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A mare awakens at a mysterious school.

With no idea what's going on, she's forced by the current Headmare Celestia to undertake tests.

To see if she's qualified to become a princess.

What exactly has happened to the world?

Why is she the only student?

What could Celestia want with another princess?

Connect orange to blue, to see exactly what we should do.

This isn't a Portal Crossover, more of a concept inspired by the games.

Will feature not just tests about Portal functionality, but also tests about morality and friendship.

Character design Inspired by lovely Portal Pony Art I found, I could trace it back to Jess Nera

Anybody else know of a better source, let me know I'll credit it.

This is a fun story I can work on, while rewriting others.

Planned updates on Fridays and Tuesdays.

Made Popular On 3/ 20/ 20 :yay:

Wow! Featured On 3/ 20/ 20!! Thank you! :yay:

Chapters (3)

Filly Anon has just one night to escape her babysitter Fluttershy, to sneak into Twilight's castle and set a wrong doing right.

How hard could it be?

When facing off against bastard bunnies, always remember to whisper.

Inspired By World's Quietest LP.

Art By Smoldix.

Chapters (1)

Twilight finds that she is unable to leave her house, as the days pass by she must learn to break the silence or become a victim of it.

Every new day bringing forth a key to her escape, though only those not watching through the rose colored lens may spot it.

Art By WubCakeva

Chapters (6)

Given a chance to start anew Button Mash follows his heart as spring comes to Equestria, yet while the ice thaws a new warm romance blooms between two friends.

Will love help them find calm ground through a rough new year or will the love they built up freeze back into a shattered heart.


Reading Part One needed to understand the start of two.

Part one is a quick One Shot, so don't feel like it's a huge challenge.

Lovely Cover Art By T-Mack56.

Sequel To The Lonely Heart Creek.

Made Popular On 7/29/18

Chapters (1)

My name is Elliot I was left alone at a Fantasy Con where I found a stranger with a guidebook, now I'm stuck in Equestria as Elora from Avalar helping a small purple dragon find his destiny.

Why does that sound so familiar?

Spyro Crossover. TG/TF/Displaced Fic. Single Displaced Character Story status, might change in the future.

Made Popular On 7/29/18

Chapters (5)

Sweetie Belle asks Rarity about love.

So Rarity tries to explain it in way that won't be confusing.

But could this sly little filly have another reason for this question?

My own take on the story published by Evictus.

This story is a gift for Evictus. Not done with any mean spirit in mind, I give 100% of this to him to do with as he pleases.

I found his idea really interesting and cute i just wanted to pick out the mistakes and place out in the spotlight what I thought was a good story.

Rated T for very mild use of the term sex.

Chapters (1)

When a directionless young colt makes friends with Sweetie Belle, Ponyville is not prepared for his new transformation towards a happy life. Townies, bullies, spa days, crushes and mistakes galore-- get ready to meet Glitter Shell.

Art and Story Premise from and by Ask Glittershell.. Check out the Tumblr!

This is my take on the series and the character.

Made Popular On: 4/18/17.

Chapters (7)

Legend Of The Lonely Heart Creek.

If a lonely heart and a searching heart ,stand upon the center of the creek.

They shall find true love.

Rumble and Button decide to see if said legend is true.

Finding a day of magic, fun and insight along the way.

Lovely cover art done by Ponidoodles.

Chapters (1)

Shining Armor has been living a lie.

Many see him as powerful and brave.

Yet deep inside is a soul who is playful wishing for true freedom.

Coming across a ancient tome, how could he pass up the chance to live as how he always saw himself?

A simple carefree night turns his life upside down, Gleaming Shield wants to live her own life and the pull to break free is becoming too strong.

Can Shining Armor balance a life between two parts of himself?

Or will He and She lose everything?

Cover Art belongs to The talented and wonderful Marenlicious.

Made Popular on 7/2/16.
Featured on 4/12/17*6/19/18

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