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I'm simply a mad man who enjoys driving others mad. That way other people can see things from my perspective.

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This thing still active? · 2:52pm Nov 28th, 2020

It's been a minute since I've done anything with this account, but it's nice to see it still getting some attention. I'm sad I haven't been able to do nearly as many projects as I wanted to do with it, but with some of my training winding down and my time freeing up that can change now. I've actually started work on one that is kind of big (after the no more big fanfics post ikr?) I have some smaller ones too and have been helping people on the side when I can and my job allows. I am two

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Report Ximer · 66 views · Story: An Imperfect Paradise ·
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Where did the sequel to ‘The Bat and the teacher’ go?

I finished Daniel's saga...twice. The best story I found here so far XD I am 28 and I thought that I don't like fanfics but you prooved to me that I was wrong. SO....thank you for you hard work :D
Oh, but one question...where is Isabella arc?! I hope you won't leave it like this?!
I don't want to be a child but....I want it!; I want it!; I want it!; I want it!; I want it!; I want it!; I want it!; I want it!

I just finished the Daniel Saga and I admit I loved it to death. Personlly though I would imagine Discord breaking the fourth wall and speaking with his letter's randomly capitalized and mispelled just to play on his chaotic nature. I enjoyedit though so good job! :heart:

2271762 thank you very much :twilightsmile:

The guy I edit for (Digital-Phoenix) started watching you. Great stories! :pinkiehappy: i enjoi dem so much By the way, congrats on 100 followers. (I was the hundreth :yay: )

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