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Account Update & Writing Schedule Release. · 1:16am Mar 23rd, 2020

I have quite a few updates to my account and scheduling.

So without too much delay let's get underway.

1. Account Name Change ~ Alas after four years on the site, I've outgrown Undertale.

Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely game and community. But honestly I just don't feel a hundred percent devoted to it, as I once was. So that said, I'm changing my account name to match my growth as a writer, not a huge change by any standards.

I'm now going by Hopeless Devotion, a simple change not tied to anything in particular.

Hence it won't outdate itself.

Feel free to call me by Hopeless or simply Hope.


2. Presently ~ Editing hasn't paused but is simply held in my documents.

That said, I'm planning to start completely fresh in April!

The Pandemic has spread towards my area, so I'm using this time to basically settle in for the long run.

So using the last bit of March, I'll basically be completing chapter updates and focusing on my April return.

3. Updates Of April ~ April will be quite an eventful month.

My Main Previous Story Schedule will be Bi-weekly.

The first week of April shall be like so.

Wednesday, April, 1st. ~ The Mare Does Well : Remastered ( Complete Edit Release. )

Secret Invasion : Motherhood. ( Complete Rewrite Release. )

The Mare Does Well : Remastered ( New Chapter Release. )

The following week shall then be devoted to Miscellaneous content.

The third week, shall then receive New Chapter Updates For...

The Mare Does Well, Secret Invasion.

Each receiving anywhere from 1 to 3 Chapter Updates, Depending on the situation of the week.

Final Week of April, Once again shall be Miscellaneous.

Portal : Princess Practicum.

Will be always updated on Friday & Tuesdays.

Until finished, this series will not follow the Main Schedule.

We will see how this Schedule treats us.

Most likely, at the start of May.

I'll hold a vote, if my readers would like to change out one or both of the stories.

For May rotation.

I'm switching to this schedule, so I don't burn myself out creatively.

It's a bit laid back, but helps me to stay more consistent.

I'm excited to finally truly return to this account, here is to an eventful new future!

Last, please everybody stay safe.

I know these times can be trying, but keep your faith alive.

Things will get better soon, just keep a smile in your heart. 💖

I wish you all a wonderful night.

Love, Hope.

Comments ( 2 )

Well best of luck and I shall help you should you ask for it

Thank you.

That's much appreciated.

I'll keep you in mind.

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