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The town gets their genders flipped overnight, and Spike is more or less okay with this.

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Jest #1 · February 3rd · · 1 ·

Story is roughly based on stories/experiences garnered when dating a trans woman.

This is not the space to argue politics so please dont bring that here. This is just a little drama/comedy about self-discovery.

This was a little all over the place in parts, and that made my experience reading it a little wonky. There's a couple of throwaway references to real-life franchises and the like that had me blinking because they weren't particularly adapted for ponies. Glitter Scale somehow knows what canon is. There's numerous errors in proofreading, and I understand those can be hard to catch (I have problems with them too) but stuff like "werent" and similar mistakes cropping up repeatedly can take away from a reader's enjoyment.

I liked Glitter picking her name and the balance of casualness and care she put into it. The idea that the mirror can let characters go to other worlds is always an enjoyable one to toy around with. There were some thoughtful recalls to moments when Glitter, as Spike, did show some very feminine qualities that supported a trans portrayal of her. All in all, a nice, positive little tale that just needs a little more TLC at parts.

Totally fair. This was more of a stream of conciousness, no plan type of story and I was hesitant to do too many changes lest I ruin what made it intriguing to write. I'll take it back to the shop and do a more thorough grammer/spelling check tonight though.

Three times, you used Glitter Shell instead of Glitter Scale.

It's okay. It wasn't the best but by no means terrible. It's a story of itself and should garner any negativity outside of a few grammar mistakes. This is simple and that is fine.

I've gotten most of the errors out now. Updated/revised version should be down shortly.

Not a bad idea, but since it happened without any input from our purple smart took the comedic aspect out of the story. A little bit on how non-changing-back ponies/dragon adapt to their new routines would make a nice sequel. Probably Rarity find Glitter more attractive than Spike make her question her sexuality?

That was kind of the point. I didnt feel like comedy really was the main point of this story and I didnt want to detract from the messege. Plus the whole "twilight did it" thing is overused and cliche. It all being a random cosmic event is also a metaphor in itself.

True, it is indeed overused. But at the same time, it would mean the incident is 'repeatable'.

I'm so jealous of Spike AKA glitter scale

I feel like the story would lose its significance if it was easy to just flip back and forth.

We all become the people we were meant to be. If we have the patience and perseverance necessary that is. Something I believe you have my friend.

Comment posted by Boldish42 deleted February 3rd

So who all chose to remain as they are?

I never gave it a lot of thought outside of what I explicitly referenced in the story tbh. The only ones I really considered were Big Mac and Spike and a few others you saw already. Though I always thought that the experience would open Twilight's eyes and make her more open to expressing herself and ending up as sort of non binary.

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