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A mare awakens at a mysterious school.

With no idea what's going on, she's forced by the current Headmare Celestia to undertake tests.

To see if she's qualified to become a princess.

What exactly has happened to the world?

Why is she the only student?

What could Celestia want with another princess?

Connect orange to blue, to see exactly what we should do.

This isn't a Portal Crossover, more of a concept inspired by the games.

Will feature not just tests about Portal functionality, but also tests about morality and friendship.

Character design Inspired by lovely Portal Pony Art I found, I could trace it back to Jess Nera

Anybody else know of a better source, let me know I'll credit it.

This is a fun story I can work on, while rewriting others.

Planned updates on Fridays and Tuesdays.

Made Popular On 3/ 20/ 20 :yay:

Wow! Featured On 3/ 20/ 20!! Thank you! :yay:

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What was school? It sounded quite dangerous.

Very dangerous :moustache:

She had no idea what a princess could be, but it sounded delicious.

They even come in different flavors :trollestia:

"Please be advised that these are replica apples crafted from diamonds. ~ Genuine apples went extinct during the Fruit Wars of bzzzt…" The voice seemed to malfunction before going silent.

Fruit wars you say, sounds delicious :moustache:

I don't know anything about the Portal Series. Will this hurt my chances of enjoying this story? That is to say, will I get confused about anything?


A few references might not be appreciated.

But I'll be doing my best to set up everything needed to know, in these first few opening tests.

Should be easy to follow the more complicated tests ahead.

Great so far I'd say, quite a mysterious beginning. Makes me wonder if the portal pony can talk, or is just mocking the voice

Say Apple!
Close enough!

If only valve wasn’t afraid of the number 3. I want more portal games. Or at least a portal version of Super Mario Maker

Lol, I know right?

I go crazy over all things Portal, I love the concept and the characters just rise it to another level.

Most of her thoughts will be sprinkled throughout the narration.

But in the Spirit of Chell, She will not actually ever speak.

Though she will have many snarky or various facial expressions.

Yes the Fruit Wars!!

Fighting over the rights of Apples and bzzt!

Many were lost trying to bzzzt!

Don't forget those bzzt juices too!


Even if you don't need to, I highly recommend the series. British wit and robotic deadpan abounds!

You have my attention :twilightsheepish:

Now the trick is to keep it. :trixieshiftright:

The floor under the boulder lifted suddenly upward, the massive object tossed directly atop the bot with a loud crunch.

I guess someone's a sore loser :applejackunsure:

Ok, you got my attention now.

To find out.

Please assume the party escort submission position.


Here at Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns.

We don't believe in losers.

Only winners.

Because losers are sadly expired.

This is a well writen story, I will be waiting for updates with baited breath

Why thank you. :twilightsmile:

Guaranteed updates on both Tuesdays and Fridays.

Until completion.

This is fascinating and I love it.

Oh no that poor robot :(

Well that was a fascinating look into the start of things.

I'm happy you enjoyed the read.

Next update will be Friday.

This was insightful and very concerning :applejackunsure:

Well THAT explains a lot. Nice to see you connecting this universe to the half-life universe. Now if only Valve wasn’t afraid of the number 3

Thank you.

I loved tons of Valve's games.

So I'm excited to be crafting a inspired universe.

Besides, what fun would a Portal story be without that mysterious link to Half Life?


I agree, the number 3 isn't that frightening.

Except that all bad things come in 3's.


It gets far more concerning later.

Happy you found it insightful.

Indeed. Though now I’m just imagining Applejack running around hitting head crabs with a crowbar.

With even more pride, she performed a fantastic front flip.


It was never not a lie.

seventy-two-hour workday

Something's not right here.

Wait where was the half-life stuff? Other than the shared universe with portal, obviously

So I’m reading the voice as GLaDOS. Should I? Or does she sound different?

That's preposterous! How can she be a princess without ever speaking?

"On a side note, The Vaporization Barrier has been known to vaporize parts of students on rare occasions. ~ Such as horns, eyeballs, tongues, and complete skeletal structures." The voice added flippantly within the next room.


"They're my men! ~ I'll pursue whatever projects I so desire!!" Luna snapped with a roll of her translucent blue eyes.

What are these... Men you speak of?

Also, magic becoming out-dated is one of the least sensible things I have ever heard of. It's magic for Faust's sake! How can something so useful, versatile and powerful become out-dated!?

It's certainly not out of the question she might have a very minor case of serious brain damage!

Please be advised that a noticeable taste of blood is not part of any test protocol but is an unintended side effect of the Vaporization Barrier...

Ah, a budding author. You'll learn to not make such promises without a good buffer... 🙃

As sturdy as Equestrian ponies are, it is kinda a shame she's not equipped with better protection 🤔
Keep going! ;)

Both sides are being incredibly foolish. Magitech, now there's where the future lies!

Only one chapter and I’m prepared to say it’s fantastic

Is this dead? This was really good, please don't be dead.

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