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After noticing that Pinkie has a peculiar talent -- one she's only seen once before -- Twilight decides to have a little fun while doing some research. Yes, it's time for the first Ponyville Pony Throw-Off, between Prince Shining Armor and Pinkie Pie! Who will win? It's anypony's game!

Placed 16th out of 49 entries in the October 2014 writeoff, "Just Over the Horizon".

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Just a little thing:

After noticing that Pinkie has a peculiar talent -- one she's only seen once before -- she decides to have a little fun while doing some research.

Who is noticing, precisely? :raritywink:

Now I remember why I voted for this one to be finished, just the name wasn't ringing any bells.

Wanderer D

5783272 Damn, you beat me to it.

"Good luck, charmer!" Cadence said, giving Shining a peck on the cheek.
"Ooh, ooh!" Pinkie bounced in between them. "Can I have a kiss? Can I, can I? It'll keep things faaaaaiiiiir!"
Cadence laughed, and before Shining could react, she planted a kiss on top of Pinkie's head.
"Good luck to you, Pinkie Pie."

I think I just exploded from adorableness, 'cause my spleen sure isn't intact anymore :heart:

I like how Cadence is kind of like a mom to the mane six, and I laughed way too hard at the thought of ponies being tossed willingly :rainbowlaugh:

You know, there is one (scientific) explanation for Pinkie being able to throw Rarity and Fluttershy easily. She is an Earth pony, and has strength greater than the other races. Fluttershy is the lightest, being a Pegasus, and Unicorns don't weigh as much either, given their propensity for magic comes at a cost of density. And Pinkie was probably fueled by adrenaline from the letter from Maud, further increasing her strength.

Shining throwing his wife, on the other hoof, comes from his years in the RG building his strength in all areas. Cadence is the thinnest of the alicorns at the time (I'm looking at you, cake-hogging Sunbutt), and therefore the easiest to toss. Also, popular theory has her as a Pegasus before ascension, meaning even with the combined might of the three races, her bones are probably still lighter than Sun- or Moonbutt's.

5783432 I'm not sorry I woke up my house laughing at that.

Nnnng yes :heart::raritystarry:

Well, this certainly was something. Got me grinnin', that much I can say with absolute certainty, heh.

That was everything I was hoping it would be.


popular theory canon has her as a Pegasus before ascension

There, fixed that for you :raritywink:

Author Interviewer

Good catch (lol), thank you! :)

Believe it or not, I thought to add that part in right before I published this! :B

Shining still hasn't forgiven the Equestria Games Commission for not adding the wife toss. I'm sure he enjoyed this... up until the end, at least.

Glad to see this story on Fimfiction. "Hooray, safety" still makes me laugh.

5784036 canon is a popular theory

If this was for one of the October 2014 Write-Offs, why are you only just publishing it here now?

It's magic. PP doesn't have to explain crap to you.

... Sorry, couldn't resist. :derpytongue2:

Author Interviewer

Gosh, sorry. :/ I still have 2012 writeoff fics I haven't published, too.

I love this. Shining Armor is so dead (but he has proved that his pony-throwing skills are without match. How big is the circumstance bonus for throwing a spouse?).
Also, I believe this story is relevant.

I still have yet to find a story about Twilight getting Shining Armor to throw her to practice flying, but I'm certain I'll find one someday.

Author Interviewer

Martial Bliss is amazing. :D And who knows...

I c... I can't breathe! :rainbowlaugh: Dat ending...

Cadence's so light that she might as well be a sentient javelin.

Can I ask what exploded at the end?

this should be part of the equestria games.

Given that the story is about Pinkie Pie (at least in part; her weird abilities prompted this) it took me a minute to realize PP actually stood for somepony else! xD So silly

5785119 No need to apologize, I was just a little confused.

Author Interviewer

Whatever you want. :D (I dunno, distant explosions are funny. She probably broke the sound barrier or something.)

Yeah, I don't work fast. :B

"And maybe you should rephrase that..."


I wrote a review of this story; it can be found here.

Author Interviewer

We gotta find you a story of mine you'll actually like. :B

The Cake of Apontyllado?

Dirty Prancing?

Button Goulash?

That's just from the last 10 or so.

I'm pretty enthusiastic about Faun, Whisk got an upvote, and Dance 'Til We're High is on my HR shelf even if it isn't perfect because I LIKE IT OKAY?

Author Interviewer

Oh, okay. A run of NRs does not reflect on my writing overall, just your choosing of stories to read. V:

You write a lot of stuff which, I suspect, is not really targeted at me.

I just end up reading and reviewing everything that is written by people I like out of some misguided sense of personal obligation.

Author Interviewer

You and me both! :D

He also avoided a black eye by only the narrowest margin after insinuating that Applejack's weight might be the source of his issues.

#rude :ajbemused: :ajbemused::ajbemused:

There were twenty mark in all, and Twilight


Also, did the EQD word minimum go down? Last I saw it was 2500 for one-shots. Or 2000. Something higher than 1600.

Spike waddled off after the competition
':moustache:Shinning can sleep in my room tonight, I wouldn't want to be in your hooves.
:raritywink: Spikey you're such a gentledrake
:twilightsheepish: Where will you sleep?
:moustache: Raritys

5956734 News flash, idiot: this is a pony-themed story with no room for shipping or scaly purple crap.


popular theory canon the comics have her as a Pegasus before ascension

The comics are not show-canon. Show-canon is main canon. Comics have their own continuity and thus their own canonical avenue. The idea of comics being main-canon was entirely due to people wishing their comic-derived headcanon was real. Wishful thinking.


I'll agree that Hilbe is an idiot, but you just called Spike purple scaly crap. Weren't you one of the ones who got on my ass about not liking Spike? You're the only person I've seen with a Ninja-Spike avatar.

Uh, actually, it's not the comics. It's the paperback novella Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell.

Don't put words in my mouth. I stated a fact. You may choose to ignore secondary canon if you wish. I choose not to, personally.

Author Interviewer

Whoop, thanks. :B And yeah, it's still 2500, but good stories can get through if they're lower sometimes.

Hey, be nice. :(

You be nice too. >:(

Remember, boys and girls: Cadance was born a Pegasus... :rainbowlaugh:

Anyway, great story!


Hm? Could have sworn... either way, please do curb the attitude. If you want to ignore main-canon that's entirely up to you to do in a fandom. You sounded like one of the ones who didn't get there was a difference, so I stepped in to clarify for you. Apparently you aren't one of them, so kudos to you and carry on!


I was being nice. D: Hilbe's a filthy Sparity shipper. Everyone knows that Rarity's only ship is Applejack. :raritywink::ajsmug: (I kid. ... Except about the Rarijack thing, that's totes legit.)

5957974 Fixed. Now it has two.

5957876 Sadly it's a (cannon) battle ship Spikes hearts and Diamond eyes fluttering beat a straight flush.....:moustache::raritywink::facehoof:

:flutterrage: Why are you guys so brutal ???



Spike's a little kid. Infant for his species. Rarity's a young, but grown woman. :| Your ship is friendshipping only. To the Friendship Zone! Hook up with like... Scootaloo!

This here's Rarijack town. :|

5957746 :rainbowhuh: Isn't that the whole point of EQD: to showcase good stories? If you're gonna make exceptions for "good" stories, might as well just lower the limit, yeah?

5958570 Sadly ,Secret of my success, Green isn't your color, Inspiration Manifestation, Castle Sweet castle. Beat your ship by one plushy.:moustache::raritywink:


You have zero stories? Wutsup with that????:facehoof:

All you have is friendship........:fluttercry: even after Simple Ways and Trade Ya.....you only have an
odd Couple


Sleeping with a plush isn't shipping material, everyone knows Spike wants her. She reciprocates for AJ though~

He also avoided a black eye by only the narrowest margin after insinuating that Applejack's weight might be the source of his issues.

Come now, AJ. You really shouldn't get offended by weight jokes when your body is, like, 90% muscle.
Or is it dark matter? I always get those confused.

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