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Soft Step feels terrible, and Fluttershy picks up on it.

Cover art brought to you by Skydreams.

This story was done as a commission for Skittlebug. If you'd like your own, feel free to PM me.

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Very well written.

I'm not crying, you're crying

Lovely writing! A little short for my tastes; but a nice read nonetheless, right in the feels.

Really right in the feels with this one.

I’m gonna agree with other commenters, the story was pretty phenomenal and I definitely got the feels for it, but it was pretty short. Guessing the commissioner didn’t want to go for a longer story, which is fair enough, it’s their money.

The idea of species dysphoria being a thing. I think is realistic especially in an equstria that has transgender issues. Specis is a whole facet of equestrian society that Is not well reflected in the real world us humans being to only sapient and sentient race on our planet

Cxcd #6 · May 12th · · ·

YO I demand a sequel this is too precious

This is great!
I'm Genderfluid and this is pretty accurate to my experiences of gender dysphoria!

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