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Put on your costume and powder your face.
Give yourself a chance to finish the race.
Keep dancing on that stage until the curtain falls at last.
And laugh, Ponyacci, laugh...

The great clown Ponyacci was a life-long inspiration to Pinkie Pie. She was honored to count him among her large circle of friends, not that they were ever close. That's why, one cold and windy day, she was surprised and excited to get his invitation. She was also surprised, and far less excited, when she found him. Now she's left with questions, heartache and a need to understand: Why?

15th place finisher in the August 2014 writeoff, "Famous Last Words", and Most Controversial Entry. Familiarity with Micro-Series comic #5 is suggested.

Reading by Pinkie Rose.
Reading by ShadowOfCygnus

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A nice, quick read. It's not mopey like most sad Pinkie stories would go for. It's... Pinkie. Even when she's sad, she somehow makes you feel better because there's always that light at the end. There's another laugh on down the road.

You just need to get past the rough patch first.

Even if it's already been a while, it's still so sad thinking about what happened to Robin Williams. :pinkiesad2:

With him gone, and with all the other memorable talents we've lost this year, it feels like the end of an era. :fluttercry:

You captured Pinkie's voice well. :pinkiesmile:

4951123 Not just this year, but this entire decade so far.

4951137 Yeah. A lot of the people who were in their prime when we were young have passed away.

Too good, man. Too good.

How something like this only got 15th place is suprising. Ah well...

Til next time, Nanu nanu.

Damnit I don't need this so late at night. :V

Wow, just wow. that was absolutely beautiful.

Interesting the way I read it at the end it feels like she is saying that she has been possibly accidentally neglecting some friends in some fashion and it is insinuated that Fluttershy must be one. Of her best friends Shy is probably one of the ones she is most likely to "neglect" (as much as you can call it that) being that she lives out of the ay, is very quiet, needs to be pushed to go to social functions, etc. Rarity would be a possibility as well I think. I personally think that Rainbow Dash, AJ, and Twilight would be unlikely as she seems to spend a lot of time with each of them for different reasons.

Damnit, why did I read this...?

Well done, man. Well done indeed.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Ow... My feels...

Nice story, sir. A very fine piece.

Good edits from the writeoff version. :twilightsmile:

Great story. A bit feelsy, but good feelsy if that makes sense.

Good call making it Ponyacci instead of an OC. Not that I'm opposed to OCs or anything, but you might as well use a canonical character if there's one that's a good fit.

Author Interviewer

Thank you. I was very concerned about making her sound older, but still like Pinkie.


This is actually the first time I've edited and released a writeoff entry within a month of the contest. c.c

I thought making the subject be a ponified Robin Williams would be too on-the-nose, not to mention somewhat disrespectful. That said, I have an idea for a Robin Williams-inspired pony for a different story, but that's going to be like, y'know, having Guy Fieri show up in the comics, not a tribute.

It only got 15th because this last Writeoff had a large number of fantastic stories. Seriously, 15th place among that bunch should be seen as an honor.

Besides, this one apparently lost points with many voters due to the Robin Williams reference, enough to earn the "most controversial" reward. Which is why I myself gave it a lower score than just the writing quality demanded, for example; while I really liked Robin Williams, I was already tired of seeing his death referenced everywhere, which prevented me from enjoying this story as much as it deserves.

Author Interviewer

Oh, thank you for reminding me it was Most Controversial. :O

I'd like to think that one could enjoy this story without knowing what it's a reaction to. I put in the note at the end just in case anyone might have wondered.


Actually, I do think the story strong enough to stand on its own; it deserved the place it got in that writeoff, if not a higher one. In fact, if I didn't know[1] the association with Robin Williams, I would have enjoyed it quite a bit more.

It's just that the association struck the wrong chords for me. Thus why my score for it wasn't among the top ones; from a technical point of view, and for pegging Pinkie's voice correctly, it deserved top marks, but since my score also reflects how much I enjoyed the story it ended closer to the middle of the pack.

[1] Which would require living under a rock, without Internet access. Unfortunately that would have precluded reading the story in the first place.

I do not feel anything of this 'sadness' for I am a cold unfeeling robot.
Your story stands tall on fine technical skill and good characterization chops.

That last line...

Nicely done

Reminded me of this:

Good story though.

Aw... That was so sad yet happy... ); great job! Can't wait to read more of your stuff!

Sorry for not getting the reference, but who's 'Ponyacci' supposed to be based on?

Author Interviewer

Issue #5 of the micro-series was basically an enormous Watchmen reference.

See above response.

4954996 The great pagliacci. It's a watchmen thing.

:fluttershysad::ajsleepy: This was sad, but I like your characterization of Pinkie.

4954996 robin Williams :ajsleepy:

Goes to show that... People can put up a good mask for others, and sometimes the ones that seem the happiest can be the ones that hurt the most :ajsleepy:

A very believable Pinkie handling a situation as we would expect her to. Well done, Present.:pinkiesmile:

4956429 that is the case with most comedians its sad but true all we can do now is be happy that he touched us in such a way that we feel this sad...just remember the good and thats all you will remember dose that make scene?

Author Interviewer

Thankee, sir. :D

R.I.P. Robin Williams. He'll be missed but it's true about what he said: "We ain't ever had a friend like him!"

I had a kneejerk reaction some distance into the story, feeling like Pinkie was too intellectual, thoughtful, and high-vocabulary than I would expect her writing to be.

Then, I got to the part with the list of those who had passed away, and I realized that this was an older Pinkie, and... whammo. It clicked! So, yes, I thoroughly endorse this voice for middle-aged Pinkie Pie. Good work!

Author Interviewer

I'm very glad that worked. ._.

4961872 Then why the looong face? :o

Author Interviewer

Why do I do anything, really?

4970075 Because you care. Because you care... <3

Author Interviewer

Also because I share! :O

(It's the right thing to do.)

Man, this is brilliant. Your Pinkie was completely believable even when discussing such a morbid topic. I didn't realize that it was a Robin Williams tribute until the end, and that made it even better.

Maybe he didn't see that. Maybe all those blank pages, to him, were filled with the same hurty words over and over.

Damn, I love that, How did you do that so well.

Keep up the good work!

Author Interviewer

Many thanks for the kind words. :D

I'm ok I'm ok I'm ok

Maybe he was in a big house-clogged hole with nothing to build a ladder out of.

I......I'm.....I'm ok............

this is my tribute to Robin Williams

And I've lost it. Good show.

I REALLY love this one. I could absolutely hear Pinky Pie.

The week afterward, I wrote one myself for 4chan's MLPG. It was her finding out, and didn't include the cutting short, but it helped me through.

The reason it hit me so hard, and probably a lot of other people, is that he was the first person that made me feel being weird was not only okay, it was something to celebrate.

Great story. Good job.

A story based upon the comics...

the feels....:applecry:

Author Interviewer

OH ARE YOU KIDDING ME :D That's so cool. You're so cool. Thank you.

5053569 Pinkie not Pinky but nevermind, this thing´s preciouss


Lol that was 34 weeks ago.

6021313 oops I usually don´t read the part that says when this comment happened

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