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I have no idea what happened. One second, I'm sitting at my desk, working. The next second, I'm Sombra. Or rather, I'm in his body. And nobody seems to believe me about it...

Now with (amazing!) cover art by Mix Up. You can find their work here.

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They aren't actually DOING anything productive, just talking avout hiw he's evil and sgoukd kill him. There's no attempt to restrain him or anything. And why would just ASKING the EoH do anything? They wouldn't have the actual elements to do anything with.

Well, they aren't trying to restrain him right now because he's remaining passive. Also, the Mane 6 stopped Sombra after he destroyed the tree of harmony, and Applejack is the element of Honesty.

Not a bad start but not great either I feel like the characters are rehearsing with little to no movement or feeling

Interesting concept. I like it. Let's see how this rolls.

I hope the this becomes as good as the other two somra good guy ones with human minds and you can finish it hope you don't dissappear like the other ones

An idea for him would be 'Sombra' struggling to even walk. Let alone knowing how to make any spells of any sort.

so just wondering will this incorporated the comic canon were celestial was in love with good sombra from another universe since that great idea to explore her reacting to this human sombra and and having conflicted feelings

Well this could be interesting, I take it the Mane 6 and Caddence would like to expend every effort in trying to make sure that he isn't sombra despite looking in fact being him, that will go well. I take it he will try to prove to them that he isn't even of this world by reciting all the MLP trivia that he knows and explain the whole phenomenon the t was MLP which would open an internally new can of worms which will overshadow his present predicament in their eyes. I wonder if Sombra's old evil buddies will try to get in contact and incriminate him even further in trying to jog his memory again? Oh better yet, in all the confusion, rumors an adultery relation with Caddence, or Twilight emerge in the population. Oh about every attempts he tried to fix things or use magic it always back fires. There is also the posibilty that they guy is also just a decoy to distract Equestria from the real Sombra preparing elsewhere or that he is planing to take his body back.

Again normally I don't really like possession stories, especially with cannon characters, but I am willing to give this a chance.

Please continue I am enjoying this greatly and would like to see how this progresses seeing as AJ is the living lie detector... and following that logic she has to see that he's not lying so this is going to be interesting.

I completely agree with you, I seen many interesting stories on this line fade away to nothing and it been sad see them not continued for a long time now.

Hm, since it has been (sort of) proven that the Mane Six hold the Elements of Harmony's power in them, it would be interesting to see if Applejack's Element would possibly activate, or at least cause her to sense something is up.

It started off okay, but it felt quite rushed. If a recently defeated villain were to suddenly show up in front of Twilight, I doubt she up and leave him, even if it were to get the princesses. You fell short on writing the setting, and I want to know how Twilight managed to get all three princesses so quickly like that, especially Cadance, who apparently wasn't all the way at the Crystal Empire. Secondly, it doesn't make sense that Luna would start to doubt that the protagonist isn't the real Sombra, but Cadance and Celestia wouldn't and just go ahead and kill him so soon.

I can see that, and I will readily admit that I'm unbearably bad at writing the first chapter of stories.
I have no intention of abandoning this, and I can tell you seeing stories that are halfway complete just end out of the blue is frustrating.
This will incorporate the comic, don't expect there to be love blooming between Sombra and Celestia

Interesting, not an original idea I've know at least two fics with this premise, they're dead now thou will your fic die as well like everything in this fandom?

Only issue I see is the murder boner you gave Cadence, like I get it he's pony Hitler but what sane person would kill Hitler on contact with bare hands in cold blood? Well apperently the Princess of love would, Luna and Celestia I could understand but still would question why haven't they simply killed Tirek, Discord, Cozy, Chrysalis when they had the chance?

Also how do you update less than once per week?
Either you update once or more per week or you don't, there's no trying, you do or you don't.

If you need any help I'll happily lend a hoof

On Celestia and Cadance's immense and immediately hatred of Sombra, that matter will be investigated (although they did already kill him twice before while letting literally every other villian live)

On less than once a week updates: If I update every 8 days, that would be updating less than once a week

i wouldn't but it could causes her to be more hostile since it be constant reminder what she lost anyway i look forward where you take the story, i always loved this kind of story ever since the fics unfortunately i am the king and hail to the king

First time was the crystal heart, second time the power of the elements, both time it was Twilight and her friends and both time they had no control over it and both times it was out of desperation.
That's as far away as you can get from killing someone in cold blood.
And again if that's thier mentality why not kill the other villains when the chance was given?

YEEESSSS~! Another human in Sombra fic!(That sounded wrong...) We need more of these!

“Well, well, well,” Candace spat, “look who it is. You again ,”.

Her names Cadance, not Candance, though that would be a fun Phineas and Ferb crossover name...

This story is just a random idea that popped into my head after reading some Sombra comics.

Wait, so, you didn’t get inspiration from Hail To The King?

i loved hail to the king it was really good its stats speak for its self. sad that there is only 4 chapters and the author is dead someone needs to adopt the fic.

Oopsie doopsie. Will get that fixed.

And I can't say I've read "Hail to the King".

Although, I did (am) reading "Shadow of a Doubt" which is why I even started reading Sombra comics

Can't wait to see where this goes.

i am already hungry for more. thanks for this story my guy :)

This chapter felt rushed, and how Luna, Celestia and cadence acted, i really doubt they would react like that, and Twilight? If sombra were to just pop into existence infront of her I don't think she would just high tail it out of there even if it was to (somehow) get the other three princesses, other then that I liked this, and look forward to next chapter because human sombra stories can be pretty good if done right

You really should read Hail to the King though. It’s one of my all time favorite stories on this site and I’ve been here consistently since season 2 of mlp first came out! It’s funny as all hell and portrayed very well.

Oh yeah! You've certainly dug your story claws into me. Very interested into seeing what will happen next.

Hail To The King is a very fun story. I definitely recommend reading it, even if it will forever remain incomplete.

Me, "What the buck? Ah crap. I'm Sombra. Ugh, why couldn't I have gotten randomly shoved into Discord? That woulda been awesome! Well, guess I better get on with this. Ah-hem... BLARGLE!! CRYSSSSSTALLLLSSSS!!! RARG!! SSSSSLAVESSSSSS!! Did I do that right?"

Twilight, Shining, Cadance, and Spike all just stand there with blank expressions as 'Sombra' stomps around on two hooves making weird growling noises and stumbling into walls.

"I don't think he's actually Sombra," Spike backhandedly whispers to the others.


Looking forward to the next chapter

I imagine Dash and AJ will likely vote to hang him high.

A non-evil Sombra would get all the mares.


This unfinished story has a similar beginning, although with Sombras victory instead of defeat. I really liked it, and have high hopes for yours as well!

There is also this unfinished story.

EHail to the King
A human soul is stuffed into King Sombra's body. Having no idea what's going on, and thinking he is in some kind of coma, he just casually strolls into the Crystal Empire.
Qwapdo · 86k words  ·  5,870  106 · 90k views

I'm excited to see how this story plays with such a concept!


The whole genre is one I'm personally a fan of, yet the stories never seem to get finished - something I find to be a bit of a bummer.

I'm sorry. It's just what I like to read and write about.

Hey, it's what I like to read about too.

Let's see where the rabbit hole leads to.

She took another step forward, and I took another step back. “Then who was it that enslaved the Crystal Empire and destroyed the Tree of Harmony?” she asked angrily. "Who was it that let the Crystal Empire vanish for a thousand years ?"

Unless you're referencing a comic I haven't read I'm pretty sure Sombra didn't destroy the Tree of Harmony nor was the Tree ever destroyed.
Subdued by Discord's vine things, yes, but not destroyed.

Congrats on the feature!
Season 9, my friend.....

If only you knew how bad Season 9 really was.

That was my second thought after I had already posted the comment.
At the time of writing, I'm still on S8 just after the episode with Maud's boyfriend (I was a little upset she didn't say coltfriend, not gonna lie...)

there's just something about king sombra stories that draw me to them, while knowing that they never reach completion.

The only one that was completed that I can recall is the one with Sombero.

Ah. Yeah. A lotta ish went down in Season 9....

Honestly reminds me of Hail To The king.

Great opening although to make it believable that "I" am not Sombra "I" would break down and cry in complete sorrow and fear while cowering like a foal. I look forward to your next chapter when and if it comes out


The thing is that if you fake it, it won't help you as i'm sure they will easily see it through your lies.

The best thing to do is to act truthfull to yourself, not prove to them that you are a liar aka probably Sombra.

Besides, not everybody is able to just fall down in tears as they wish.

No i was being serious i would indeed cry like a little foal if the three god ponies wanted me dead because i am trapped in the villian's body and i know i'm not the villian. I would break down crying as a foal and probably mess myself. I wasn't giving the author the idea to fake cry. I would genuinely cry with how scared I'd be

honestly, I don't think season 9 was bad at all.

Now if you ask me about a season I dislike, it is season 8.

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