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Butterscotch lost everything to Chrysalis.

His home, his friends, his family.

He hates changelings, he hates imposters, he hates liars and he really hates fakers.

So how will the ever so cautious and brash Butterscotch do when he is transported to Equestria?

By protecting the mares that look so much like his friends, it's the most he can do for them.

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Good stuff. Can't wait for this to uldated along with dusk's new dawn.

Really good introduction. I so can't wait for more to this and Dusk's New Dawn.

Could be an interesting story, not sure I recognize Butterscort from Fluttershy's own personality, thought seeing the synopsis I could understand that his hatred for Chrysalis is overriding his more nurturing nature, or it could be that his nurturing aspect is more of a protector one as a stallion, I think more conflict between the his two nature could be more reflective in the narration to be more recognizable. I will be looking forward to see how it will turn out and I wonder what allows him to change his cutie mark like that and how he managed to travel into this alternate dimension.

Thanks for the advice, I'll keep that in mind for the next chapter

So does this story relate to the Dusk Shine story in some way?

Not exactly, it's just part of a premise where the one Stallion 6 from the broken timelines go to canonverse equestria and their adventures.

This story is about Butterscotch from the changling war

Dusk's story is Dusk Shine who came from the Umbra (Female Sombra) war.

It's kinda like parrarel universes but the main focus is from each of the Stallion 6

Hum, I wonder what sort of arch enemy you would give Bubble Berry, my best guess would be Starlight Glimmer as she is the only one that Pinkie had ever shown any real hostility toward anyone from the on set on principle, at least toward the atmosphere of the community on the subject of the residence of Our Town of fake smiles. and Pinkie main drive in life is to make people/ponies feel welcome and create genuent bonds with them with being happy with themselves and those around them.

For AJ I would say the Flim Flam brother for their bad ethics alone, with manipulating/con people and the law on their side to get what they want. But Cozy Glow would probably resonate more seeing that she was manipulative deceitful which would burn her up and her pride wouldn't allow her for that to go unpunished or at least that the lies get uncovered.

For rarity, that would be hard to say that would be a hard one maybe Nightmare Moon?

RD almost any villains could do, but maybe the Shadowbolts could be something.

Anyway I think it would make the most sense that the story would resonate more if they reflect their own failings to incarnate their elements or that it had a liability for them.

So good. The Overlord is pleased with this.

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