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When a directionless young colt makes friends with Sweetie Belle, Ponyville is not prepared for his new transformation towards a happy life. Townies, bullies, spa days, crushes and mistakes galore-- get ready to meet Glitter Shell.

Art and Story Premise from and by Ask Glittershell.. Check out the Tumblr!

This is my take on the series and the character.

Made Popular On: 4/18/17.

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Not usually a fan of Glitter Shell, but you captured my attention. Tracking :trixieshiftright:

Cutie mark crusaders, gender roles, hooray!

Love the beginning and I look forward to more!

I like this so far, I'm gonna keep reading as you post

8111215 Thank you so much!

The new chappie is done, just waiting till morning to post so it gets more attention, post a chapter at midnight and it might just fly under the radar.

Is it just me, or does Glitter Shell sound like a girl's name?

This is my head cannon for this story for now, but this whole thing is Snails Glittershell telling her story to the class, and I am loving every moment. I do wonder though, if it IS her telling her story, I wonder what Rumbles reaction to Glitter thinking him dreamy would be?

8113611 You do realize this story is about a Snails who wants to be a Filly and uses the name Glittershell right?

8113611 That's intentional IIRC (Glitter Shell is the feminised version of Snails, used in a handful of trans fics.)

8113611 Yeppers. Just look at the comments above, Glitter is the fem version of snails. Click on the link to her tumblr to get a feel of her story.


Poor Glittershell T_T

8120918 Thanks a update will be around Friday-ish.

Huh. Well this is a different Love Interest than in the Tumblr. Though I STILL prefer Aero, if I had to pick a 2nd it would be Button Mash

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