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Due to a Magical Accident growing up, Twilight was separated with her love. With an idea of being able to finally reunite, Twilight jumps to the chance of being the Personal Guard of Princess Celestia's Student

But first, she has to get deal with this Trial round and why does it involve some Banished diety!?

Current Rating: Teen (because I realized that the road I was taking this, might be dark)

Sex tag is there just for implication, no explicit

(1-3 is introduction)

Chapters (7)
Comments ( 19 )

an interesting opening

I agree an interesting opening, I look forward to seeing where this goes:moustache:

This sounds pretty interesting. I can't wait to read more. Twilight and Sunset forever.

so let me guess sunset is dead and her parents lied cus they did not know how to tell her ?

Wait, something seems off to that statement. Brain! rewind, please!

I may have laughed a little to hard here, but it is definitely a Twilight reaction

I have no idea where you got that idea from, the story said that Sunset became Princess Celestia's only student.

Thank you! I try to keep the character in character

hmmmm I wonder what shiny armor and Candace thought on twilight are like....

The writing could use some work (or an editor/proofreader), but the story is a good concept and still worth a read. Following.

Thanks! I have no idea where to get an editor/proof reader,being my first time posting a story here and all that

well well it seems this might not be a straight sunlight ship after all interesting:duck:

Well... I wanted to spice things up a bit. It's never fun if theres only one after all.

Oooohoohoo I an immensely enjoying this story so far:rainbowkiss:

Nah she didnt ditch the studying, she's just focusing on other things

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