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I'm 'Roarin' Out to Go!


Maelstrom Blitz (formerly Rainbow Blitz) learned a lot of things during his time under Nightmare Moon and he took most of them to heart but the one he took like a fish in the water was the first-ever real words his Queen gave him.

"Be Indisputable Blitz, prove yourself worthy and then. Only then, I'll grant your wish"

With his heart and mind sealed on that one goal and from a world where the strong take everything and the weak are left to die. How can one stubborn Blitz deal with such a civilized and reversed societal world?

By ignoring them and doing his own thing, that's how. Maybe sprinkle some time with that orange pegasus filly during his free time and try to find his queen.

Wait- is that Fluttershy?

You know, i just don't know why i keep on making these RGRE but it's just such an interesting concept to explore! I couldn't help it. So yes, this is RGRE.

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Is this related to Dusk's New Dawn or a side story?

It's just a premise but no, the two stories aren't related in any way. It's like the Butterscotch one.

More of this please

So, is this gonna continue? This looks pretty interesting.

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