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Total Recall. · 3:36am Mar 18th, 2020

Secret Invasion.

I gave it a re-read, honestly I feel it's an absolute Trainwreck.

I can't believe how weak my writing was, tenses just every which way but loose.

I was editing it, fixing up mistakes on the fly.

Then I read the whole television scene.

Dear lord that was cringe. :facehoof:

Anyhow, I'll be doing a total rewrite of the story.

My heart is still set on creating a B-Horror Movie type of story, just with more likeable characters.

My template was Basket Case and Brain Damage.

But now this improved concept, is based more on Arachnophobia.

And of course Critters.

So in the next few days expect changes for the better!

The old draft taken down.

If you're a fan of this old draft, not sure why?

Tell me, I'll happily send you a copy of the old draft through Pm.

Could even share info on what was planned, if interested.

Anyways, just sharing my plan coming really soon.

Have a lovely night!

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