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Flurry Heart has just turned six, and that means it's time for her first day of school! It's sure to mean lots of fun, learning and new friends!

Cover art by iisaw!

Second place finisher in the Protect Flurry Heart writing contest!

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I half-expected M. :trollestia:

This story was neat, I like how you kept the kid well.. kids. Gyro being a motor mouth, Mush and Bitters insult being very childish, and the other children finding Flurry's discovery of magical farting to be really cool. It's good to have funny stories that aren't just insane and stories about kids being simply kids

I am overflowing with liquid pride! :rainbowlaugh:

I am also astounded at how well you caught the feel of a child's view of the world!

Author Interviewer

This seems to be a thing I can do. :B Thank you for the constant encouragement!

Aww, that was Sweet :twilightsmile:

I'm guessing the gap's making Flurry Heart talk like Twist, but I'm glad to have seen a comedy fic where it's just about kids being kids. Too bad we don't have that today anymore...

That was... something. And I think I like it

The Protect Flurry Heart group is having a contest this fanfic is eligible in! Head on over if you'd like to enter it!

There were two big foals -- well, one big filly and a slightly smaller one who somehow looked really big -- knocking over block houses and running off, leaving their victims in tears.

I can imagine this as their theme:

I still love that between the glasses and the lisp, you made her into Princess Twist. Glad I could contribute in some small way, and thank you for bringing it to a point where all could see. :twilightsmile:

And that's how Flurry Heart earned her Cutie Mark! :twilightsmile:

"Uh-huh." Mommy gave her the Mommy Knows You're Fibbing and Will Punish You Later smile. "Let's get going, sweetie, so you're not late for school!"

I cringed at this. Ever since I read up the majority of the rejuve-universe wiki I feel a bit touchy about any situation that could involve spanking.:fluttershbad:

Miss Spyglass didn't say anything, only shaking her head and opening desk drawer again. She must have been awfully thirsty.

That's not water she is drinking...


I like this story, it's a gas!

It'th tho thad that it hath to end here.

Author Interviewer

Oh! I just joined the group to throw this story at it, but I'll go ahead and pop it into the contest folder, too. Thanks!

Who said anything about spanking?

7043175 I said anything that could involve spanking.

Basically just anything that reminds me of the bloody thing. D:

I think I might be a bit traumatized now...


Magic kindergarten needs better teachers.

Anyway, fun little story.

I was hoping for Gyro to say "smell you later" at the end. :derpytongue2:

I kept asking myself through this, "That teacher's drinking isn't she?"

7042756 This certainly better than your previous Flurry Heart story and I do find the ending to be a little cut short.

It's kind of funny that this story has somewhat the same formula as A Little Panic which you reviewed a while back.

So to quote from your comment of that story:

That's it?

Author Interviewer

Oh don't worry, I have five or a million sequels planned. :V

"I still don't like it," Daddy grumbled, floating her backpack over and helping her get it on. "My gut tells me she needs at least two escorts at all times."
"That's because you're thinking like a Royal Guard, dear," Mommy said. "You need to think like a father. Flurry, stop playing with your tooth gap. You'll make it raw."

I wouldn't really call it Royal Guard thinking given his "gut feeling" reasoning. Seems more like he's overwhelmed by his daddy instinct to be protective. Thinking like a Royal Guard seems more along the lines of "Honey, she's the daughter of wealthy, influential, and popular ponies, thus making her a tempting target for foal-nappers and other miscreants. I think it's only prudent to have one or two visible guards to discourage attempts, and twice that number in civilian disguise or in hidden places to give anyone making an attempt anyway a nasty surprise."

Now Daddy's eyes were leaking liquid pride.

We're in Flurry Heart's PoV, correct? Is this really a term a six year old filly would use?

Flurry had decided that, while Principal Cinch seemed nice, she wouldn't want to be in the same room as her. It wasn't nice to think so, but her smile made Flurry feel like milk was going bad in her stomach.

Surprisingly nuanced assessment of a pony for a six-year old filly.

Miss Spyglass was warm and friendly, and her smile was like butterflies covered in morning dew.

I tried to picture a smile that was somehow reminiscent of butterflies covered in morning dew, and failed. It looks pretty as text, but, once it's time to convert it to a mental image, it makes no sense.

Flurry Heart?" The big filly snorted. "That's a dumb name. Isn't that a dumb name, Crystal Bitters?"

"Yeah, Crystal Mush, it's a really dumb name," said the other filly. "What should we call her instead?"

This is an awkward way to introduce the fillies' names. It's like they knew they're in a story and had to introduce themselves somehow.

Is your mom the Crystal Princess wow that's so cool I see my mom over there I gotta go Flurry Heart okay bye!" And then he was gone.

Good to see that mommy's famous enough to be recognized by a colt while daddy's a nobody.

An OK fic all in all, nice and fluffy in places. I thought the fart gag was rather crude, but it was fitting for a silly, light-hearted tale. Descriptions were odd at some parts, but pretty solid all in all.

Crystal Prep as a school in the Crystal Empire on the pony side of things? Makes sense.

Gyro has the right idea. Make friends with a Princess on day one, that's a good social connection for later. Of course, she's kind of a gross princess, but hopefully that'll fade over time.



THAT is adorable.

D'aww, gassing bullies and making buddies. Sweet, and...savory? o_O (ew)

Besides the Twist-esque lisp, 100% adorable. Though it does match the picture. :twistnerd:

Little Flurry Heart was adorable! Until the show ruins my head canon, this is how I see her at age six.

Author Interviewer

Less than a week to go! :V

There are nice kindergarten teachers that don't need alcohol to function :fluttercry: My old kindergarten teacher recognized me at work and came up to give me a hug over twenty-five years after she taught me. Mind like a steel trap that woman.

Author Interviewer

I am fairly certain my kindergarten teacher did not drink. :V

0/10, building was intact at the end.

That's a good story for Flurry Heart entering Magic Kindergarten for the first time. I hope that will be in the future episode as well when she grow. :)

Great idea to survive kindergarten, just fartXD
Good story!:twilightsmile:

Looks like Flurry stumbled upon, if not the best, at least in the top eschelon, way to deal with jokes: admit they're funny and laugh. :)

Lol, so funny! :rainbowlaugh: I really loved how you wrote Flurry's reply to that bully's teasing.

Wow. That came out of nowhere
Fart humor is hard to get right so that everyone can enjoy the gas, but you nailed it


Definately an interesting story, am curious to see if there will be a sequel

Author Interviewer

Probably someday maybe possibly.


We're in Flurry Heart's PoV, correct? Is this really a term a six year old filly would use?

Well, perhaps since this is what Shining usually calls it, Flurry Heart hears him referring it as liquid pride, and simply goes along with it.

Teehee, fart jokes. :rainbowlaugh:

7161587 I would love to see this as a series. It would be very rugrats like

Farting princesses are always satisfactory conflict resolution.

It seems Cadence gave her The Look and then just let it go. And Flurry's punishment could be anything from cut allowance to a time-out.

"Flurry Heart?" The big filly snorted. "That's a dumb name. Isn't that a dumb name, Crystal Bitters?"

So, I gotta wonder, when will they make the connection about what wings, plus horn, plus not being crystal means.

"Hurry Fart!" she said in between laughs. "That'th the funnietht thing I ever heard!"

... You know what, I got nothing. That's actually a good way of dealing with those 2. Good on you.

hate it didn't read it. the picture made me hate. now that I'm reading this I'm questioning my life's choses my (comment)

Author Interviewer

What a useless pair of comments. :) Thanks.

I love this story!

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