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Heroes and Allies - LewisClarke

A great force threatens to destory Equestria and worlds beyond... Can two very diffrent peoples band together to stop it?

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Chapter Twenty-Four: Aliens From Planet Earth

Chapter Twenty-Four: Aliens From Planet Earth


The sight of Lenard Greene's home town would have been much more interesting if the aircraft he and Rainbow Dash currently flew in wasn't deteriorating around them. The fighter's right vertical stabilizer forcefully detached, taking a small part of the right aileron with it. The aircraft violently lurched to the left, shaking the cockpit. A cloud of smoke billowed behind.

Lenard Greene turned his helmeted head to face the blue pegasus behind his seat. "Alright Dash, we don't have much time! She's going down, one way or another!"

"So what do we do now?!" Dash questioned.

"Listen to me carefully. I'm going to do what I did before. I'm going to use up the last of our airspeed to fly up and hang the jet in the air for a few seconds. When I do, you have to jump! You won't get a second chance!" The pilot warned.

"What about you?!"

"I'll be fine. I've got to make sure this thing doesn't kill something when it hits. You need to go, now!"




"Then here we go!"

Yet again, Captain Greene pulled his aircraft up into a vertical climb, bleeding the last bit of the jet's momentum.

"Go!" Greene shouted.

Rainbow flung herself out of the doomed aircraft as the fighter reached the zenith of it's climb. Without any thrust whatsoever, the F-15 began to stall, and started to lean to the right as the rainbow streak darted straight down toward the unforgiving ground.

Greene kept the fighter from losing all control by shifting the remaining rudder to the right and pointing the aircraft back down. Far below, Dash was just a bright spec, racing toward the deck.

"Steady," Greene thought to himself

The aircraft began to accelerate as it fell toward Dobbins' main array center. He could just barely make out the crowd of human escapees and Equestrian refugees forming below.

"Can't ditch here. To many people down there, they wouldn't be able to clear out in time. Got to move her over!"

Greene worked the controls like a madman to keep the aircraft from spiraling completely out of control. Out of the corner of his eye, Dash was still falling, showing no signs of slowing down.

"Wait! I didn't ask her if she could fly!"

Lenard began to panic.

"No. No. Got to stay focused."

Greene pulled back on the stick, using the minimal airspeed to pull the aircraft out of it's swan dive just before it impacted the ground. Coasting just a few feet from certain destruction, and finally out of the way, Lenard pulled the ejector handle.

Thankfully, this time the rockets ignited and propelled the pilot out of the ill-fated fighter.

"Good to see the boys at Tree House fixed something." The pilot thought to himself as the sudden g-forces nearly made him black out.

After a brief ascent, the seat and it's occupant began to descend. The parachute deployed, slowing the fall to a brisk twenty miles per hour. Below, the F-15 plummeted into a small lake nearby, just as its pilot intended. The only damage to the surrounding area was a large plume of water, spraying out around the impact area. The chute brought the exhausted man back down to earth, and he stumbled and fell as he touched down.

Micheal Kaiser jogged over to his downed friend, and offered a hand to help up his best buddy.

"Need a hand cap?" kaiser suggested.

"No, I think I'll just lay here a while if that's okay with you. Wait! Where's Dash?!"

Everyone looked around frantically.

"Up here!" Dash called out from a very large radio tower. "I can't fly down! My wings are too tired! Get me off of this thing!"

"A pegasus stuck up a tree? Er- pole?" Kaiser laughed. "Someone get a fire truck down here!"

The Equestrian population looked around at their new surroundings. Celestia and Luna trotted to the front of the massive crowd.

Though dark, the two royal sisters stared out toward the massive towering buildings of the Atlanta midtown and downtown districts.

Celestia craned her head upward. "This world seems different in some way. It is almost like everything is more defined. Odd. And that city, that is quite a lot of lights." She commented.

"Indeed. Such towering structures are akin to Canterlot. Is this the capital of thy world?" Luna asked the surrounding human escapees.

"No, but it is the capital of the state." Lenard answered.

"State, as in thy nation?" Luna questioned the captain.

"More like your provinces." Gerri answered for him.

Greene wearily nodded. "Yes, and I'd love to tell you more about it, but I'm about to pass out. Goodnight everyone."

Captain Greene began to faint.

Gerri and Kaiser caught him, keeping the pilot from falling asleep completely.

"Sorry." Lenard mumbled. "Just a little tired. I'll be alright."

The captain dusted off his uniform and stood back on his own two feet.

Celestia shook her head. "Captain. Please take us to your leaders. We have quite a lot to discuss."

Greene back up. "Did you just say take us to you lea- Never mind. *yawn* Someone should be able to help you. Not sure I can."

Colonel Highlander and the president himself waded through the crowd, followed by a miniature task force of secret service personnel.

"Or maybe he has come to you." Highlander added. "Princesses, this is the President of the United States and commander in chief of our forces." The president offered his hand in a gesture of greeting.

"It's an honor to finally meet the esteemed leaders I keep hearing about."

Celestia quickly returned the gesture, and met the president's hand with her hoof.

"The feeling is mutual." Celestia answered.

"Indeed. We are most thankful for the assistance your kind has given us." Luna added.

"Yes," Celestia added. "Where should we go to discuss matters? We have quite a lot to talk about."

The president nodded. "I've had my advisers set up a meeting with several other leaders of our world, I just wanted to meet you and the rest of our guests in person. My entourage and your guards can escort us to the meeting. We can begin to sort things out there."

Secret service operatives and the royal guard ushered the leaders toward the field where Marine One waited to whisk them away. As they left, everyone's attention shifted to the array, as purple lighting and blue fire suddenly erupted out of the archway.

"Shut it down!" Dr. Harrison yelled through his radio.

..."We can't! The control system is fused! We'll have to kill it manually!"....

An energy blast came forth from the swirling mass of chaos, and struck a nearby building, setting it ablaze.

"Now we really do need some firetrucks!" Kaiser commented.

Harrison shook his head. "ACSD Control! Where are you on that shutdown?!"


Suddenly, the archway anomaly collapsed, leaving only empty space where the escaping energy had been.

"What happened?" Steven Mace questioned the doctor.

"My guess is that array two just melted, destroying the connection."

Lenard got to his feet.

Rainbow wrapped her hooves around the tower structure and began to shimmy down toward the rest of her friends. "What about the other side?" Rainbow answered.

"Yes." Twilight nodded. "What about everypony that got left behind? Is there any chance they survived?"

Harrison solemnly shrugged. "There is no way to know what that was or what it is capable off. It could be widespread on your world, or harmlessly localized around Zero Base. There is no way of knowing."

Star Sabre trotted up to the doctor. "What about the alliance? You think they're finished?"

Sky Blade shook his head. "Hardly."

"Another soldier's intuition?" Sabre commented.

"I guess so," The Equestrian sergeant answered.

Discord casually walked over, his arms resting behind his back. "That was quite a show! Why I haven't seen anything like that in ages! Literally!"

Mace looked over to him. "You look pretty messed up. You going to be alright?"

"Of course. Tis only flesh wounds." Discord answered.

"Okay. So why didn't you go with the princesses?" Lime Tree asked.

"Yeah," Greene added. "Shouldn't you be, I don't know, discussing things with them?"

Discord's face cracked up with laughter. "Me?! Sitting in a political discussion?! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa! That is the most hilarious thing I have ever heard your kind utter!" The draconequus wiped tears out of his eyes. "I would suppose you would have me wear a monocle and a top hat too!" The lord of chaos rolled on the ground in laughter. "Whilst sipping my tea!"

Greene rose an eyebrow. "Rrriiiiight."

"So I'm guessing Ponyville really is gone this time." Twilight mumbled, her eyes tearing up just at the thought of all of that lost literature.

"You heard the doctor, it might not be." Lenard answered.

"Either way." Gerri reassured her. "We all saved as much as we could. We managed to evacuate every single refugee that made it to Zero."

"How many do you think are out here?" Lime Tree asked no one in particular.

Highlander thought a moment. "At last count on Zero Base, a few days ago, there were over 17,000 Equestrian refugees, but that could have tripled since we made that count."

Kaiser hopped up on a power converter box and took a look at the mass of ponies, and the mass of human civilians on the base's fences trying to take pictures and video of the new visitors.

Kaiser nodded. "Yeah, that estimate seems about right, and I'm guessing that there's not a single TV channel that doesn't have this scene on it."

"Where are that many ponies going to stay?" Lenard questioned.

"I heard Mayor Reed has some sort of plan for that." Gerri answered.

"Reed?" Lime Tree pondered. "You wouldn't happen to be related to-"

"No." Gerri answered. "I'm not related to Kasim Reed. We aren't even the same race."

"But you're both human, right?" Lime Tree questioned, now quite confused. "I though you were all one race, with a bunch of different colors, like us."

Twilight scratched her head. "Do colors signify different races here? Or perhaps different social classes? I would have thought humans would be more unified than us, seeing as you all have the same appendages and powers. Aren't all of you equal?"

Lenard rubbed his neck at the sudden barrage of questions. "Uh, yes and no. What I mean to say, is Just like you, we still have some social issues to work out. But as far as it is concerned, now more than ever-"

"We are all human."


A wounded pandragon mount descended on Fortress Canterlot. After the mount landed on one of the palace's many outlying decks, the riders climbed off of the beast. Several Alliance officers rushed over to them.

"By the might of the great king! My lords, Phalanx and Gilda! You have survived!"

"Yes." Phalanx spoke. "And though we have all taken a grievous injury this day, our goal has been accomplished."

"You don't mean-"

"Yes." Phalanx pointed to what was now a calm bluish-silver orb of energy, floating over Base Ponyville in the distance. "Despite the interference from the enemy, the council's plan to use the Elements has come to fruition, and the gateway has been opened. He will be coming soon."

An ornately dressed, and individually identical procession of robed figures made their way to the winged leader. "Praetor Phalanx. You have proven yourself truly worthy of the favor of the grand council. It's greatness will now be bestowed upon you." One of the robbed figures presented a crested bronze medallion, and attached it to Phalanx's combat harness.

"With this bronze seal, the color of the griffin spirit, we now grant you the title of Grand Praetor of the Griffin League, and bestow upon you the honor of joining the ranks of the warrior masters of this great alliance."

The robbed figure turned to Gilda. "You have proven yourself as well. Lady Gilda. Your name has also been granted a great honor, for saving our hero, and aiding him in this mission." The figure put a crested necklace around Gilda's neck.

"You both have earned your place within the halls of greatness, and have proven yourself worthy. Go now, much awaits." The robbed figures dissipated into the crowd.

Cheers rung out over the fortress and beyond, as the news quickly spread through the whole of Liberation Alliance held territory.

"What are we to do now, Praetor?" An officer wondered.

Phalanx nodded. "We must ready for the great master's return. Prepare this castle and all of our lands for his arrival."

"Indeed. It will be done at once!" The officer spoke with a proud salute.

The crowd began to disperse to perform their duties.

Gilda turned to Phalanx. "So what will we do exactly?"

"Well, the humans have escaped through their gateway, taking our sworn enemies with them. They will no doubt return soon, and we will be waiting for them when they do. As for now, the battle is over. Despite the loss of the HailFire, troop causalities were light. We even managed to fetch most of our soldiers and the human survivors trapped in the blast. With the return of the great master, I say this is the time for celebration. What do you say?"

Gilda answered by pressing her beaked lips firmly on Phalanx's. After the two pulled away from each other, Gilda swept aside her feathered bangs and stared into the praetor's eyes.

"So much to be proud of, but he's so humble about it." Gilda thought to herself.

"How was that for an answer?" She spoke out loud.

Despite being a hardened military leader, Phalanx could not keep a goofy grin from surfacing to his face.

"I'd say the point was taken. Quite strongly I might add. Where to, my lady? The event has subsided and the day is ours."

"After all that, I want to see it all! Let's go to lower Canterlot. I heard the Equestrian traitors have the place up and running again. There's plenty of shops I'd like to finally see..."

The two griffins took to the air as the sun began to raise over the captured castle. As they glided toward the lower city, Gilda flashed the now Grand Praetor a seductive grin. "After all of that, I think It's going to be an awesome day!"

Phalanx returned the gesture.



A small contingent of alliance soldiers led General Locklear trough as series of garrisoned rooms until they reached a chamber filled with several large cells.

One of the escorting soldiers, a ram, turned to the general. "Human commander, these are your new accommodations. They are in accordance with the official POW statutes set by our forefathers."

The room was almost oppressively dark, but the cells were surprisingly roomy, if not spacious, and each had a single cot rigged into the walls. The general could make out a few figures secluded in the shadows of their cells, but could not distinguish anything. The soldiers stopped at a vacant cell and opened the door.

"This- will do." The general commented flatly.

"You are our prisoner for now, but you do not have to remain one." A griffin soldier started.

"If you expect me to betray any information regarding my fellows, then you are dead wrong," The general spoke with a stone cold expression.

"We do not expect you to tell us anything. We only require you listen." A ram responded.

"What do you mean?" Locklear questioned as he was led into the cell.

"Patience. All will soon be revealed." A ram answered.

The guards closed and locked the cell door, then went on their way.

"What were they talking about?" The general thought to himself

"History, my new arrival. History in the making," A voice answered.

"Who are you? And how did you read my mind?" The general inquired to the voice.

"I'm not sure what you're talking about, but I do know what they meant." The voice answered. "They would have you learn the secrets of our past. That is why you are here."

Locklear shook his head. "What are you talking about?"

"Don't worry about him." Another voice answered. "He has a serious flare for the dramatic."

"And just who are you people?" Locklear questioned.

A pale blue light filled the cells, illuminated the forms of a griffin and a earth pony in the cells next to his own.

"I am the once Commander Veltor, and this is Bronze Leaf, a friend. We are both prisoners of the alliance in one way or another." The griffin spoke

Veltor set the glow-rod down and cleared his throat. "I have quite a tale to tell."


"Welcome to New Vertaigh!" A sign read above the Canterlot streets.

Phalanx and Gilda descended on the city to find quite a strange sight: The streets were filled with Unicorns, pegasai and earth ponies, many of which were nobles, trotting around, making conversation, and going about their normal tasks and duties.

"It's like nothing changed." Gilda remarked.

"Do not doubt the persuasiveness of the council. The citizens of this city were given a choice, you are looking at those who chose the better option."

"What about those who didn't side with us?" Gilda questioned.

"They are not lost. Once the master arrives, they will see the truth and hopefully cease any opposition. As for those that did side with us, only a talonful of them are actual Banded brothers and sisters. The rest are completely unaware." Phalanx explained. "Before the capital fell under siege, all who were loyal to the great master were given the chance to evacuate the city under the cover of night, as not to draw attention. They have only recently returned."

"Oh." Gilda looked around. In addition to the pony residents, just as many rams, griffins, and pandragon minors walked about the town along side them.

"I kinda like this. You know, it's- nice. Nice to see that we don't always have to fight." Gilda remarked.

Phalanx nodded. "I agree. You are looking at what society should be: the peoples of our world living along side each other in peace. You will find no hatred for our kind here now. I never thought I would see the day. So about those shops you wanted to go to..." he suggested.

"Oh yeah. I'm not really sure where most of them are- or where anything is in this city is. I've only heard of them."

"Look, there's a promising start." Phalanx pointed to a upscale looking shop.

"A clothes place? Why would I want to go there?"

"I believe they are called boutiques, and you said you wanted to see some of the shops, right?"

"I meant more like food and stuff. Like I heard there's this wicked good doughnut place around here."

"O, come now, you know I can't miss the chance to see you in an ornate dress."

"Me? In a dress? You feeling okay, Phal?"

"Fine as the strings of the musical guards of Gryphani." Phalanx answered. "Please? For me?"

"You know what? Sure. Why not. It's not like we have to live with just the straps on our backs anymore."

"Excellent! There is an attendant there. Let's have a chat, shall we?"

The two griffins strode into the store and walked up to a trendily dress unicorn mare.

"Hi there! Welcome to the Elite Boutique! I my name is Dainty Rose. How may I serve you?" The unicorn asked.

"My name is Phalanx, and my friend and I wished to sample the wares of this establishment." Phalanx answered.

"I'd say we're a little more bit more than friends, but yeah, why not." Gilda shrugged.

"Excellent! Seeing as the gracious soldiers of the Liberation Alliance have- erm- lessened our competition in Ponyville-" The mare nervously gulped. "-how about a really nice discount?"

"It is okay. We are not here to cause any trouble. We only wish what everyone else wishes." Phalanx explained.

"Oh. I apologize for my pretense." The mare allowed herself to breathe. She unicorn clapped twice, signaling a fashion team of mare ans stallion to come forth from the back. "Now that we have dealt with that ugly business, you will find that we here at the Elite Boutique can make anypony fabulous!"

Gilda gulped. "Yeah, uh- right. What exactly are you gonna d-" The fashion team swept the griffin lady off of her hind paws and placed her in front of a large panoramic mirror, "Hey what do you think your doing?!" Gilda squawked angrily.

"The first step of overcoming a fashion nightmare is admitting that you have a problem." Dainty explained.

"Hey, what are you sayin'?" Gilda questioned.

"Merely that your... look, has a teensy bit of room for improvement," The unicorn mare answered.

Gilda scowled angrily.

Dainty was completely unfazed. "Now what shall we try on first? Perhaps the formal wear?"

Phalanx could barely contain a fit of laughter. "Oh I simply must see this!"


The skies above Dobbins Air Reserve base were now some of the most active in the country, as every helicopter from every news station within two hundred miles all competed for coverage of the thousands of new arrivals. Far below, the pandemonium of so many within one space was barely contained by the scores of human and pony soldiers scattered throughout the mix.


The officer put the megaphone down. "What in the world are we going to do?! There's just too many of them!"

..."Calm down."... The police chief answered over the radio. ..."The mayor and commissioner have managed to open up the dome and Phillips Arena as potential shelter for the alie- arrivals."...

"How in the world are we supposed to get a small city's worth of these horsey things through a large city's worth of streets?!" The officer questioned.

...."We're closing down enough major streets to get them all to the arena, but the Georgia Dome is another matter entirely. The way I figure, we'll have to split them up into two or three groups to fit them all."....

"What about the hysteria? I heard the media, national and international is all over this! The world just got set on fire man!"

..."It's not hysteria- yet. But we need to make sure things don't deteriorate into that. We've spoken to several military and government officials among them. They aren't invaders or conquerors according to everyone we've heard from."...

"I was talking about us! Half the city came out to see, and it's getting difficult to throw a rock without hitting someone!"

..."Keep a cool head man, and we'll manage."....

"Alright sir, I'll get back to you when I can."

...."You do that."...


Thousands of flashbulbs went off as dwellers from one world looked at the inhabitants of another one. A single chain link fence divided the mass of ponies from a large crowd of humans, each side taking enough pictures to fill a small museum.

Near the entrance to the airfield, a familiar group of ponies had an excellent view of the new surroundings they now found themselves in.

"That's a real bunch of people, so many of 'em!" Applejack spoke.

"I know, and how does anypony make so many buildings?" Twilight answered.

Kaiser shrugged. "Boredom? To much free time? Something.".

"And the clothes! Everypony is wearing clothes!" Rarity spoke with glint in her eyes.

"What? We've all been wearing clothes since we arrived and it didn't seem to be a big deal," Mace answered.

"I'd figured that was just a military habit," Rarity twirled of hoof. "No on-duty royal guard would ever be caught without his armor."

Greene cocked his head to one side. "Uh, no, everyone gets to wear clothes around here. It's kinda against the law not to."

"Why is that?" Rarity questioned, blissfully unaware of the obvious answer.

"Because, let's just say that standing on two legs makes certain makes certain regions of the human body more pronounced than on the equine form."

"Wha-" Rarity suddenly became a deep shade of red. "Oh. I see."

"Yeah." Greene nodded. "And I would suggest you guys slap on some coverings, or you might find yourself getting some strange looks. Well, you know, stranger than the looks you'll already be getting."

A long volley of camera flashes continued to light up the scene. "And I would suggest you do that soon," Lenard added.

"This is what I like to call job security." Rarity winked. "I'll simply need some supplies and fabrics and a nice quiet place to work and-"

"Good for you," Rainbow Dash sarcastically remarked. "So are we gonna get some place to stay or what?"

"Um, it is getting a bit cold." Fluttershy quietly spoke. "Angel is starting to shiver." She spoke, gazing down at a shaking white bunny.

A crewman walked up to the group. "Good to see you all in one piece. I've heard the stories." The group nodded. "The staff is passing out provisions. We don't have much, but we're handing out everything we've got; mostly standard rations, and coffee or hot chocolate for the cold. Anything I can get you guys?"

Greene nodded. "Maybe some of that coffee, and see if we can score some of that food, that'd be real good." Greene looked over to the tiny white bunny. "And maybe a carrot or something for the rabbit."

The crewman nodded. "I'll see what I can do."

"Thanks." Greene nodded.

"It's still the tail end of winter here." Kaiser explained to the group. "Don't worry about it though, it's the beginning of February, so the Summer just started!" *Rimshot*

"Thanks Kirby," Kaiser spoke to a passing color guard drummer.

"Summer starts in February here?" Twilight inquired.

Greene shook his head."No, it doesn't. That was just a poorly executed joke regarding the bi-polar nature of the weather patterns that pop up around here sometimes."

"Your weather managers have a mental disease?" Rainbow questioned.

"Well- Uh, no. We don't control the weather." Greene answered flatly.

"Why not?" Rainbow asked with a look of suspicion forming on her face.

"Well firstly, we can't. And secondly, we don't like to mess with the course of nature. It's usually just not a good idea, though some have tried."

"Wait," Twilight stopped them. "You don't control the weather? How do you keep the global climate from spinning into total chaos?"

Greene shrugged. "Our planet manages itself. It was made that way and It's awesome like that. The way I see it, we have no right to mess with that. Besides, a little chaos every now and then can be a good thing. Keeps the system balanced."

"Great," Rainbow sighed. "Even the weather is more advanced than ours."

Gerri shook her head. "Well, your sun did rise by itself like ours does here. Maybe that means our home planets aren't so different. Think of it like two sides of the same coin, each with wonders and features that the other doesn't have."

"I see." Twilight allowed the recent events to slip from her mind as a sudden realization suddenly struck her. "Wait, that means I have an entire planet's worth of new things to study! Where do I start?!" She squealed like a prepubescent filly.

"We start with sleep." Steven answered. "It's almost three in the morning and we just escaped from a war zone. How about we just go to sleep?"

"Yeah. What he said." Greene answered. "See you guys later."

"Where we going cap?" Kaiser wondered.

"Home. And I mean actual home. They practically granted us enough leave to retire."

"Aw, but the party just started!" Pinkie declared.

"And we're not allowed to leave! They won't let us!" Rarity whined. "You simply can't just leave us here to sleep on the cold hard ground while you sleep in your bed!"

"I see how it is. Misery likes company right?" Greene fumed.

Rarity stuck out her lower lip.

Greene deadpanned. "You've got to be kidding me."

Rarity continued the assault.

"Okay! Whatever! We'll stay the night here! You happy now?"

Rarity held her head high with pride.

"Speak for yourself, cap. I'm going home." Kaiser answered.

"Me too." Steven added. "My folks'll be glad to see me after all this. I don't even want them to think for a single moment that I didn't make it back."

"Fine, turn your back on us. See if we care." Rainbow Dash answered. "Not like I'm not used to it."

"Dash? You have something you want to talk about?" Greene inquired with a raised eyebrow.

"Nah, I'll be fine. You can all go or whatever. We really don't care. I guess you've earned it or whatever."

Greene gave a "Not bad" expression and shrugged. "Great, so I'm out then." Just as they all began to move away, a police helicopter rose overhead.


Police and military forces began handing out yellow vests to various personnel.

"Well it looks like we've been ordered to stay." Gerri stated, setting off a round of tired groans.

Greene frowned as he was given one of the vests. "I think I'm going to pass out again. Right here."

"Come on, sir. Let's get this over with." Kaiser mumbled.

Greene sighed as he pulled the vest over his dirtied uniform.

"You heard the man. Welcome to Earth everybody."


Dr Harrison looked over the crowd, safely seated in the base's main control tower. As he and the rest of the Anomalous Energy Event team sifted through the recent data acquired in the recent events, one of the scientists found something that raised his attention.

"I have no way of explaining this sir. I don't even have a hypothesis." One of the AEE Team scientist spoke to Dr. Harrison.

"Comms," The scientist addressed the communications officer. "See if you can get ahold of Commander Mason Stuart. He's been in this field almost as long as I have, maybe he has some insight."

A few minutes later, the man in question stepped out of the elevator and walked into the control center, his uniform still dirty from the recent battle.

"You wanted to see me doctor?" Stuart asked.

"Yes. Two Array's sensors recorded massive amounts of data until the very moment the array went offline. All of our equipment was functioning when the phenomenon we witnessed began. The second these "Elements" became active, we received all kinds of strange data on radar, sound, visual, and radiation sensors. The energy signature of this phenomenon is remarkably similar to the kind of energy that anomalies emit, only on a much larger scale."

"Are you saying that thing we made was a giant portal?" Stuart questioned.

"It's possible, but that's not the disturbing news." The doctor answered

"So what is?" Stuart inquired.

Harrison sighed. "The fact that we didn't make it."

"You lost me." The commander shrugged.

"As I said before, all of our sensor equipment was functioning before it was presumably consumed in the blast, but despite this, none of the sensors picked up any radiation, or at least, very little."

"And that would be odd, seeing as we detonated a nuclear bomb, right?" Stuart commented.

"Exactly. I reran the readings countless times before we made our escape. Not even so much as a Geiger counter warning. We have plenty of evidence that the bomb detonated; Lenard Greene witnessed it himself. Even so, the lack of any outstanding radiation whatsoever is extremely odd, and it may be indicating that quantum mechanics may not even have the same properties in their domain. Here, take a look for yourself."

The doctor handed the commander a stack of printed graphs, extracted from Two Array sensor system.

"You see, right there at two-oh-nine and forty-five seconds. The blast was seen, recorded, and felt by everything on base, but there's no sudden radiation spike anywhere! How is that possible?" The doctor asked.

"It can't be instrumentation. Not on every single unit. That's just not possible. Could that strange energy you detected have something to do with this?" The commander suggested.

"Hmm. The Elements. These devices clearly posses a large well of power over the planet's magetic field."

"Did you just say, magetic?"

"Yes. According to my colleagues at the Equestrian Ministry of Magic and Sciences, that is the name they've given the energy field that surrounds their world, and the source of all "magic," which of course makes my next point all the more disturbing."

"What exactly are you trying to say?" Stuart finally asked.

"I'm saying that whatever forces are to blame for all of this, are all out of the scope of all we know about basic physics. We aren't talking about mere weapons of mass destruction, we're talking about something that could potentially destroy a planet. Think of it like- say a magnet. One powerful enough to harness Earth's magnetic field. Imagine what someone could do with that! One could disable the field's protection over a certain region, irradiating a country they don't like, killing millions, even billions! This is extremely dangerous territory we've just waded into!"

"You're right I'm afraid. Someone needs to hear about this. I've got to go help with the panic zone down there. They need all the help they can get. You need to keep working on this. Things just got a whole lot more interesting." Stuart added as he rushed for the stairs.

The doctor frowned. "Indeed. I'd say the excrement has struck the ventilation unit, if you know what I mean."

Stuart gave a halfhearted grin. "Yes doctor, yes I do."


Floating just above the abandoned town of Ponyville, and the scattered remnants of Zero Base, the great anomalous phenomenon suddenly began to pulse with energy.

"After time untold and suffering immeasurable, the chains of my incarceration shatter before me! The accursed will soon face my wrath! All will be enveloped by the banded ties of our strength! Beware all who denied me my victory! All who denied us justice! The Earth shall tremble in fear of it's adjudicators, for at long last-"


Anomalous Energy Event Team- Expeditionary Wing Factoid #33: Battle Wagons

Battle wagons make up the backbone of every military based on this Planet, (Earth of course.) Though several variants of the venerable vehicle exist, the basic configuration is a large metal and wooden box-like chassis, fitted with eight solid steel wheels (four on each side.) Though most battle wagons use advanced steam engines for locomotion, Equestrian variants have been known use yolked stallions, pulling in front and pushing at the rear, to bolster the vehicle's speed. Lighter BW designs are open air, and thus faster, but less protected. Heavy battle wagons feature interior cabins encased in various metals to protect against most infantry weaponry.

Atop every battle wagon is one of three options: One, a modernized variant of a trebuchet, capable of launching Mass Geodes. (Larger, and even more dangerous than standard blast geodes.) or propelling time bombs over a clean mile. Two, a main battle javelin launcher, a weapon that fires tree trunk-sized explosive arrows. Three, an enlarged platform, in order to transport a small squad of soldiers and dignitaries.

Recent advances to the basic design of the battle wagon have resulted in faster, more heavily armed vehicles which are much more dangerous to anyone, or anypony, unlucky enough to find themselves in it's way.

Author's Note:


Sorry for the long wait, but we're still in the editing process. Hope you enjoyed the chapter!


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