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Hopeless Devotion

Feeling Silly And Squee! 💖


Chillin. · 1:17am March 30th

Just sitting in my cramped little room.

Eating a few burgers.

What's everybody up to?

Yes, I'm bored.

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Awesome Possum News! 💞 · 9:38am March 27th

My updates might be one or two days late.


I'll still put forth effort to be on time or at least half on time.

I've been currently mostly staring at walls waiting out this pandemic.

My old job basically telling me to stay put in and out.

Anyways, a wonderful new job I've been waiting on!

Actually wants me to come in!!

I've been waiting on this job like forever!

So of course job comes first! 💖

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Stories I Could Never Pull The Trigger On... · 1:26am March 26th

Interested in seeing them?

I have tons of half finished or scrapped stories just gathering dust on my computer.

If anyone is interested I could showcase some.


Portal : Princess Practicum ~ Update. · 9:35pm March 24th

I'm just one more read through before completing today's chapter.

Yet I'm actually quite hungry, so I'm taking a meal break.

The update should be up, in I'd say one hour.

Maybe two.

Love, Hope.


Thoughts On Mean Spirited Stories & Life Is Strange. · 7:29pm March 23rd

As part of returning to the site at full force, I'm going to try to write a few blogs a day.

Case in point, I have a couple questions I'd like to ask.

Anybody interested in replying feel free too.

What is your stance on Mean Spirited Comedy?

I have a Siren Story in the wings, involves the Sirens trying to make friends.

Yet when given the benefit of a doubt, they do something not too nice.

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Account Update & Writing Schedule Release. · 1:16am March 23rd

I have quite a few updates to my account and scheduling.

So without too much delay let's get underway.

1. Account Name Change ~ Alas after four years on the site, I've outgrown Undertale.

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Total Recall. · 3:36am March 18th

Secret Invasion.

I gave it a re-read, honestly I feel it's an absolute Trainwreck.

I can't believe how weak my writing was, tenses just every which way but loose.

I was editing it, fixing up mistakes on the fly.

Then I read the whole television scene.

Dear lord that was cringe. :facehoof:

Anyhow, I'll be doing a total rewrite of the story.

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Yawn. · 4:04am March 16th

I find myself reading through my old writing, which honestly can be loosely considered a story.

Boy I was sloppy on that old keyboard, editing my mess to a slight degree is boring.

What is everybody up to?

Sunday, so probably just chilling.

Life has been so bleh lately.

Been craving a PB&J, yet can't buy bread.

People freaked out and bought every slice, even TP is out, lol.

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Explanation. · 4:44am March 15th


Been a rough few months, I had gotten evicted from my place of residence.

Didn't really have a place to call my own, so I sort of just floated along.

Things seem okish I think?

Anytime I say, I'm Okies!

Something bites my butt.

So I'm just cautious right now.

How has everybody been?

Great I hope.

I'm starting those rewrites I promised.

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Buck It! · 11:43pm Sep 19th, 2019

Went shopping today with my sister.

What do I see?

Halloween costumes are already everywhere!

Halloween candy, decorations ,and even lawn ornaments!

If the stores are jumping ahead, I might as well do the same!

Behold, my Halloween Avatar and Quote are now up!

Might switch back to Rarity after Halloween.

Now to stock up on candy!

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