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Flurry Heart wants to know what happened to the Crystal Empire's previous rulers. Cadance answers with as little detail as possible, and unintentionally teaches her daughter about a tradition she wasn't aware of.

Entry for the Cadance is a Terrible Mom contest, and 1st place winner! Admittedly an idea I've had in my head for a while, thanks for the excuse to write it!

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This is amazing

Author's Note:

This probably doesn't exactly follow the theme but the idea was there so here it is.

I don't see how this fails to follow the theme!

Also, I was laughing pretty hard at about the time of the 'looks like mushroom stroganoff'. :twilightsmile:

Just wasn't sure if Cadance was being 'awful' enough but I suppose the lack of communication can count.

She's trying her best.

Mistakes were made. Every parent makes mistakes. Whether any deaths result is always at least a teensy bit a matter of luck. Even if you give your child NO freedom to make mistakes, that just means they might make a worse mistake when they're older and you're no longer there to watch them

Kids do say the darnedest things, don't they? XD

Very well done my good man.

Your icon & comment combo made me laugh more than I did writing the story. Probably because I actually didn't .

Children...so innocent, but so evil...

Flurry isn't a princess yet but she sure is already thinking like one.

Gotta start 'em young.

Sombra did not actually kill Princess Amore, so Cadance definitely brought this on herself by having her daughter believe a lie. So yup, this fits the terrible mother theme. :ajsmug:

Regardless, this was pretty funny, especially since I've always, ALWAYS been amused by the idea of an evil Flurry Heart.


Your icon & comment combo made me laugh more than I did writing the story. Probably because I actually didn't .

Wait, I'm confused...you didn't write this story?

Well-done. Awesome. Thank you !! :rainbowlaugh:

This may be the first Flurry Heart story i've ever read that I actually liked. :trollestia:

Kids do the darndest things.

Sombra did nothing wrong. Cadance just has to get her facts straight, this may have never happened if she had!

Oh no, I did! I absolutely wrote this, I was just saying I didn't actually laugh writing it probably because the idea's less funny to the person who spends hours writing and looking at it.

neat, kind of thought it go in a direction that regicide had something of a history in the empire from a thousand plus years ago, like princess amore killed her predecessor or something, but still this was hilarious

Now that you've mentioned it, I've decided that is now how the Crystal Empire works. Unfortunately Amore's crimes, and the ones before her, were not recorded.

Wait, is Whammy a reference to 'Flurry in Time'? Or is it reference to something else? Or just a coincidence?

:trollestia: "They grow up so fast!"

Whammy is the name of her stuffed snail toy in the show, shown in the Episode 'A Flurry of Emotions'. Her mentioned pet snail is named after the toy, not in a sense of being Whammy #2, but in a way where Flurry would see a snail and say 'That's Whammy too!'.

I know you didn't question the last bit, but thought it worth mentioning since I'm a bit worried it looks like a spelling error when it's not.

Sombra: I knew I left an impression on her!

Ah, thanks. I didn't remember this little detail from the show and thought this whole time that Whammy is unique for another fic.

Also... Nice, pleasant, funny fic. Let's hope Twilight is ready for an unhealthy dose of Flurry's plans.

heh heh alrighty then

I got a feeling that Flurry Heart would be really good at Crusader Kings. :rainbowwild:

Well, I can see where the Sparkle in Flurry's family tree showed up, because that is DEFINITELY a Sparkle Moment.

I'm dying of laughter over here

Ah, I see. Well don't worry, it was really funny, esp when you consider Flurry also tried to off her Mom with the tea.

Flurry Heart, Graduate of the School of "Seeing Things Through."


Rome intensifies


AND Cadence didn't kill Sombra. At least, she didn't the time it stuck. But yes, she did kill him the time it let her rule unopposed.

As the chapter title says, lack of communication kills.

Oh lord, the mind of a seven-year-old... :rainbowlaugh:

I super enjoyed this, good job.

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