each other and broke into laughter. "Yeah I guess." Lulu muttered.

"Alright then. Your mother and I have some important work to do, so you two can go up to your quarters."

"Servants!" the Empress called out. "Please draw a bath for the princesses."

"Right away your majesty!" a servant answered.

"Aww, do we have to go to bed now?" Celestia complained.

"You must tell us a bed time story first though, right?" Lulu pleaded.

The King and Queen exchanged smiles. "Okay, we can do that."

"Yay!" Celly cheered. "And I bet I will beat you there!" she challenged Lulu.

"I caught you earlier, remember!?" Lulu taunted. The two alicorn fillies youthfully galloped up the stairs toward their chambers.

As they left, a frown returned to the King's bearded visage. Queen Noctau sauntered up to him and rubbed his shoulders with her hooves. "We shall overcome these trials, just as we have before."

"Yes my dear Queen, but how? If there are traitors amongst the ponies of our land, what shall we do?"

"We must protect our family... We must do what must be done, no matter the cost."

"But to persecute our own! I fear that may only make things worse. I dearly hope the girls will never be faced with such a decision." The King sighed.

"That is my hope as well," The Queen answered.

Soltaire climbed to his hooves. "Guards secure the palace! Come darling, It is time we retired for the night, there is much to do in the morrow."

Author's Note:


Here's some Vance X AppleFlower for you guys, for waiting so long.

Until next time! Lynolius out!

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