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An object of unknown origins crash lands in the no-pony's land between Equestria and Gryphon territory. Princess Luna and Twilight Sparkle race to beat the Gryphons to the crash site, but discover more to the crash than they originally thought.

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I hope you continue you this.


When should we expect an update?

aww, thats it? :fluttercry:

this is actually really good. many regards

The main problem is I don't actually know where I want to go with it. I had a good deal of fun writing it, and didn't just want to let it sit forgotten in my computer. There is every chance I'll continue, its just as of now I'm unsure. As of now, just spread the word about the story.

Thanks for the kind words guys, and watch this spot! You might just see something.

LOL that last line came unexpected :rainbowlaugh:.

That's a very nice story you've produced here, my sir.
I spotted, by the way, a little typo. Apparently you spelled gryphon without a p once.

Anyways, great story!


Thanks again! Let me know if you see anything else wrong.

This is pretty damn good and the ending was unexpected but delightfully so. Just shows that the *cough*human*cough* isn't an infallible mary sue waiting to bang everyone.

:flutterrage: MOAR!! :pinkiehappy:

wow, amazingly written and inspired by one of my favourite fics? tracked and 5 stars, sir!

Great Story! I look forward to more!!!


So when can we expect the next chapter

You guys seem to like it, so I must have done something right. So guess what? I'll see what I can do about continuing. As for when there's going to be an update, it could be tomorrow, it could be a week from now, it really depends on how motivated I am and how much free time I have (college and work can be real time consumers).
Thanks for the support guys! Remember to rate/track/comment and if you could do me a favour, tell your friends!

228161 But seriously, when can we expect another chapter?

235750 I'm hoping to get another chapter this week.

238124 Youknow tha tgirly dance Pyro does?
That pretty much sums up what im feeling

"After spending some time observing the wreckage, the band of gryphons wearily approached."
Probably meant to be 'warily'.

"The airship was immense, stretching several hundred metres in length, vastly bigger than most of the gryphon’s airships."

“Don’t worry, Twilight, I’ve let him know that you might be in dispose for a while.”

I'm liking this, mate! Hope you keep this story going. Nice to have another story like Article 2.

Augh! Freaking cliff hangers! As for the newcomers, I was expecting them at some point. Why? Because having a several hundred meter long ship be crewed by two people makes no sense. Even now, I'm thinking six people isn't enough to crew a giant vessel like that. There would probably be several hundred. Anyway very much liking this story! Keep it coming!

Holy shit. This is awesome. 5 stars... If that rating system still existed. Keep on writing this, it's a damn good HiE story.

Well there probably would be only a small handful of survivors. There should be at least six survivors. The corpses could be in piles in the other rooms of the ship.

Those griffons are so screwed. Caught between the Royal Guard and four no doubt pissed off Humans. Didn't see anything that looked like rifles in the picture, probably just civilians.

i see 2 handgins and 2 rifles.

Yep, the're screwed.

Not preread? *cracks knuckles*

“Luna has requested that you be taken back to Canterlot as soon as possible.”

Hm, I'd say get taken back, or simply get delivered.

"Luna sat it the back of the chariot"

Either she sat in the back, or she sat it (the alien) in the back.

"If it survived the original crash than it is possible. The Equestrians would have taken it to Canterlot."


“And my brother' death would have been for nothing.”

missing 's'

"While Cerik didn't dare attempted to open any of the alien’s access points in fear of revealing his position"

'to dare to {infinite verb}' ---> While Cerik didn't dare to attempt opening any...

"Their superior equipment and training allowed gave a Royal Guard an edge over a Gryphon Warrior, but the gryphons outnumbered the guardsponies two to one."

Well, you should decide, whether you want to use allowed, or gave.

- throughout the whole text you used be/being instead of get/getting, which was kind of distracting, but I don't think that that is/was a mistake. It's my 'Germanness' once again.


You get either featured if a mod says so, e.g. after reading through your story in the accepting process, or if the ratings/tracks shoot up directly after publishing. Since this story is a little bit too old, it won't happen anymore :unsuresweetie:

:flutterrage: I LOVE THIS STORY!!!

Keep it up. Article 2 does not update enough for my tastes.

Want to see the griphons get headshotted! :twilightangry2:

This could go very good or very bad. Let's hope the humans are amicable.


Very good cant wait for the next chapter

I loved Article 2 and I love this just as much.

Can't wait to see the next chapter!

When can we expect an update? Will it be a routinely update or just a 'when your done' update?


Good chapter, though the naked guy is a complete idiot. Reminds me far too much of Article 2 too.

Step 1: Play Innocence by Nero
Step 2: While listening to Innocence, read a scene involving humans and some kind of conflict.
Step 3: ????
Step 4: PROFIT!

BTW, liking the story. Nice and dark, just how I like it >:D

Oh dear, the one in the castle won't end well.

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