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2267185 Well, Cervix isn't mentioned in that chapter because... Well, she is actually dead at the time of writing, there is another story that focuses on the Lust Hive (Because of obvious reasons) she is mentioned a little more in that... But if you don't want to read it for the content, she is essentially the Mother of the current Lust Hive Queen. (It is another of those... 'Character knows' sections that shouldn't need repeating in the world...) But I can see it being a problem...
If you want, you could always send me a PM with all of your deep down analytical stuff. I would be lying if I said I wasn't curious. :twilightsmile: Though only if you want to.
if you have any other questions or bits you want me to clear up, just send me a PM and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I must apologize for the pacing... This started out as a small world building story.... And then it got featured. Honestly I will probably have to create longer chapters if it keeps up like this... :twilightsheepish:

2267123 Even though I have yet to read the prequel story I find the concept to be extremly interesting. Your pacing and grammer could use some work, escpecially the pacing as it rips me out of the story to have to go back a few paragraphs and read through them again to understand something. I enjoy the idea of high queens along with the fact that this a story about Changelings that has Chrysalis as barely a side character. Another nice feature is your naming conventions as I like it when someone commits to themeing. Though on a pedantic side note the names of one of the old queens Cervix bothers me in the fact that when I read the part where she was mentioned in the Joyous Hive section (arc?[I dunno]). I thought she was the queen of the Medical hive becauseof her clinical sounding name. It took me rereading the passage several times. But I digress because that was more of the character not being memorable as she was barely mentioned for the sake of story telling even if I had it my way each hive would have their own story that starts at the beginning of Changelings to current. Of course I also could have favorited as a way to track it because I am a member of this site from back before tracking lists were a thing and it was favorites and read later. Anyways I don't wanna draw this out anymore and to write more I would have to dissect your chapters piece by piece and tear it down to the very atoms that comprise it to satisfy my analytic desire.

Thank you for adding 'A Day In The Hives' to your favorites. May I ask what you enjoyed about it?

1504926 Glad you enjoyed it.

1504003 My pleasure I love a good story :twilightsmile:

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