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For all fans of that crazy, pink mare.

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:pinkiegasp: I didn't know I had this many fans! Y'know what? This calls for a PARTY!

i have a theory The reason that that pinkie pie has the pinkie sense and can defy physics is it is rare a side effect from getting her cutie mark at the time of the rainboom

Hi my name is ArtistFire please follow me

Okeley, dokeley, there goes another looney Pink shadow, loomind in the sade of your room.
Beware, beware ..

Wait, are you all sleeping? If so, wake up, will you, there is a new Party going on, you know.
There is a new Pink story on the lose, make sure to capture the mare before Equestria is lost, all over again?

348817 Still room for several more folders here, Pinkie Pie is diverse.

We need some folders. Can't get anywhere if there aren't any of those.

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