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I can show you a *real* Tunnel Snake, Amata...


Clarification · 8:10am Last Tuesday

Hey all.
Someone asked me about the feasibility of space travel in the fallout setting. Since playing fallout 3 and new vegas as a kid, I was always drawn to the space-age technology you could find scattered around the wasteland. I reasoned humankind was on the brink of having colonies on Mars and elsewhere. Its told to you as much by some characters and you can read about it in a few terminals.

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Baby steps · 9:21am Mar 28th, 2018

Hey all, PaleFace here, my first blog for my first story "Off The Grid". I wrote it mostly for my own enjoyment and I decided I would share if with the community. Feedback appreciated of course.

Have a pleasant day.

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Hello viewer,

I am open to writing commissions, send me a note with your idea/plot and any other specifics. I'm new at writing under commission, so would charge $7.00 per 1,000 words.

The only story I have so far is over on fimfiction.net Off The Grid which you can use as an example of my writing.


$7.00 per 1,000 words.
NSFW: As I haven't experience in this area, NSFW would be an automatic $5.00 upgrade charge, on top of story length.
Research: Depending on if I need to and the amount I would need to do, I may add another $5.00 for research. This would only be for fandoms with which I'm unfamiliar.
Wordcount: I'll write a maximum amount of 10,000 words.
ETA: Wait times vary, but a safe assumption would be 3,000 words per week.

Ficlets: These stories are no more than 1,000 words and cost $5.00. Add $1.00 for NSFW.

Payment: PayPal


Decided you'd like to commission me? Fill out this form through email, note, or comment!

For Stories / Ficlets
Type of commission: (Story, Ficlet)
Word count: (For Stories)
NSFW?: (Yes/No, if Yes, detail the type you'd like. Please note I may refuse if it's out of my bounds or not something I'm comfortable with.)
Fandom: (If FanFiction.)
Character(s) / Pairing(s): (Who the main characters and/or pairings are.)
Plot: (Be as detailed as possible; you may write paragraphs or point form. If Ficlet, you may leave the plot up to me.)

Anything Else?

As stated, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, write me a note or send an email to the address written in the opening statement. Thank you for looking and I look forward to working with you.

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Its a fallout 3 reference.

Who is Amata, and what's a Tunnel Snake?

Oh hey! thanks for following me and stuff.

Thank you for the fave :yay:

Thanks for the add :yay:

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