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Umbrum is just a simple lovestruck miner in Canterlot, he's known as a rather hardworking earth pony working in the infamous Crystal Caverns for his ends meet; At Least that's what most ponies know on the surface but not everything meets the eye.

Especially when some rather nosy ponies decided to dig into his nonexistent past.

He knew that the way to Celestia's heart would have its troubles but to this extent!?

This Sombra is based on the Sombra from the IDW's Reflections Au.

Teen is there just for precaution.

RGRE because everything is always fun in that world

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oh flare depending on this sombra backstory, he might have already gotten lucky with celestia before everything went wrong, so im assuming that in this au sombra survived his first encounter when the empire returned and after he lost his horn he came to his senses and this is his way of atoning?

interesting start, I wonder where this will lead to, I am hoping for some adventure in this one.

I pleasantly await the next chappy

im a little confused is this the sombra from the alternate world from the mlp comics or different one?
and was the celestia he loved the one from this universe or a alternate one?

The Celestia he loved is from the canon universe.

The Sombra is from the mlp comics but i changed it up a bit.

ah thanks for the info, is sombra still a unicorn, your art for the fic shows no horn?


Yep, he's technically still a unicorn. His horn was... removed for plot reasons, it'll be told in the later chapters

well i be interested in seeing the difference other wise he just shown up at the palace to celestia delight

oh sombra she not sulking because you beat her but because she not used to a strong dominate stallion and that you didn't go further,

be interesting to see if shining will recognize him as sombra or that lack of horn and difference in personality will disguise the similarities

another question i know this universe is a RGRE but is the world sombra from originally RGRE as well

Nope! he's not from an RGRE society, he has his own culture though. It'll be explained in the next chapters and all i can say that it's subtly different than the norm.

Interesting. Let’s see where this goes.

Can’t wait to see how this continues.

Good story, would like to know if or when it gets finished though.

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