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Shining Armor has been living a lie.

Many see him as powerful and brave.

Yet deep inside is a soul who is playful wishing for true freedom.

Coming across a ancient tome, how could he pass up the chance to live as how he always saw himself?

A simple carefree night turns his life upside down, Gleaming Shield wants to live her own life and the pull to break free is becoming too strong.

Can Shining Armor balance a life between two parts of himself?

Or will He and She lose everything?

Cover Art belongs to The talented and wonderful Marenlicious.

Made Popular on 7/2/16.
Featured on 4/12/17*6/19/18

Chapters (9)
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Is this going to be an ongoing, or a short fic?

7358422 Ongoing. Chapter two and three are just about done.

7358435 alright then. It's in my read later. I'll let a few chapters build up before reading.

It could use an editor, but still, I love the idea!

"So there I stood alone. Just myself vs the snarling Yeti." A pure white mare spoke-

So when you have someone speaking out loud like Shinin' here, you end the sentence with a comma and don't capitalize the description of the following action, like so:

"So there I stood alone. Just myself vs the snarling Yeti," a pure white mare spoke-

If the person in question is having their action described without it having them make a vocal noise, then it would be a period, like so:

"So there I stood alone. Just myself vs the snarling Yeti." A pure white mare wiggled her hooves in excitement.

Hey~ These kinda stories are right up my alley! Looking forward to more.

Hmmmmm... (Thinks about it for a bit... Goes and clicks the Tracking and thumbs up) you have my attention.

7362044 (Goes and takes a look at your page, thinks about it and clicks the follow button.) As do you...:trixieshiftright:

The Mare Does Well

Mare Gesserit?

"Sisterhood I want no more..." The voice echoed, knowing deep inside this was not the truth.

Oh boy it just got real.

Never noticing that his mane had grown a few inches in length, gently reaching past his shoulders.

Oh... Ok so it's that kind of story, cool

This whole chapter was a clusterfuck for me, anyone explain?

So...is Shining addicted to this? Is that what this chapter is trying to show the readers?

Where did you get this idea from?

I understood it just fine. Had fantasies of being a female as a kid, was rushed to deal with family and has no time to deal with his feelings. The lack of resolution, being the boss of so many, and family obligations is making him cold, aloof, and numb. Flash's comment struck deep because they are, or now were friends. The spell is linked on emotion and he's reverting to female.

7365573 This still seems really rushed, like a ton of different things happening at once.

The idea is good, but please, slow down, a lot happens in only 1k words and it makes me think it's rushed

This thing is most certainly at least "not bad." It's not really too good, but it's not bad. Still, I must ask; why? In this fic, could it be that, when it comes to this issue, America is actually more tolerant than Equestria? Or is it just his/her parents?


I do understand many found this chapter rushed, but I was trying to keep the pace and action up to a certain speed. Reading over my own chapter again and again, I can see why a few thought of it as rushed. Though I thought it was fine.

I'm working on a Re-write now. Which is basicly my first draft of this chapter, one I thought dragged but who know's perhaps I was wrong and just felt too hasty to jump ahead. It will be up pretty soon, so you can all be the judge. :P

7365412 Just a thought I had for a while. Based off a story I once wrote a while back, though never published. Thought it would fit well here.

Where'd the other chapter go?! I swear there was a chapter two up!

I don't know if Luna actually helped anything there. Shining obviously still feels helpless and trapped.

Hmmm.....intruiging. You have earned yourself a like.

So from that cover image does Cadence find out and *pursue* Gleam?..

I can't say it felt like Luna really helped at all. She basically shows Shining what he already knew, and wasn't repressing.

The only thing I can take away from her being here is some very obtuse way of her telling him to come out of the closet.

Luna just told shining to get out of the closet in a bad way. That's all I got.

Yoda, Luna shall channel. Hmm!

7410451 So you want that kind of story? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sorry all for a lack of updates,been busy.

Is they story still going :derpytongue2:?
I enjoyed it a lot

The fun thing is, despite males being more muscular I don't thing they are that much stronger compared to females. I meant just look at Applejack and Rainbow Dash.

And Cadance would find right away if she ever sees Gleaming Shield I think.

7623129 Well, you have to admit, it makes sense: When everything is handled by magic, internal and external, muscle mass is probably a drop on a hot stone.


Oh, it hasn't been updated for more than six months. It was a nice premise.

I was about to click read, and then I saw the truth.

Your friend is absolutely right. :twilightsmile: I look forward to reading the next chapter.

8091859 I have like twelve various versions of this story.

After i complete it I might post the alternate versions in my blogs lol.

Wouldn't it make sense to keep a copy of the reversal spell at all times? I can see not wanting to carry around an ancient tome, but it would probably make things easier to keep a copy.

"Well. I sense something hallow."

Hallow -> Hollow
Hallow is synonymous with sanctify.

Couple instances of Shining being decapitalized, one instance of it happening to Luna.


All hail your friend, the one who enabled this to continue.

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