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I’m a human with a love for all types of art either it be music or drawing. I’m kind but a little shy. Glad to meet you.



Conner lost his home. He lost his parents. He almost lost his life. The last thing he sees is Alex Mercer before blacking out. When he wakes up Alex is there waiting for him to wake up. He doesn’t ask him to join but he asks him to hide it. He did until James Heller finds him and convinced him not to kill him. The next day the school is pumped with bloodtox and Conner is gone. He wakes up in a school in front of a white object. Can he live like he wants or will he be found out.

Chapters (6)
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Ask a question an ill try to answer.

She gets to raise a Evolve she is the first to raise an a evolve

And l did not put an ed at the end of evolve

You don’t see too many prototype fan fic ever with anthro

I am loving this story, keep up the good work.
The only thing I would suggest is to run it through a spell check, because I noticed some misprints.

Sorry most words I want to us won’t work with spell check plus I’m doing this on my phone

Thanks I would do this on a computer if I had one. It’s hard to spell for me and spellcheck doesn’t always work. So thanks for the support.

Is it tiring? Writing only tires me when I have to research for my storys. And I don't know what I was supposed to say when you said yes... so... I said this!

No writing what you know I did this because I knew so much and added a few changes to the original to help with the story. Subtle changes to the original game or movie to help the story.

I only have one question is there gonna be a sequel

Fuck ya I only ran out of ideas because I planned too far a head.

My tip plan only a chapter ahead of the one your writing

I sigh and we walk in. I immediately go get drinks. All they have is beers. Ok it looks like I’m getting drunk today. Can evolve even get drunk. That will be a tested to day.

Oh ,So Acohol is BAD

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