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Made a Mistake · 8:48pm Tuesday

I made a mistake releasing the epilogue for Good to be Bad at like 3am or whenever I did it. It probably got buried in other updates, and by the time people actually read fics on here comes around, it'll be totally covered by stuff released at a logical time. Whoops.

I guess I'm stuck with it, but at least I learned a lesson. When I release the sequel I'll be sure to do it at a good time.

- Dumb Oora Birb

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Comment posted by Electric Aura deleted 10 hours ago

Thanks for adding Fallout Girls to your tracking, I try to update every two weeks!

Thanks for choosing to favor A Dashing Camshow, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Super-thanks for that super-favorite! Super-please be sure to super-upvote my story, and I super-hope you enjoy more of them!

Thanks for the fav!

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