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Cadance thinks it's important a Crystal Princess lives up to her heritage. Shining Armor isn't so sure.

A silly scribble for the Cadance is a Terrible Mom contest. Featured on 19 April 2021!

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Huk #1 · Apr 18th, 2021 · · ·

[...] Now, c'mon, Shiny, please! Do what every decent dad would do, and throw your daughter off the tower!"

Cadance... your definition of 'decent dad' is... pretty weird :trixieshiftleft:

I suddenly have questions about Cadance's Father and how he might have shaped her views about what makes a decent dad...

Hence the reason why Spike is the 'Funcle.'

"Look, I can fly. You can teleport. But as of right now, only one of us knows what it's like to be the Princess of the Crystal Empire and be launched into action," she said. "Now, c'mon, Shiny, please! Do what every decent dad would do, and throw your daughter off the tower! "

Shining can teleport?:rainbowhuh:

And I agree with Shining on this one, thos is a baaaad idea.

Good catch, I've changed that bit. (The rest of it is of course entirely plausible and definitely very sensible. :pinkiehappy:) Thanks!

No problem! I mean, with the mana pool he's got based on his shields from Canterlot Wedding, I think he's got the potential to, even though you really see teleportation from magically inclined unicorns like Sunset, Starlight, or pre-wings Twilight, or alicorns.
I mean that element of Magic symbol on Shining's cutie mark can't be just for show, right?

there's a town nearby with a lovely tradition of dropping a giant walleye off the top of a building for new years, this is basically the same thing

Oh my.
Well, that was certainly different. Not in a bad way at all. But wow, Cadance has really sunk to a new low here and feels fitting for the contest. Good luck!

It was clear where you were going with this, but the journey was still a delight. Oh, Cadence. It's okay to admit you have no idea what you're doing when it comes to raising a born alicorn. Neither does anypony else.

(Though honestly, from that height and with that wingspan, I'd give even odds of Flurry gliding out into the snowpack.)

Best of luck in the judging!

If there's a "Shining Armor is horrible father" contest this June, I hope this story gets a sequel.

That is NOT cool the way you're dissing my favorite stallion! 😡

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