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Yawn. · 4:04am Mar 16th, 2020

I find myself reading through my old writing, which honestly can be loosely considered a story.

Boy I was sloppy on that old keyboard, editing my mess to a slight degree is boring.

What is everybody up to?

Sunday, so probably just chilling.

Life has been so bleh lately.

Been craving a PB&J, yet can't buy bread.

People freaked out and bought every slice, even TP is out, lol.

Yet nobody touched the fruit, poor fruit nobody wants them for the apocalypse.

I bought oranges out of pity, no fruit should be alone.

So here I am, drinking coffee.

Sandwichless, fridge full of fruit and bored.

Isn't life fabulous?

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My desk is a complete and utter mess because I was working on restoring my first compoot back to how it was when I first got it, if that's anything. Got sidetracked and now I have a computer that's halfway built sitting in my room and screws all over my desk.

So. Many. Screws.

I'm so sorry to hear that, got to hate when your work just ends up piled everywhere, lol.

I'm the same with notebooks and sketchbooks, I say I'm going to write/draw something decent...

No all my shelves are cluttered with old notebooks.

Maybe you'll be able to fix it soon, I believe you can do it!

I personally just wish people would stop panicking, I really need bread , no restock even this morning.

What does bread have to do with stocking up?

None of sanitizers are really touched, none of like important things , canned goods etc.

Just weird stuff...


Agreed. People need to stop panicking. Only thing I can think of with bread is people could be freezing it to thaw later.

Freeze bread?

I've honestly never heard of that?

Guess I'm not fit for doomsday.

I agree, everything just feels blown out of proportion.

It doesn't do great things for its quality/taste but it will extend the usable life of it.

That's pretty interesting note to learn.

You can also then thaw only the amount of bread you want and keep the rest frozen.

Yet nobody touched the fruit, poor fruit nobody wants them for the apocalypse.

Apparently, in one place no one touched the vegan food either........:rainbowlaugh:
Super cute pic of Marina, by the way! :rainbowkiss:

Lol, last night I went shopping.

Every box of cereal was gone, it was absolutely insane.

Ty, I'm drawn to Sea-esk Characters.

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