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I'm simply a mad man who enjoys driving others mad. That way other people can see things from my perspective.

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100!!! · 2:50pm Aug 16th, 2016

Thank you guys so much! I never expected that I would even get 50, so getting 100 blows my mind! It means a lot to see that number, the comments, and the feed back I've been given. I don't what else to say but thank you. I hope that you continue to enjoy reading.

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Where did the sequel to ‘The Bat and the teacher’ go?

I finished Daniel's saga...twice. The best story I found here so far XD I am 28 and I thought that I don't like fanfics but you prooved to me that I was wrong. SO....thank you for you hard work :D
Oh, but one question...where is Isabella arc?! I hope you won't leave it like this?!
I don't want to be a child but....I want it!; I want it!; I want it!; I want it!; I want it!; I want it!; I want it!; I want it!

I just finished the Daniel Saga and I admit I loved it to death. Personlly though I would imagine Discord breaking the fourth wall and speaking with his letter's randomly capitalized and mispelled just to play on his chaotic nature. I enjoyedit though so good job! :heart:

2271762 thank you very much :twilightsmile:

The guy I edit for (Digital-Phoenix) started watching you. Great stories! :pinkiehappy: i enjoi dem so much By the way, congrats on 100 followers. (I was the hundreth :yay: )

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