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Just a fan of this amazing show and I enjoy reading fanfics and I'm still a beginner in writing my own fanfics. I also like naval history and other interesting stuff. So enjoy!


In the year 2012....a year after the defeat of Nightmare Moon by the Mane Six, her powerful military organization the New Lunar Republic forces is still at large and their remaining leaders and commanders planning to go on a full assault by invading islands and countries with their military forces including their navy for resources for their war effort and trying to reach their target....Equestria.
A large country that’s surrounded by oceans and it’s far away from Equestria called Zipang was the last country that the New Lunar Republic is going to invade in order for their military forces to reach Equestria but Zipang’s military was vulnerable to this threat so the rulers of Zipang sent one of their sons named Imperial Crest to Canterlot the city and home of the two alicorn sisters to stay there for his safety and their only hope to save Zipang and preventing the New Lunar Republic from reaching Equestria.
During his stay, he only made two friends one is the Princess of the Night named Luna and his other friend is a human that he contacted with during his mirror portal experiment. Later around the end of the year Imperial Crest and Luna venture into his experimental mirror portal to the human world to discover and find a way to save his home country Zipang from the New Lunar Republic. What if an old battleship called the Yamato is an answer to Imperial Crest's mission? By resurrecting it?

However, once he accomplishes his mission he has to face challenges in the future that may affect his life, his country, family, friends, and the Yamato.

Inspired by an anime called 'Space Battleship Yamato' The Classic and Remake Series and other naval themed animes.

Chapters (2)
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It is interesting :) There was A LOT of stuff unpacked in this chapter but it shows a good amount of potential so I am definitely looking for more.

there one ship that can defeat the battleship yamato is Space battleship Yamato

Will need a fair amount of work, Luna (at the very least) seems out of character, and the characters themselves seem to parrot the other when given a suggestion. The plot seems good, but it's written poorly, and could use an editor.

By no means am I shitting on this story, I read both chapters, there are just a lot of problems I noticed weren't addressed. Good luck with it!

I call upon the King of the Ocean, the one made to rule the waves across the seven seas!!

Comment posted by Autarch Prime deleted May 10th, 2019

Well you got a Russian Aircraft carrier following this story a bit out of place I know but this looks good.


Thank you for the feedback and yes I really need an editor. I also have a proofreader as well but I could use some editing help as well thank you. Cuz not much editors I can talk to around.

Well, I can recommend a few groups to help you out :)
https://www.fimfiction.net/group/916/school-for-new-writers School for new writers
https://www.fimfiction.net/group/97/looking-for-editors For when you need an editor (I'm not actually a part of that group, but it should be active enough so finding an editor shouldn't be hard)


The Bismarck will probably appear later as the story progresses

Thanks for the recommendation my friend I will post my comment and fanfic at the two groups and I will wait for any response from any of the editors that's available. As you mentioned yes I started noticing that I made Luna almost out of character in Chapter 1 but ill try to rewrite it and get tips from any available editors on 'which part should I change and which part should I add' sort of thing. Originally the word length for each chapter is minimum 2000 words or over. The other chapters I'm about to publish soon is around 2000 words and over which means I'm lucky so I can change most of the things each chapter and I combine it into one big chapter once it is edited by an editor (Hope I can get a response)

That's good to hear, I wish you the best of luck with it

It'd be VERY interesting if they met the ghosts of ship's crew that died with the ship, I'll leave the interaction to you.

Well I can't imagine the amount of lawsuits are going to be sent to Crest

Just in case, how about we give the Yamato some backup?


Shame she was scrapped, IIRC the only thing left is her bridge tower and an anchor, The Lexington would probably be more likely choice as her wreck still exists.

My friends going to freak OUT when he sees the title of this story.
He LOVES the Yamato

I would request that you do not stop with the story the Yamamoto need some more love also the Google translate keeps screwing up my words

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