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Bad Horse

Beneath the microscope, you contain galaxies.


Once, I thought I knew it all. All I had was overpriced cable TV, slacker friends, no girlfriend, and a shitty job doing customer support, but I thought I knew it all.

That all changed one day when I dressed up for a costume party as the semiotic psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan.

A Displaced Philosopher Story. Drawing of Lacan by Marcos Manzi.

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Estee #1 · May 1st, 2016 · · ·

Feeling ambitious today, are we?

*reads story*

...I plead understatement.

And headache.

Mostly headache.

Make that "migraine."


You got through Lacan without a flamethrower?

Did you... is this a parody of both Displaced fics and psychoanalysis?

You're a strange fellow, Bad Horse. But I'm very glad that I chose to follow you.

Estee #6 · May 1st, 2016 · · ·

*looks at downvote total*

I see we have Jungians among us.

And automatic Displaced story downvoters.

There may be a tiny degree of overlap.

7177513 I'm honestly curious whether someone is anal enough to have built a human-tag downvoter bot yet.

It's very liberating to see this psychoanalysis crap ridiculed that language teachers back in high school loved.
Never read a displaced mlp fanfic before, though, so that parody was kind of lost on me.

Upvoting for the sheer audacity of it.

Might actually read it later, too :rainbowlaugh:


btw, might want to update that image source to the REAL source:


And more importantly, if they have, what does it say about their relationship with their mother?

Hey! You posted this! :twilightsmile:

You are, of course, nuts for writing this but, ah, if only we all had your brand of insanity. It would be a much better world. Certainly more interesting. :pinkiehappy:

7177617 I had to rewrite the ending first. Which of course took 8 months, bcoz :derpytongue2:.

True story: my dad once went to a costume party dressed as a giant S&H Green Stamp:


It was the 1950's and he was in college and utterly penniless. So he got himself two pieces of poster board and some green, red and black magic markers and re-created an S&H Green Stamp in exquisite, line-by-line detail (they were engraved in those days). Oh, and under it he wore a green body stocking.

My mother decide she loved him in spite of this. Or because of it. Either way, I'm their first-born son.

I'm not sure whether you should laugh at me or fear me. Probably a little of both. Just to be on the safe side.

I don't know the context for Lacan's brand of psychoanalysis, but that was highly entertaining. Didn't expect it to be as much of a rollercoaster as it was.

This has no right to be this funny. Well done.


Nah, knowing my mom it was probably more like:

"Have him washed and sent to my tent."

(Okay, are you uncomfortable enough about this? Because I'm uncomfortable enough about this)

I have the most bizarre deja vu when looking at the cover picture, like I have seen this story description already, but did not read it...

Now I did read it, but the dejavu remained.

Also, what's Mr. Bean doing with Wolverine's hair? He'd better give it back.


Actually, Lacan's image is the more likely culprit...

7178204 Your dad is fortunate he didn't buy his materials from the Merchant.

7177625 It does explain why it's rolling out this long after people finally succeeded in forgetting "displaced" was ever a thing. That, or you're out to reassert your claim to villainy by reminding us.:trixieshiftright:

“No, no, no!” I said. “You must find your Big Other.”
“I think he’s in the south orchard,” it said.

... Had to stop reading to upvote.

You just made me upvote a DISPLACED fic, Bad Horse! :raritydespair: Clearly this is why you run the League, and the rest of us just try to outdo each other for your favor.


“I think that makes more sense,” she said encouragingly, then patted me on my back. “If it helps any, you’re still saner than most ponies here.”

“There is only one way to cure me.”
“Oh! What is it? Wait, maybe I should get my notebook—”

Oh sweet pony master signifier, this is beautiful. I haven't laughed so hard in weeks.

Ah yes, I remember this one. Fantastic work, especially the final deconstruction of pseudo-Lacan's ambitions. Thank you for bringing it to Fimfiction.

7179307 Thanks, but... but I only wrote it to get a story on your "Your method of interpersonal communication, while novel, will never catch on" bookshelf. :ajsleepy:

I don't know Lacan and I've never read a Displaced story. Welp, let's give this a look-see!

That was really good. I liked it, I hope for more philosophically stories.

I have read neither Lacan nor any displaced story, but this still had me busting my stitches in laughter. Truly resplendent,

Damn I love phsyco babble.

7181155 I'm giving your comment a thumbs-up for your avatar.

This is a thing of beauty. :pinkiehappy:

BTW, was it too low-hanging fruit (um, sorry) to have Twilight offer the psychoanalyst a couch to lie on when she mentioned getting her notebook? :twilightoops:


I need to rethink my life


My knowledge of Lacan is super (ie, college) old, but I'm pretty certain that objet petit a doesn't mean any of the two different meanings you used for it. It is like a fantasized ideal, you approach a specific woman as she represents the ideal of woman, this ideal is the objet petit a.
Also, you didn't make any puns about toilets, which is a huge mistake with a name like La Can, and you didn't make the obvious joke about physics envy when he was drawing those stupid graphs, and this story was longer than 6 minutes, which is the limit of a session of Lacanian psychoanalysis.

7184623 I did confuse the objet petit a and the Big Other. The 'a' is from the French 'autre' (other), and "petit a" is supposed to distinguish it from the Big A (Big Other).

Bother. I think, though, that I used the objet petit a correctly, as the fantasized ideal--it is the thing you seek, but on attaining what you thought was the objet petit a, you discover it was not that at all, and that is the discovery that triggers subjective destitution, which is a good thing in Lacanian analysis. I think it's the Big Other I got wrong.

The objet petit a is not the other, though.

As I recall, we have
The other = just some guy, you know?
The Other = God, or some equivilent absolute judgement,
Difference being that a snazzy outfif impresses the other, whereas the Other is those things you do to avoid or direct divine retribution.

The objet petit a, includes some aspect of the Other and the other, because one of the impossible things we long for is some genuine justice, and also we long to be judged worthy of respect by our peers.
The difference your missing is that the objet petit a is something you seek from the other(s) but it is not actually them.

7184881 I think the "objet petit a" is exactly the same as the "little other" ("autre"). That's what the 'a' stands for. Lacan would draw a lowercase 'a' on his diagrams for the "little other" and an uppercase 'A' for the big Other.

(This drawing is not actually by Lacan)

The a is the ego, which is our real desire, and the a' is the objet petit a, which I think is the displacement of our desire for our own ego. We unknowingly direct our desire for the a' onto some a'' that we mistake for a'. I think.

He might still have another other, though. In either case the objet petit a is something you seek which, when you think you have it, you find out you don't have. (I would just say "it is impossible to obtain", but Lacan never says it that way.)

I ought to clear up the other/Other distinction in the story, but it's not at the top of my things-to-do list now.

I'm not denying the connection, but just that petit autre and objet petit a are the same thing,
And you could never think you had the objet petit a, it is the thing behind the thing.

The man who wants wealth can chase every dollar down, but no dollar is the thing he chases. What he wants (a particular relation to other people, like complete power and respect) does not really exist.
Or, probably more Lacanian, you seek the perfect woman who will relate to you as the perfect man, and this perfect relationship is is objet petit a that you can never find. The difficult of expressing the objet petit a is part of the point.

7185029 Ah. Comparing that to this explanation, it sounds like you're giving Lacan's 1960 interpretation. I did not pick up on the distinction between petit autre and objet petit a. I think you just explained that better in 3 sentences than Lacan ever did.

Thanks for explaining, though I'm dismayed at the thought of rewriting this. :fluttershbad:

This is the finest trollfic ever written.


This...sounds an awful lot like Platonism. But I suspect that saying so would make one unwelcome on the Left Bank.

(Then again, the Left Bank is probably all shopping and Planet Hollywood these days)

Author Interviewer

Sliding signifiers, Batmare!

It's probably for the best that I have no words to describe this. :B

I do CX debate and so I'm slightly familiar with Lacan, and this was absolutely hilarious. Mlp and Lacan were two concepts I never thought I'd see combined.
(If anything would be crossed with Lacan, I feel like it would be Undertale, specifically Asriel traversing Frisk's pacifist fantasy in the final boss battle.)

Strangely therapeutic.

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