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ITS ALIVE · 1:36am Nov 22nd, 2018

The sequel for Good to be Bad will be live as soon as it gets through the posting queue! It is only the first chapter, so stay tuned for the rest. I hope you all enjoy, and as I've said before, please leave suggestions/ideas for the story!

- Oora

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Good to be Bad: Evasion - In Progress - Working on Chapter 2

Starlight Fixes Everything - Ongoing - Group story project by Shakespearicles

Unnamed Good to be Bad stand alone prequel - Featuring pre-reformation Sunset Shimmer

Princess Dusk Shine - Clopfic featuring multiple Rule 63 characters

Unnamed Rule 63 story - Story with clop centered around Rainbow Dash

Unnamed Spitfire centered story - Anticipated Teen rated headcanon story

Flight School Friends - Everyone rated OC story centering around two young fillies

Unnamed Flight School Friends sequel - Anticipated Teen rated OC story centering around two college mares

A more comedic remake of Bird Behavior
Rule 63 TwiDash clopfic
Short and sad Fallout: Equestria story
1920s Prohibition style mafia story
Sunset Shimmer headcanon story

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Thanks for the Fave, hoped you liked the story!

Comment posted by Electric Aura deleted Nov 15th, 2018

Thanks for adding Fallout Girls to your tracking, I try to update every two weeks!

Thanks for choosing to favor A Dashing Camshow, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Super-thanks for that super-favorite! Super-please be sure to super-upvote my story, and I super-hope you enjoy more of them!

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