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  • 22 weeks

    Ever get that feeling of drifting nowhere?

    Like you can keep yourself busy, but just feel as if time is at a standstill?

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  • 26 weeks
    Dum-dum-dum! ❤

    I forgots what I was writing before I lefters....

    It'll come to me, humming helps.

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  • 82 weeks

    Just sitting in my cramped little room.

    Eating a few burgers.

    What's everybody up to?

    Yes, I'm bored.

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  • 83 weeks
    Portal : Princess Practicum ~ Update.

    I'm just one more read through before completing today's chapter.

    Yet I'm actually quite hungry, so I'm taking a meal break.

    The update should be up, in I'd say one hour.

    Maybe two.

    Love, Hope.

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  • 83 weeks
    Account Update & Writing Schedule Release.

    I have quite a few updates to my account and scheduling.

    So without too much delay let's get underway.

    1. Account Name Change ~ Alas after four years on the site, I've outgrown Undertale.

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Drifting. · 1:50pm May 20th

Ever get that feeling of drifting nowhere?

Like you can keep yourself busy, but just feel as if time is at a standstill?

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A lot actually, I usually get out of that hole by challenging myself, for example I would do some exercise. In general doing physical things helps you feel better, as your body realises endorphins, a similar chemical dopamine. Interesting fact: A reduction of dopamine will result in a chemical unbalanced in your brain that is better know as depression, a good help to prevent depression is doing exercise.

That being said, that sensation is also a result of felling like what I’m doing isn’t taking me anywhere, or at least I’m not noticing any changes. Again I would recommend to get out of the routine by putting yourself a challenge, finding something new to do, again, with how 2020 has forced most of us to be sedentary, I would recommend a new activity/goal that requires you to move physically. For example: I been trying to set myself a walking goal, in the sense of me challenging myself to walk to a place I consider to far away, to prove myself that I can do it, and when I do it, I check how my time it took me and on my way back (still walking) I try to go a little faster. Think of it as an extra challenge: “I now know I can get here walking, now the question is, how fast can I get here?”

My point is that to get rid of that sensation you should do something new to do, a new goal to arrive to; something simple yet challenging so it doesn’t require weeks to be achieved, but just days or hours. Achieving simple goals is good, we all have long year goals, however we need motivation to achieve them, otherwise we will feel like we aren’t achieving anything. And the motivation of achieving a small goal can be a very powerful thing.

So think positive, set yourself small and simple goals in things you wouldn’t normally do. The novelty of achieving a small new goal can be good for you

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