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I changed my profile description to something witty, guys.




I'm so close to finally being done with "Luna Wants a Windigo." It's taken me nearly... several years, but I'm so close to my conclusion. I have some cool plans, like *spoiler* evil celestia and night mare moon teaming up to fight evil twilight. I'm so fricking freaking excited to get there, and I know that I'm allowed to make a blog post spoiling it because no one will read this who reads the story >:)

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2257621 They become so bashful that they start turning into Fluttershy in a very graphic manner: they sprout wings, their mane falls out, their horn falls off.

Thank you, I finally found what will get me featured.

2257617 You should write a story about somepony who gets too many compliments and morphs into some horrible monster. Call it like... Friendship Is Dangerous Magic or something...

2257609 How do you know I'm not already Bill Gates? How do you know I'm not Steve Jobs?

:twilightblush: Staaaap, you're saying too many nice things.

I have no idea why a blog post about your follower count turned into a lesson about the imperial system, but you changed my mind about America. I thought we only used the imperial system just to be different from everyone else. you brought up some valid points though...I'm tempted to send you my resume early for when you become the next Bill Gates

Thanks for the fav!:moustache:

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