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Just a fan of this amazing show and I enjoy reading fanfics and I'm still a beginner in writing my own fanfics. I also like naval history and other interesting stuff. So enjoy!

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A young alicorn named Imperial Crest, who is a crowned prince that lives in Canterlot and was informed by his friend and teacher Princess Celestia that his home country is being invaded by the New Lunar Republic even though their forces were mostly around the Northern parts of Equestria. And he found out that the New Lunar Republic's huge attack was nothing but a distraction so they can use their remaining handful of naval forces to sneak around the main front line and invaded some islands in the process. His country is the last line of defense and if it's occupied by the enemy, Equestria will be lost. So Imperial Crest found a way to prevent the invasion by visiting another world to seek help. After Celestia's requests, Crest and his friend Luna whos tagging along went on a mission to visit the other world to find help. During their visit they met a new friend and Crest found a way to save his home.......by reviving an old battleship?

Inspired by an anime called 'Space Battleship Yamato' The Classic and Remake Series and other naval themed anime shows.

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