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Maelstrom Blitz (formerly Rainbow Blitz) learned a lot of things during his time under Nightmare Moon and he took most of them to heart but the one he took like a fish in the water was the first-ever real words his Queen gave him.

"Be Indisputable Blitz, prove yourself worthy and then. Only then, I'll grant your wish"

With his heart and mind sealed on that one goal and from a world where the strong take everything and the weak are left to die. How can one stubborn Blitz deal with such a civilized and reversed societal world?

By ignoring them and doing his own thing, that's how. Maybe sprinkle some time with that orange pegasus filly during his free time and try to find his queen.

Wait- is that Fluttershy?

You know, i just don't know why i keep on making these RGRE but it's just such an interesting concept to explore! I couldn't help it. So yes, this is RGRE.

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Umbrum is just a simple lovestruck miner in Canterlot, he's known as a rather hardworking earth pony working in the infamous Crystal Caverns for his ends meet; At Least that's what most ponies know on the surface but not everything meets the eye.

Especially when some rather nosy ponies decided to dig into his nonexistent past.

He knew that the way to Celestia's heart would have its troubles but to this extent!?

This Sombra is based on the Sombra from the IDW's Reflections Au.

Teen is there just for precaution.

RGRE because everything is always fun in that world

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Everyone likes food yes? because if not then i opened this cafe for no reason. In my experience, I've found that almost anyone can be plied with sweets, coffee and beverages; from the hardiest creature to the vilest of villains. What could possibly go wrong?

It's a cliche displaced story. Where the MC goes to convention, meets merchant and sent to Equestria.

Under a Rewrite

PS: there is going to be a lot of characters.

PSS: this is set in the RGRE-verse, Reverse Gender Role Equestria

PSSS: My editor is Is the ever so Classy Fox, Classy fox. Dude's a big help and check him out if you can.

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Butterscotch lost everything to Chrysalis.

His home, his friends, his family.

He hates changelings, he hates imposters, he hates liars and he really hates fakers.

So how will the ever so cautious and brash Butterscotch do when he is transported to Equestria?

By protecting the mares that look so much like his friends, it's the most he can do for them.

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Who am i?

My Host

Who are you?


How long has it been?


Years of violence, training, murder and a whole lot of trauma and even more training.

Years of him in that hellhole, he was tired, drained, he was sure he will never sleep in a bed ever again not because it wasn't comfy but because it was too comfy.

He thought that if he finished school quicker than everything would be done, he could go back home and feel safe. He was wrong and he was forced to survive in a world just to find a way back.

He just wanted a home, was that really so hard?

He just didn't expect to actually be sent back home.

To a home, he thought he had forgotten.

Other tags: Other characters and saying them here is spoilers

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Twilight likes to think that she wasn't the type to be envious and certainly not of her pony princess counterpart.

Sure she may hear some offhand comment about how she so "different" or how she's not "Princess Twilight, This is our Twilight" and frankly, she's sick and tired of being compared despite the assurances of her friends.

So what if other her is some Pretty Pony Princess, she'll just change and be someone better! But change is growth and growth is something that happens naturally. To force it onto yourself has... certain consequences.

How does a certain group of sirens have to do with anything? well you have to read and find out.

(Gonna redo everything, i realized that the pacing and everything sucked but i liked the idea.)

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Dusk Shine is tired. He's scarred, battle-hardened, and young, but more than any of those, just tired.

Nopony deserves to suffer through what he has endured, much less at such a young age, but what happens when he finds his place in the canon Equestria? Where sunshines and rainbows are everywhere.

Will this new world heal him or will the striking similarities to his once-happy world break the stallion under the weight of what he's lost?

Read on to find out.

RGRE, will be obvious as each chapter progresses

Edited by Sober. Cool dude, check him out.

Cover art made by Mix-up This guy, is great. Awesome drawings, go check him out.

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Due to a Magical Accident growing up, Twilight was separated with her love. With an idea of being able to finally reunite, Twilight jumps to the chance of being the Personal Guard of Princess Celestia's Student

But first, she has to get deal with this Trial round and why does it involve some Banished diety!?

Current Rating: Teen (because I realized that the road I was taking this, might be dark)

Sex tag is there just for implication, no explicit

(1-3 is introduction)

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