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The Pony of Lost Legend

Smile why you can, no one truly makes it out alive.


Feared by everyone, including her family. Pinkanema was locked away.
She would close her eyes and put herself somewhere happier. But when her imagination turns against her. The person she least expects....comes to save her.

Cover: _FORGET U REALITY_by Morra-chan on DeviantArt

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 25 )

This was an emotional rollercoaster, and I didn't want to get off!

Suddenly he is calling her Pinkie instead of Pinkanema. (He should have never heard that name.)
Was that simply an typo or is there an deeper meaning? Because if it is, it is really deep...

Good story.
(But maybe you should add the cover-source. Or look for a bigger one, if possible.)

I plan to write a second one. He calls her Pinkie as a nickname. But ya gotta think. If shes talking to herself all the time in her cell. Hes gonna hear it eventually.
And I just got the cover off the internet. I dont know where or who made it or I would have gave them credit.
And lastly. I'm glad you liked the story

I felt it was a bit rushed, but well done! Actually got me to tear up a bit there, and I don't do that easy. Very well done indeed!

The story is short and bare bones. Technically proficient but it's boring. You have this setup for something bigger with all these questions you leave. Nothing is done to answer them. It's like you're flashing your tits for less than a second. Not enough for my brain to register it though. Plus I don't get to feel them. I felt nothing other than getting blue balled.

I hate getting blue balled.

Welp damn. Sorry to leave ya that way man. But I dont let anyone touch my tits for free :rainbowlaugh:
Anyway. Thanks for the criticism. I'll use it when I'm writing my next story.

I liked it~ I hope you write some darker stories~

How did this get past submission? Minimum 1k words are required for a first chapter...


Skye is correct, I wrote a few chapters. I didn't want them to be to long because it's only a short story. It's and older one of mine

I'm confused... Is Pinkie human or a pony in this story?

Shes human but she is a pony in her imagination, ya know, 'escaping reality and being something else' sorta thing

It's a very intresting concept, but it's too short. It's like flashes of the story,

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