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Scolded. · 11:41pm Jun 25th, 2018

I scolded/scalded my fingers making soup, now they are just burning up a storm!

:pinkiesick: want to cut off my fingers sooo bad right now...

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Wat? · 4:40am Jun 23rd, 2018

I was reading JackRipper's blogs and noticed that in six days, I will be hitting my two year mark here on the site.

So join me on that odd day and celebrate the day I was born...onto the site. 'cough'.

Also heading towards 100 followers pretty quick, might need to come up with a plan for that too soon.

Oi! I hate planning for the future...:facehoof:

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For Those Interested. · 2:03am Jun 23rd, 2018

If any of my followers would like to try their hand at my Rank Chart, and find the madness that is my Controlled Chaos a bit confusing. Or simply don't want to count up all the numbers, then let me know here.

I will happily add up the points for followers and Rank you by my chart!

To gain Feature Points/Popular Points- You will have to have the fic Marked as so, followed by how many times they hit said Box.- Only way I will count it.

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It Happened Again... · 3:48am Jun 22nd, 2018

My second round in The Feature Box!

Only took me about two years to make it back there, that means in four years my next story will grace the spotlight again!:yay:

Serious note though, to all those who think my stuff is worth reading, Thank You.

Makes my busy and stressful days, alot more brighter.

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Those Words... · 2:52am Jun 22nd, 2018

Beware if you ever hear me say those words.

I'll prob vanish for two years again with very shite internet...

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So Many Updates! · 6:48pm Jun 20th, 2018

Yes I'm trying to make a comeback here, life is just cruel at times and does everything it can to slow us down. But for now I'm working on completing The Mare Does Well. So keep an eye out if you enjoy that story, I also have updates planned for Glitter Shell and C.P.

All will be coming soon, I just need a bit more time to compose myself.

A spa day would be nice too.:unsuresweetie:

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The Mare Does Well Got Featured. · 7:26am Apr 15th, 2017

Never thought I'd have a story featured on the site. But it had finally happened.

I'm super stoked about the amount of faves I got as well. Right now I'm staring at the newest chapter of Mare and thinking about posting it soon, i recieved an email about getting an editor so I'm waiting to see how this pans out first.

Thank you all again.

I love each and everyone!


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