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I've got a fever...and the only cure is more SoarinFire!

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Hey there fella!

Hey there, lambdastorm here, another random lurker on this site. Others call me lambda in case they can't spell my name haha.

In Sep. 2014 I was introduced to this fandom by a random porn post featuring some cartoon characters (supposedly among them are a bunch of multichrome horses) and was absolutely hooked ever since. During my sparse two years on this and other pony sites, I've grown a particular liking to Spitfire & Soarin, Captain & Co-cap of the Wonderbolts, former one my favourite female character from the show and latter one my favourite male. With that being said you might already have a good idea about my shipping preference: SoarinFire ONLY. This is me and I'm like soarinfire exclusive, I have braingasms whenever I read a story about these two, crappy or nice. Dunno why but this ship feels pretty old school.

Ehhh......Nothing much else to say, I guess. Whoever you are, have a nice day!

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