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Through a miraculous and cruel twist of fate, Sombra has survived death yet again. However, his many defeats have left him broken and near feral, and the Princesses see no option but to lock him away. Starlight Glimmer, seeing more than the rage and hate the others see, feels pity for the fallen king, and offers to take Sombra under her care to try and reform him.

She quickly finds out Sombra's more broken than anyone believes, and it's going to be a rocky road to redemption, but even the darkest shadows can take solace in the starlight.

Story takes place post Beginning of the End. Will contain spoilers for the final season!

Chapters (4)
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Ooooo Starlight and Sombra fall in love during this!!!!!! :pinkiehappy: I am sooooo calling it right now.

Sombra is a bad pony, but seeing him like this is painful honestly. The state of his cell, his mind, and the realization setting in that his days of being emperor of the Crystal Empire have likely left him broken. He effectively has nothing to his name but the fur on his back, maybe the flies. Beyond that the amount of pain he’s like endured after being supposedly destroyed more then once hasn’t helped his state of mind either.

Don't sell yourself short, Starlight. You are absolutely Princess material.

1. I am glad I'm not the only one that writes my stories out before had.
2. Celestia and Luna had no right to attack Sombra he was out of their domain. And you do not go and tell a king how to run his kingdom.

What? But there's not even a romance tag! At least not yet.

As much as I like Sombra as a character, he is still a villain, and I have to admit the Sisters attacking him was completely justified. As of right now they're still the overall rulers of Equestria after all, and the Crystal Empire was and is a part of that, even if it's always had a ruler of its own. Not to mention he did lay siege to Canterlot in the Beginning of the End.

Unless you mean it should be Cadence that decides his fate? Or the way Celestia and Luna captured him? Because in that case he was attacking the guards and wasn't exactly physically or emotionally stable, and they couldn't exactly let a feral half ghost stay loose in their castle, especially when that feral half ghost is someone who manipulated the entire kingdom.

Good start!! The story got my interest✨💕,good luck with rest☺❤

I ment a thousand years ago when he first appeared.

Poor Sombra,his state broke my heart))):

Ah, well, there still is the factor that he is a slave driver as Twilight brought up already, plus I did mention this story heavily references the comics so there's a few factors there. So the Princesses had a very good reason to take him down.

Oh, I can't get my hands on the comic books so I see Sombra as a regular unicorn. I mean Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Martin all owned slaves, and P. T. Barnum was an abusive, racists slave driver and he was considered a genius for his circus. I mean he has a movie sheesh. Is it really hard to believe that Celestia and Luna didn't have slave? What do you think happened to POWs? It was common in Rome and Greece, and Pegasus culture is inspired by then.


I'd really rather not show slavery in a good light, and whether or not Pegasi or the princesses participated in something so immoral will not be addressed in the story. It's not relevant. As it stands in the present time, what Sombra did was cruel and immoral, and times have changed, even if he hasn't.

But if I must add, spoilers for the comics and my story, Sombra essentially murdered the Crystal Empire's previous ruler. If that's not enough of a reason to take him down, I don't know what is.

Well I would do the same thing becauseEVIL

It will be love at first when his mask is remove. Seeing Starlight, his heart will go boom. True love will set him free of his darkness. :heart:

Hmmm I could see a room treated to have a similar effect to sombra mask being a worth while effort a place he can feel safe and not have to wear the mask

“Please forgive us Princess Celestia, I’ll help you clean up!” She said, covering Starlight with a wing. Starlight pushed it away.

Tail kisser.

Funny thing, if you couldn't tell by the similar art style to the story's mane image, or my icon, that's actually my own art! I may or may not draw some things relevant to my story sometimes...

EDIT: Actually, I think I'm gonna make that my new icon

Really like this story so far. Sombra's one of my favourite villains, and it's good to see another story flesh him out. Starlight's personality thrown into the mix makes this even more interesting as well, and while I have never even considered this ship before, it'd be fun to see it play out.

Actually, strangely enough, the whole concept of this story, with a formerly evil but now turned good pony trying to reform the broken remains of an evil king with the promise that turning good would give him his life back, is pretty much the same that one of my own stories is about. Though in that case the story was about the Storm King being reformed by Luna rather than Sombra being reformed by Starlight.

I get this image of Sombra eventually caring enough about Starlight that he'll defend her from Grogar and the others.

Sombra and Starlight :heart:

Thank you! I felt like they'd be an interesting little duo, and I'm actually surprised there's like nothing involving the both of them? Guess I thought the tyrant who steals cutie marks and the tyrant without a cutie mark would hit it off pretty well.

Gonna have to check your story out when I get the chance too, sounds intriguing.

Starlight, if you already took a shower it is not only how to wash a stallion ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This story is amazing anyway =.)

I can't wait till Sombra tells Starlight about Grogar. Or Starlight finds out about Chrysilis.

Waaaah this whole chapter made me soo happy. And wow your Starlight it's on point with some of her remarks and direct answers XD Love them both in this chapter <3

A gentle tug from Starlight, and he turned to her, only to jump back as something brushed against his leg. With a rear and a snarl, he yanked Starlight with him as he hopped back to the safety of the stone pathway. Whatever it was hadn’t hurt him in any way, but the unwelcome feeling had sent a jolt of disgust through him.

Shaking his hoof to rid of the discomfort, he asked, “What was that?”

“What was what?” Starlight asked. She sounded a bit irritated, but Sombra couldn’t be bothered to care, backing away from whatever had spooked him.

“There’s something in the path!” He cried, yelping as he stepped into the same thing with his back leg. “It’s everywhere!”

“Sombra, that’s the grass. You’re stepping in grass.”



I mean in a way he kinda did, he just happened to be in a half drugged state and Starlight still thinks he's lost his mind. Of course, they'll have to find out the truth eventually though.

Glad to hear I'm writing Starlight well! I'm always worried I'm making her too nice or something, can't forget she was once a manipulative jerk at one time. She still has her moments.

Please keep writing! I'm enjoying this story and I want to see what comes next!

I can assure you I'm working on it, albeit a bit slower than I'd hoped! Thank you!

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