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A Glimmer of Hope, Updated · 10:59pm January 31st

Well, I won’t say it’s perfect, but it’s done. Here’s announcing the completion of A Glimmer of Hope, Third Edition.

Here are the major changes to the story:

  1. It seems to be commonly agreed that Roaring Storm was a poorly-conceived and poorly-written antagonist. So he’s gone now.

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And a nother thing, Hope and Sombra are supposedly to be Emperor and Empress of this "New Umbric Equestria" and they have quite apparent feelings for each other.
It's so interesting to think of Rabia's views on this. Or her future plans and schemes.
Rabia obviously very very intensly dislikes Hope (albeit tries her best to hide her contempt when Sombra is around. But look at those eyes, focusing on her prey, ready to rip, to tear, to shred!) and cares little of Sombra's position or feelings ("I am her lord", says Sombra. Yeah, right. We saw how you handled that, lol). Seeing as she is extremly prejudiced against creatures in the light and dismisses any form of love or compassion (OH MY LORD, SHE HAS A DAUGHTER. THAT MEANS SHE HAD A MATE. Her male mate is not portrayed. I bet she had a fun time eating his brains after getting pregnant a la those animals which kill their male mates. And I doubt she treats her daughter any better), it is not unlikely to think that she would just do away with our tragic duo (obviously in a slow and methodical way, to maximize pain and suffering) or take advantage of them as she has for a milenia (little threat here and there to keep them in line). Think of all the glorious sadistic choices to present! Ooooohhh, or getting Hope into a situation where she is killed by rebelling creatures, therefore reinforcing Sombra's position and empowering him!
Of course, there is turning both into pure Umbric creatures as in your story. Very painfully.
You see, the more you think about it, Sombra's reason to make his choice is quite clear.

I could understand. But you could say it's Rabia simply being herself and presenting to Sombra as his mother because, that's more personal, right? He is sure to feel more bittry against the Crystal ponies if he sees his mother locked away in the prison than some random voice. Oh Rabia, so cunning!

Da, we have established that there simply was no time to explain upon some of the relationships in the arc. (Well, all of 'em, actually). Fair play, like I said, sure to be retconned so whogivesabuck.
But damn, think about the interpersonal conflict! Sombra and Rabia, barelly exchanging glances when he should have been like, "You were posing as my mom? Meaning, I don't even know my parents? And now you're planning to swiftly dethrone me so you and your cronies are free to cause mayhem at random? And you threatened Hope?! YOU WITCH!" In a diffrent cartoon this would have surely lead to a fight scene (jeez, he was about to turn Crysalis into stone for calling Hope foolish), and in the Gameloft game, it actually DOES! (With Shadowlock, for some reason. It's ok, I think he's really cool!)
And when Sombra questions forlorn Hope to join him in executing the former princesses and rulling Equestria she makes no mention that, "That big bad Witch just played us both! We were both pawns on her chessboard! And Sombra, SHE TRIED TO EAT ME!" (Hope and Rabia never speak about their little encounter again. I found that kinda humorous, actually.) Boom. Sombra has absolutely no reason to asociate himself with Rabia any longer. Big fight scene, crystal heart, Umbrum are nicely locked up in their prison.
And so on.
Speaking of Umbrum prison banishing, I'd rather see them as you've presented them, and have their own culture and customs. Like, they feed of off darkness and the evil ones use that as an excuse to hate creatures of light. Now you've got some that simply want to be left in peace and not terrorise and stuff.


I think most people just go with the whole "mother" thing because of the dialogue from Fiendship #1 with Rabia (or whoever was talking from the crystal on this occasion) claiming to be Sombra's mother. It doesn't really gel with what happens in Siege, what with Rabia and Sombra never acting like a mother and son (even a dysfunctional one) or acknowledging their supposed relation once they meet face to face.

It does leave a mystery as to who Sombra's mother really was, which the comic never gets around to addressing. I wonder if there were plans for a subplot that ended up getting jettisoned when Siege was written. The whole arc was, if nothing else, far too ambitious for what was possible in four issues of a standard-sized American comic. It's why it would have been nice to see the story play out somewhere else, too. I mean, we got the adaptation of Siege in the Gameloft game, but that's not exactly an expansive storytelling medium. (Of course, I'm not complaining about Gameloft doing the story in their game. It was a fun retelling.)

Regarding this comment and calling Rabia Sombra's "mother", I think it can be very much surmised she isn't.
It seems that she is the unofficial leader of the extremist group of Umbrum that fight to escape their shadowy prison. She often appears larger than the others and is more dominant and outspoken.
When Sombra and Hope discover the red crystal, she is the one to speak to them, as she is also the first to introduce herself to Hope when she enters their realm. When she is later broken out by Sombra and positions herself as his second in command (albeit, very very obviously taking over) she shows Sombra zero familiarity or even aknowledgment.
I saw this fanart once of Sombra's actual mother, somberly carrying her son wrapped up in a blanket.
So my idea of it is that his real mother gave birth to him, was "asked" whether she would "voulenteer" in their plan to send her child to the Crystal Empire as an undercover weapon to eliminate their leader, establish control and break them out en masse. The child is to grow up among them, learning of their evil, discriminatory ways until he gets pissed, seeks their self and unlocks their true powers. Once this is complete, they have outlived their usefulness.
Since this fails, as they had the foresight of the sisters having access to very powerfull magic they snoop around to find malleable ponies willing to fight for their cause. Since Hope was likely to befriend another outcast, she was a very good target. Now all they need is to spend some quality time with her, posing as her family and spinning her a tale of oppression and now they have a strategic angle of attack.
All orchestrated by Rabia. Not a bad plan, really.
My. How manipulative. She truly is the Queen of Monsters in MLP. Why, I wouldn't be suprised if she killed Sombra's mother just for kicks and would've done the same to the couple had their love not prevailed. I think someone is seething with rage down in the darkness below...

You know, when Cadance uses love magic and reveals her true form she does say "You'd be suprised how big I get when I feel threatened!". Oh Rabia, it seems you are acting out based on an instinctual reaction with roots in your views on creatures in the light. Should your would be daughter, Hope, come and offer some psychiatric help? Perhaps some mindfull meditation? Provided that you don't feel the urge to rip her apart piece by piece and consume her still living body, using your sharp teeth to crush her bones into dust and flesh into pulp.

Oh? Sorry to hear about the shop. The video game adaptation stands on it's own as a sort of prequel. You don't need to read the books. It features some of the characters from the book in fully animated form and is an adventure game (you move about, intetact with the enviroment, make choices). Made by Tell Tale games, though only one "season" as they went bankrupt. One season=five episodes or game levels. Also makers of the Walking Dead game adaptation.

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